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UPND accused of ferrying cadres across the country to support GBM at Police and courts

General News UPND accused of ferrying cadres across the country to support GBM at...

UPND cadres
UPND cadres

THE UPND has been ferrying its cadres from across the country to public places such as the police and courts in an attempt to inflate its popularity and have in the process caused chaos and mayhem, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

PF media committee member Brian Hapunda said the UPND had allegedly been hiring cadres to attend their party functions and that when its vice-president for administrations was arrested on Wednesday last week, the party had bussed hundreds of youths from as far as Kasama, Choma, Kafue and other areas.

He said the violent clashes between the police and the UPND cadres was as a result of the opposition party importing cadres which should be stopped because it caused breach on the peace of the country.

Mr Hapunda said in an interview yesterday that the PF was aware that the UPND had been ferrying cadres from different parts of the country to stage solidarity matches for some of their leaders who had come into conflict with the law.

He said most of the youths the UPND was gathering often were not aware of the assignment they were being collected for and that most of them only discovered that they were being used to stage solidarity matches upon arrival in Lusaka.

Mr Hapunda said the PF was on record of having done away with the culture of ferrying cadres from other parts of the country to attend party functions and it was therefore important that the UPND should stop the habit because it had become a cause of violence.

“It is unfortunate that each time the UPND have a function or one of their leaders is summoned by the police of is appearing in court, they have to buss their cadres from as far as Kasama, Choma, Kafue and many other places. The case in point is when the UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was summoned at Woodlands police station and the UPND had to bus youths from Kasama, Choma and Kafue and some of them did not even know why they were being loaded on buses to Lusaka. The result was the chaos and mayhem and you do measure popularity by importing cadres and the UPND is not cheating anyone but itself,” Mr Hapunda said.

Mr Hapunda appealed to youths in the country to reject to be used as tools of violence by selfish politicians advising that the young generation should instead invest their energy into working hard to d\develop the country.

He said parents should also take the responsibility of counselling their children to avoid politicians who were in the habit of using youths as agents of violence.

“I urge my fellow youths to use the Youth Day celebrations to deeply reflect on the conduct of some of the politicians. The youths should be wise and expose politicians who want to use young people as tools of violence for their selfish reasons. Let the youths say no to violence and hooliganism,” Mr Hapunda said.

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  1. So what, if people around the country want to show their solidarity why stop. Unlike PF who ferry their cadres to go and disrupt meetings of other people, UPND supporters have the right to support their leaders regardless of where they come from. Brian is just trying to please his master!!! Just shut up!!!!!

    • These guys must be really nervous about being kicked out of office. Anybody with a mouth is yapping anything hoping it will grab headlines.

    • Why did nt PF stop those cadres in the first place?

      Hapunda the disgraced lungu media advisor has no means of income hence the lies to sound relevant to Lungu.

      Hapunda stop giving Lungu fake hopes that Lusaka is under Lungu and PF because thats exactly what happened to RB and Kk. Where are they today?

      VIVA UPND and HH TEAM.

    • I thought this Brian fellow had been kicked out of the top PF medea team for bringing the name of the party in ridicule when he discussed the destination of loaded brown envelops. Is he trying to launder his name again?

      He certainly cannot survive outside politics.

    • Nothing coalescing for them hence belaboring to patch and stage everywhere in hope of building s national picture. What a circus!

    • Brian is admitting that most of our young people “ba ungwa ungwa che mukomboni” hopelessly & anyone can just bus them to any destination to go & dance. This must be a damning verdict on Kadansa who is supposed to provide hope for these youths. What with the youngsters he has chased from the unis. Thanx to Esther Lungu who for once has risen above the mediocrity of Kadansa & Kaingu & ordered the reopening of the unis.

  2. Mr Hapunda, you have once again come back to life what a shame. Can you please please learn to talk about the truth. No one no one i repeat ever brought caders from across the country.

    Ask your brother Sunday Chanda what has hit him? He once behaved the way you are behaving today he is gone the hide behind his blanket.


  3. You mean to tell me that this crook Hapunda is still alive?

    No Hapunda, we were to paid nor ferried, I live in Lusaka and my 14 friends and I went to support GBM because we see hope in UPND….

    But also we have no jobs, so it was nice to receive messages of hope for people with brains and not drunkards.

  4. Who is being used now mwaiche Brian? So you think such a statement will suddenly win you kudos from Lungu? Wait for August 11 chabe!!!

  5. You may not believe me but the truth is that Pf has lost popularity and will be defeated by the opposition UPND on11/8.

  6. Ba hapunda upnd hasn’t got the money to ferry cadres from across the country Pf can do that but not us. These supporters came from the 7 constituencies around lusaka. U guys r having sleepless nights. U father less bwalya and Amos chanda r panicking.

  7. I wonder on there why the policemen at various roadblocks on the way leading to lusaka allowed them!
    But knowing the way you have turn the police to be the PF police,these people where purely Lusaka UPND MEMBERS!!
    But its fine, dont mind afterall, they are making spendings which will eat and finish there money!

  8. You should be even looking at yourselves to be the biggest fools ! You surely expect 19 people to be trained as militias!! Kwena elo nomba mwaba fye ifipuba! GBM was minister of defence and he surely know what it means to train such and you think he can be that foolish to do such right in the heart of town? MULEBA NENSONI!! Dont use power to opress others but engange such energy to development from hard working not INKONGOLE at you are working! !! You have failed and you cant cheat people that you are doing anything!

  9. I thought this dead dog by the name of Brian Hapunda died and was buried a long time ago by the PF. Has he resurrected back to life ? Anyway, those are words of a dead person who has just resurrected and speaks/ talks with some abnormality. Where did he saw those buses ferrying UPND cadres to Lusaka, in his dreams ? This guy is a patient in the head.

    • only satanists wish others death.
      anyway there is a tonga who resurrected not long ago.
      am told he came back from the dead to come and vote.
      why don’t you talk about that one?

  10. No need to worry about ferrying people or burning cards or displaying ‘defectors’ all these are tactics that the late MCS evented… he was a master of the art. Clearly HH has been a good student but he pales in the face of imitation. The other day I listened to him whine about Shaka’s saying he should be grateful for being adopted three times on his instructions. Next he went on about how Jonas was a none factor with much bitterness in his tone. Then next he was on stage with the incoming Party President Gary Nkombo to welcome one Findlay…HH I want change but you are not the change I need. You are collecting garbage as buggage to plot one…Who doesn’t know about Findlay and Kegam ask you right hand man Halooba he will tell you

  11. For me HH you have become desperate you have sold your soul, Wiliam tekere Banda, Nalumango, Moleen son of wasa, Canicius, GBM, Finlay, Bashi Nono, Katoloshi, Maroads Slyvia, I desire change I need change but not this type awe I refuse better I keep my vote away from you, everything we have worked for down the drain, Never again will I vote for voting sake….Ditch these your new comrades and I will vote for you…

  12. Can the police arrest Brian Hapunda for using Later President Sata analysis President Lungu should name to give money through force pretence, we should not have criminals comment on National issues.

  13. uyu mwana yamunyokkola njala afuna kkakkoini lungu mupase kko kkakkoini u ar feeling th impact ni hh fye bakalamba

  14. Evidence is in the chiefs that where paraded at GBM s house. Surely how can you deny that cadres are being ferried if chiefs are paraded shamelessly from accross the country

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