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Nevers Mumba More Than Ready to Meet Rupiah Banda

General News Nevers Mumba More Than Ready to Meet Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda at Statehouse
President Rupiah Banda at Statehouse
Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has said he has been more than ready and willing to reconcile with former President Mr. Rupiah Banda for a long time and has made efforts in the past to iron out any differences that may still exist between him and the former President.

Reacting to a statement carried in the Post Newspaper of 7th March, 2016, ‘BISHOP BANDA MEDIATES IN MMD RECONCILIATION TALKS’, Dr. Mumba has said a meeting that was arranged by Bishop Banda between the two to take place on the evening of 24th February, 2016 at Mr. Banda’s residence in New Kasama, collapsed suddenly at the last minute when Dr Mumba was already on the way to the venue allegedly because Mr. Banda was already asleep.

Dr Mumba said the meeting had been well arranged and was confirmed for 19:30hrs the same evening.

It was therefore surprising when Bishop Banda later informed Dr. Mumba that he was unable to reach President Banda as he was asleep. This was around 20:00hrs. This clearly demonstrates that there may be other issues at play which need to be clarifed between Dr. Mumba and Mr. Rupiah Banda in a one on one meeting.

Dr. Mumba has indicated that the reconciliation between himself and President Rupiah Banda is the right thing to happen for him as a Christian and should not be seen as dependent on third parties. That is why Dr. Mumba made an effort to walk over and embrace Mr. Rupiah Banda at the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 18th October, 2015 at the Show Grounds.

Dr Mumba said reconciliation for him is very important because his whole mission in the ‘Zambia Shall Be Saved Crusade’ has been based on reconciliation of people to each other and to God.

Dr. Mumba has said he will continue to engage Bishop Banda to ensure that a meeting between himself and Mr. Banda is arranged, with a mutually agreed agenda and confirmed date and time to avoid collapse of the meeting as happened two weeks ago.

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    • Rupiah cannot be expected to forgive Nevers Mumba. The embarrassment Rupiah went through at the Supreme court at the hands of Mumba was too much. Mumba just excitedly went into the January 2015 poll and lost miserably, a contest in which i think Rupiah could have done better. Rupiah is still hurting from that. That’s the reason he fell asleep at the thought of having to meet mischievous Nevers Mumba. In any case, if they finally reconcile, they’ll be the only two MMD members that Edgar will be having for his 50+1 dream. We recently had most of MMD and PF members defecting to our party. So, VIVA HH…VIVA UPND!

    • For sure news less, Mumba you are the president of MMD and you are being summoned by a mere member of your party. That is classic spineless ba Mumba.

  1. Comment: Iwe ba Banda mufulumira kugona bwanji uja Nevers Mumba akubwera ku Nyumba kwanu? Being the former president of MMD, You couldve been the one to talk about reconciliation with Nevers Mumba, Please seat down and iron out your differences, Malemu Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Tate wafuko la Malawi anati, Kukhala pansi ndikukambilana mwa mtendere ndi njira yokhayo yothetsera kusagwilizana pakati pa Anthu, Don’t let us down Mr Lupiah Bwezani Banda, Wako ni wako ndipo Wakutsina khutu ndi M’nasi.


  3. For the sake of unity in the nation, RB and DR Mumba must reconcile. Enemies will always take advantage of a divided house to destroy it. That should not be allowed to happen to mmd.

  4. Are we not getting it wrong here? In the initial stages, HIs Excellency Rupiah Banda offered to reconcile the warring parties when he came back from Uganda. Now you are making it look like RB is reconciling with Nevers Mumba.

  5. Both Unholy “Holy Man Nervous Nervers, R.B, are just shameless gambling Belly Politicians, who have gambled on P.F winning just like a Gambler would hedge their bets on the roulette wheel.
    This “Dishonest Duo” will suffer maximum diarrhoea should the Panga Family lose. Watch this space

  6. MMD Nevers Mumba should not give Zambians news of procedural routes how he intends to reconcile with Atsogololeli a kale a Rupia Bwezani Banda.
    Reconcile first and come to the media for Zambians to know. Dont just give us uncooked beans on the menu.

  7. Haaaa. Tiring game play. So effectively one was late and ones enemy refused to be kept waiting in that show of ill mannered lateness!

    Next time be on time Dr Mumba, power play yields no dividends in a game where both parties are dependant on a peaceful outcome. Is it correct to say RB is trying to run on MMD ticket since HE Lungu indicated his Running mate is going to be Female???

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