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Charly Musonda Junior rejects call-up to play for Zambia

Sports Charly Musonda Junior rejects call-up to play for Zambia

Charly Musonda junior
Charly Musonda junior

SPANISH side Real Betis midfielder Charly Musonda junior has rejected Zambia coach George Lwandamina’s invitation for the 2017 Gabon Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Congo-Brazzaville.

And Charly’s mother, Angela Musonda, and Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development Vincent Mwale say it is the player’s decision to choose the country he wants to represent.

On Friday, Lwandamina invited the 19-year-old attacking midfielder for the Red Devils clash set for March 23 in Ndola and four days later in Brazzaville.

Charly junior, who is a member of the Belgium under-21 national team, is also eligible to play for England.

According to hlnsport, Charly junior has rejected the call-up with his father, Charles Musonda, saying his son does not even have a Zambian passport.

His mother, Angela, has stated that the decision is up to the player himself.

“Kindly stop harassing me or Charles Musonda via inbox requesting to know if Musonda will play for Zambia. Maybe you mean well, but hey it’s too much, Stop it!

“For your own information. He qualifies to play for Belgium and England too. But no one is bothering us from these two countries because they know that the decision is not theirs but the boy himself. Now twist this one as well if you are a hater. Go on,” Angela posted on her Facebook page.

But Mwale, who recently met the family in England, supported Lwandamina’s decision to invite the player.

Mwale said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he had a fruitful meeting with the Musonda family where they discussed among other things how the former national team midfielder could contribute to the development of football in Zambia.

He said both Charles and Angela are patriotic Zambians and Charly junior would play for Zambia if it was up to them.

“I support what Lwandamina has done to call Charly because as a country, we must show interest, that’s number one.

Belgium is showing interest by sending their coach to watch him in Spain because he qualifies to play for three countries.

“Zambia, by virtue of his parents, Belgium by birth and England by the period he has lived there. So all of us must show inter-est,” he said.

Belgium coach Mark Wilmots was in Spain three days ago to watch Charly in Betis’ 3-0 win over Espanyol.

Mwale said Zambians should look beyond Charly and also consider his siblings Lamisha and Tika.


    • please people leave the boy alone!! Zambia never invested anything in that boy,,, Belgium and England did invest!!!
      Typical of Zambians reaping where they did sow,,,,, just look at Lungu reaping and rap!ng PF and party which he never invested in

    • ooh please,leave the boy alone, he knows no corruption and confusion associated with everything pa Zed, even an air ticket for him to come play would be problematic, you will be saying, kaili you have money, buy yourself one, will come and reimburse you meanwhile you won’t-he is not used to such kind of mediocrity-just continue with bena Kalaba who are used to corruption and confusion yapa Africa.

    • You are right, Charles Musonda does not even want to think he is Zambian. I met him once in Brussels when he was still playing football, oh boy, the man was full of himself.

    • Lazy FAZ, invest in your own players. if you are serious, you would have invested in an academy for good future players. Kalusha and his whole Group are Jokers with No Brains.

      Leave the Boy alone and stop calling his father names. What a shame to see such desperation.

    • The Galu has invested in an academy and its called K-stars for well off kids indirectly helping RSA grassroots football and that’s an FA President.

    • Ask Kalusha why Musonda did not want to come and play for Zambia. Of course, that is if Kalusha would be man enough to state the reason!!

  1. Women talk to your fellow woman bana Musonda. Much as we respect their decision but they should remember that they are Zambians and they may need us rich as they might be. Blacks Blacks always think will be whites by getting closer to whites and ignore fellow Blacks.

    • If you had invested in young local talent the million dollar winnings from AFCON 2012 instead of using it to FAZ officials inflated allowances, bonus and somebody’s proxy marketing company based in RSA…you wouldn’t be recalling old finished players like Chris Katongo who you have retained as captain again.

  2. Well done Charly junior for rejecting the chaps at the circus called FAZ who wanted to reap were they didn’t sow. A PR stunt gone bad…[email protected] Musonda snr, thanks for doing what many African professionals fail to do when they get to play in top European leagues and that’s to invest in their family. Abedi Pele Ayew in Ghana & yourself you have my admiration for sacrificing a lot for your kids. Well done…

    • Zambian let’s just forget about those people ,if they do not have a heart for zambia.if you member in 1993 we lost the national team,charles musonda the father did think of coming back to zambia to reform th national team only th great kalu came back and do th great thing for the mother zambia .

