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Lusaka Comicon, Zambia’s first comic and pop culture convention is in its 2nd year.




LsCon is a spectacle that brings together lovers of comic books, anime, video games, movies, global pop culture and visual arts. LsCon, short for Lusaka Comicon, is a community based convention that not only entertains lovers of the culture, but educates people and promotes local and urban art. There are a number of talented Zambians we do not hear about and the event is a chance for some of these artists and art enthusiasts to meet and share their work as well as share ideas.

The first ever LsCon was held in 2015 . One of the organizers had this to say ; “LsCon 2015 went surprisingly very well. It being a family event, we had people of all ages come and enjoy what the event had to offer. The feedback was positive and encouraging too. This year we are not going to change too much, but rather improve on everything that we had last year. We will also have some surprises to give away to the best costumes, most accurate, as well as best improvisations. It wont be a competition because we want everyone to just have fun in their costumes but we will have some special gifts for the costumes that stand out.”

There will be lots of fun stuff to do as well as some educational materials on art, a short art class that will earn you more free art classes with The Art Shop at Ababa House. There will also be great music, art gallery and fun games.

Among other things, people can expect are ;
  • Video Games
  •  Costumes (Cosplay)
  •  Great Food · Live Music Performances · Art displays and Sale · Animation and movie screenings · Trivia(Movies/series/video game & Japanese Anime)
  • Comic books and more

Cosplay is a play on the words Costume Play. Cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character from their favorite TV shows, Movies, Cartoons, Japanese anime or Video Games.

 Below are some pictures of last years event :
Art class in session
Art class in session
Art work on sale
Art work on sale
Artist at work
Artist at work
artist at work
artist at work


Cosplay as 'The Joker'
Cosplay as ‘The Joker’
Putting the finishing touches to her costume
Putting the finishing touches to her costume
Cosplay as a Samurai
Cosplay as a Samurai

(All photos courtesy of

POW! BIFF! BOOM! Lusaka Comicon is on 30th April! Movies, Anime, Comics,Video Games, Art, Costumes & Cosplay and all that pop cultural stuff you love in Zambia + the world!
Come to Paark Xtreme in Longacres, No. 24 Ngumbo Road on 30th April for the most fun you’ll have this year!
Anyone seeking more info or booth space can call 0966390899 or email [email protected]

Find out more about the 2016 Lscon on social media:

Facebook: Lscon

Twitter: @Lscon






  1. When we are finished importing foreign junk ,we’ll totally forget our culture such that we’ll see traditional ceremonies in museums

  2. You are right Kalunga. Why can’t we for once create our own works based on Zambian or African culture? Much as we appreciate these talents and it’s quite obvious that there is a lot of talent, please let us retain our roots. This is the reason that even in our histories, for example, in schools, people know more about David Livingstone than they know about Susi and Chuma. We promote more of Mr Bean than we do our own comedy. We do have quality comedy around.

    • Kasaka and mwine mushi, Diffikoti and Bikiloni, Chibwe Katebe, Dorika, Collins Mr RB, etc. what have you been watching…….Telemundo?

    • Lungu Jamesoni Kadansa pretending to be President of Zambia – that is a big joke very hard for anyone to beat!

      The PF Government is a total “comedy of errors” and it would be very funny if only it did not have such serious consequences for the people of Zambia!

      But they, and especially Kambwili, have provided us with some good laughs at their stu.pidity and incompetence.

  3. @ kalunga and Adage: What makes you think there aren’t any indigenous cultural events in Zambia? Lighten up. This just looks like people having fun. What’s wrong with that and why so insecure?

    …Or should I believe you put on traditional gear at the weekend and only drink from the calabash instead of sitting on the sofa with Mosi and football. Sure? Maybe better on 30 April would be to take your kids to LsCon for some fresh air and happy faces? Try it.

  4. The first image of an graffiti artwork on the can of spray paint is of a ZAMBIAN web comic series done by two Zambian guys. It’s a fun adventurous comic strip of a little Zambian boy with a very active imagination. It’s very nostalgic if you had a typical playful childhood of anyone growing up in Zambia. That should count for something at least. They are trying to get it published even (you know, like a quality publication), but would you buy a copy?? They currently post the comic on facebook and tumblr. People generally say they want to support and promote Zambian art and such , well, there’s your chance. Not all artistic references should come from the 90s, there’s so much stuff young Zambians are doing now, and they need your enthusiasm, optimism, support, and dare I say you kwacha…

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