  3. Football is business and career. You invest your “legs” where the stakes are highest. So don’t bring in “patriotism” for Zambia here, and make the boy feel guilty for refusing to play for Zambia. It’s his free choice to play for Zambia, England or Belgium. It’s his career, and no one puts his career where there is little income when infact there are other possible higher incomes. So Lwandamina, just look around and select from the local cream.

    • So TRUE, he could suffer a broken leg – CAN FAZ AFFORD TO INSURE HIS LEGS???? IF not, then bena Chicken stop dreaming – concentrate on training amakula!!

      #Chagwamust fall!!

      Vote UPND 0n 11/8/2016

      I thank you

  4. But remember that your father grew up because of our government expenditure on football through mining companies. He would have been nothing without us. Don’t be pompous now. Zambia has big things for you and your father but you have done nothing for Zambia. What do you think about yourself? Think again.

    • What big thinks have you surely got in the pipeline…you people have no respect for others; its no wonder the Galus in this world steal from you with impunity in the name of patriotism yet to date you do not even have a basic training ground in Lusaka or Ndola, everything has to be done via the Galu wife’s marketing company in RSA to arrange training with his youth club in RSA, accommodation, transport, flights using tax payers funds from ministry of sport…what big things?

  5. Just look at Chicken George himself. The guy is being fed on “patriotism” while the FA are eating masuku on his head & he thinks everyone is that stup!d. George get respected & push for your own contract before you start bothering others.

  6. You reap what you sow. True! Belgium has nurtured the boy through stages from under 15,16,…to under 21 then today we want to force him to play 4 chipolopolo? That’s insanity. The choice is really his. Mean while, wise decision “chicken” for trying.

  7. We have won Africa cup before without the lad. why should we need him now. Besides African football is not as easy as African football

    • Comment: who said that Charlie Musonda junior is the Zambias dream because he shares allegiance in three countries! Moreover, don’t worry much about the boy’s decision to fight for mother Zambia, other young boys will becoz there are many young players in this country, though many obscure in there journeys in Zambia. Remember that Zambia is a always a competitor as long as football is consend, it will always have a team that will fight diligently for its pride.

  8. If charl was my son or relative I would tell the boy to invest his legs and talent where he will be rewarded handsomely. What patriotism when politicians are reaping the. Country with their corruptions. Charles Musonda was a genius and caused kalu to be what he became in football. Charles knew kalu would be before he passed the ball. Great as kalu was in Zambian football circles I feel he frustrated Charles Musonda and Johnston Bwalya. I may be wrong but that is my feeling

  9. Let us concentrate on developing our local young stars so that we can have our blood brothers playing for Belgium or England. Charles Musonda and Kalusha Bwalya rose from Mufulira to Europe because of hard work and personal discipline! Charly must not be confused by us… Let him make a choice. But our young lads from Z should work hard

  10. Foolish boy, just like the father who used to let us down when called to duty. He will never even play for Belgium or England. They will of course call him, then dump him.

  11. as a Nigerian, we face this dilemma too in my country with the likes of Dele Alli, Dominic Iorfa, Dominic Solanke. The list is just endless. These are players with great prospect and future in the game. But my opinion is that we have no justification whatsoever to expect these guys to jettison their country of birth, and show allegiance to our either Zambia or Nigeria. They’ve never been to the shores of our countries. They were born in Europe, drink their water, eat their food, went to their school, breathe the air there, but we expect them to be patriotic to Africa which they know nothing about. Our football administrators and political leaders should rather show patriotism by revamping our decaying soccer system. We have raw talents scattered all over our countries but corruption and…

    • The best lesson for Nigeria and Africa, is the story of John Fashanu. He said he was an English man and so could not play for Nigeria. England only played him for a few matches and dropped him. After retiring he tried to get a job in the Nigerian FA: Nigeria said go away, you are an English man

    • Soccer fan Justin Fashanu was a brother to John I think. One of them came back and was accepted in Naija. The other one died

  12. How do you expect things to move when a woman is the one at the central stage. It’s most likely Charles is under control of his wife. Abed Pele Ayew managed to convince his boys because it was a man to man affair. So we should just rely on the materials we have other wise this Charlie issue is a non starter.

    • You have no respect for women or a mother’s interests in her child’s future, if you mother wasn’t there in your upbringing you wouldn’t know the maternal connection …I am sure Mrs Musonda is well aware of the Galu poisonous touch…there he is pushing this poor dull coach George who has no contract to summon the boy when he himself is too proud to reach out or settle differences with his dad.

  13. My not surprised because the boy’s aim to play at the highest level-World Cup.Which will take many years for Zambia to qualify.Its not but patriotism but facing the facts.

  14. Most of don’t get it, it is not the fact that the boy and his family chose not to play for Zambia that annoys Zambian football fans, it is the tone the mother uses to dismiss Zambia that is pissing people off. We know she is a European now, but show some respect for Zambia. You Fontinee.
    This is the same woman who not long ago again had an online fight with Zambian soccer fans because of how pompus and disrespectful she is to mother Zambia.

    Futsek, Fontinee.

    • The only fontine here is you …Mrs Musonda is free to come to Zambia anytime with or without dual citizenship…staying in Zambia doesn’t make you more patriotic than someone who stays abroad…in fact the more I converse with some Zambians the more I relies that some fox have this dream of being rewarded dollar govt contracts and delivering nil and pocketing the rest. Most do not relies what a vicious circle that is on the life of other Zambians.

    • JJ
      You are just a black man who is annoyed he is not white.
      We are well aware of your “charlie come good” attitude to whites. Well, live with it, you are a black man and will always be a black man.

    • Spaka like lilo; If you have seen my postings on LT you would think twice before associating me to a COON …but its ignorance on your part.

    • JJ
      That explains a lot, also by virtue of you being on this site the saying, ” you can take the monkey from the bush but can’t take the bush out of the monkey ” rings true of you.

  15. It’s bad news for Zambia but let us respect his decision. Also for Charley , please note that being black and of African decent doesn’t disadvantages you from playing for a European country.
    Please check what happened to Nigeria’s John Fashanu who decided to play for England

    • You are clearly misinformed and can not compare that era to today in fact at that time England had many options in forwards, if what you say is true do you think the likes of Kingston born Raheem Sterling would have a chance. Now its about talent if you have it and you qualify they will come for you as the rewards are bigger not about settling old scores like your Galu does or eliminating/frustrating opponents or sidelining them like he has done to the likes of Simata with lengthy bans or the way the treated you talented manager late Keegan Mumba.

  16. Nothing wrong with asking, but its a free global world where one can sell their labour where they desire. Patriotism doesn’t come into it (that’s old school – for going to war!) If the young man has chosen where to work, let him be. Nothing to do with Zambia as a nation. Just as everyone is free to choose where to go to school, live or work.

  17. Please leave that brat out of Zambian football. The mother also is something else she thinks she owns the world. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother boast the way Angela does.

    • Only you think she owns the world and nothing the young talented man has done to shows he is a brat…in fact I congratulate the Musondas for raising such humble boys with a strong work ethic something that is uncommon in lazy Zambian players who have LAMENTABLY FAILED to crack it abroad. Simply look at how one Sunzu’s talent was wasted by greedy proxy Galu agents…now no club even takes a second look at him.

  18. Please zambians forgive this family they dont know what they are doing.
    To the family take note
    -there is no sweeter place than home how bad it may be home is home
    -remember only your pipo can feel the pain when u are in problems others will rejoice in happy moments but run away when in ~
    To me there is nothing wrong turning down the request but how u do it.
    Wish u the best muso family and zed keep on shinning like a golden star one day the wind will brow our way

    • So who knows what they doing? You..when they have successfully raised the boys to where they are today …do you know benefits you get from playing in EPL youth team everything is paid for from education to allowances.

  19. We won the Afcon 2012 with our “lazy players” and we will win again. Why lament about one person? The boy is not Zambian, leave him alone. Mulekumbwa ifya ba neighbour…just work hard and raise your own children as soccer stars. Charlie Sr did his part. Some of you are just anarchists. Stop harassing the Musonda family.

    • Winning AFCON 2012 was by mere luck..let that sink in your head..if you were so talented why did you LAMENTABLY FAIL to make past the group stage in the next tournament?

      Wake up..you have nothing to show for!!

    • Who is not proud of “Mother” Zambia?? True pride is also lobbying for checks and balances in how FAZ finances are spent…simply making silly utterances whilst the Galu sucks you dry is absolute FOLLY.

  20. Leave the family alone. For a long time dual citizenship was being requested by Zambians. However, our govt never listened and held on to weird beliefs . Now they want immediate benefits!

  21. Refusing to play for your country is bad but instead player for mother Zambia please .

  22. Its the boy’s decision. Just leave him alone. Are you telling me that, the whole of Zambia, you dont have any good player like Musonda jnr? Someone gave the example of John Fashanu who despised his country,(Nigeria) but played for England for a few games. This Musonda’s chances of playing for Belgium or England are slim. For now, the best is to leave the young lad alone.

  23. The kid has a better chance starting for Zambia than for Belgium or England. If he was that good, Abramovic would have kept him at Chelsea like Traore. Move on Zambians, they’ll be more local talent identified in future.

  24. Any one commenting negatively about the call up of Charly Junior to play for Zambia is not a true Zambian. There are countries in Africa such as Senegal who have called players because of their grand fathers being born their but never lived in their home countries. Charles Musonda , the father once lived in Zambia and played for Zambia, now what can stop his son to play for Mother Zambia. Please I beg don’t bring politics in soccer. An African is always an African. Do you want the boy to be called Black Belgian or Black Briton? Shilungafye ibwelelo nikwabo.

  25. I’ve never seen a man with such an axe to grind as this JJ guy. All these posts he is making! Just to deride Zambia. Someone his girlfriend, no he can’t have one, tell us who he is so we can avoid him like the plague.

  26. Charly jnr please wait until this corrupt donkey called Kalu is booted out of office before you can feature for mother Zambia.Otherwise you will end up as one of those Zambian players who toil their butts off and only Kalu alone enjoys the fruits with his family of girls in Jozi.

  27. Comment:All meant well…my advise to the one in diaspora: follow your leg anywhere it takes;would someone care if you are nobody?

  28. All those condemning Charles Musonda for his son’s decision are out of their mind. Galu has been told over and over again about Charles Musonda’s kids but been ignoring the calls. I remember when former international Lucky Msiska was coach for the Zambia under 23s a few years back, he did mention about the Musonda boys but never followed it up. What about Lamisha and the other boy, why is FAZ not calling them for national duty if the call is genuine? Take your kid to the national team and leave Charles alone.

  29. Just vote kalusha out of office, this guy is so selfish and jealous all this is cauy by him, why wasn’t Musanda family not considered at first?

  30. its always pathetic when someone people give examples that are always irrelevant and out of order most times. Yes, John Fashanu was invited to play for Nigeria but declined, instead chosing to play for England, eventually, he didnt shine much and was dumped by his adopted country. Something similar would have happened to him in Nigeria as well cos those were the times of the legendary Rashidi Yekini. So many other players of African descent has gone to make big impacts for their adopted countries cos they stood the test of time and remained relevant in the game, the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vierra, Claude Makalele etc for France, Gerard Asamoah for Germany, the Impeza brothers for Belgium, the list is endless. So, if Charly Musonda justifies his God given talents, he will play a…

  31. Africa because we are so dis organised we keep loosing more talent what a shame, all the best Musonda i dont blame you for the decision.

  32. We are people made in God’s image,tempted by satan and became sinners, we are humans that are bound to make errors any time, the move made by FAZ to extend its interest in the boy wasnt a bad move at all, i conquer with the boys’ mom’s response on the media,neither his mother nor his father can decide on his behalf but its the boys’ choice to decide which nation he wil be able to play for amongest the three, WE KNOW WHAT IS BETWEEN KALU AND CHARLY SNR, And our prayer to God is for Charles SNR to have that forgiving heart,Let them throw away pride and be able to reconcile especially KALU, We fully understand Belgium and England are by far better off countries than OUr mother Zambia,But one who has heart for his native nation does not consider that at all, IF THE BOY HIMSELF HAS…

  33. Leave him alone, how much are you going to pay him in Zambia. Compare with England and Belgium. You cant even afford a contracted coach. Plus the mingalatos that are common in our football. Stick to our Mbesuma, Jacob Mulenga, Chamanga and Chris Katongo/Mayuka. They can just do miracles at their level.

  34. Alo 2012 we won Africa cup without the young man u are discussing just let him be.we do have people who can play football ifyakupapata umuntu fyalipwa we are not in colonial.

  35. Is there anything lyk opposition soccer fans? football in zambia is one of the unifying tool let’s not antagonised even were it is not necesary. The refusal by chaly muso its not something one can celebrate NO! that ‘s why me as a voter I hav dificalties for these supoters especialy upnd all they know is upnd and hh anything to do with National development is the very enemy to them. How can I vote u coz u are against of every development. If u are to win let’s unite. Even the MUSONDA family are reading about your insults even to KALU giv him the respect he dsev .I can asure u u ‘ll lo ose nothing but gain respect in retain. Some of us knows chalie beta than some of u wat about the family at mulonga are all insulted or hv isues to setle with every family member? No ni ka cayre let’s…

  36. I love Zambia football. I’m Tanzanian.I watched muso ndani at betis. Good football baller but too weak. I didn’t know why u hate kalusha..I pray for Zambia football and patriotism

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