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Former Deputy Minister Keith Mukata has been playing tribal politics-Kambwili

Headlines Former Deputy Minister Keith Mukata has been playing tribal politics-Kambwili

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili

Chief Government spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili has has described former Deputy Minister of Justice and Chilanga MMD member of Parliament (MP) Keith Mukata as an underweight who has been a huge liability to the ruling party.

Reacting to news of Mr Mukata’s resignation, Mr Kambwili dismissed Mr Mukata’s sentiments and advised him to disclose that he has been working with the UPND for some time now.

Mr Kambwili said Mr Mukata has allegedly been playing tribal politics.

“Mr Mukata should not criticise the President but should tell the nation what he has been telling the people that Chilanga has a lot of Tongas than any other tribe and that he cannot win the seat if he contested on any other political party apart from the UPND.

And PF Chilanga district chairperson Simon Nsunge says the party in Chilanga is happy that Mr Mukata has joined the UPND because he is allegedly a finished politician who has been working to divide the party.

Mr Nsunge said Mr Mukata was a political liability to the PF and the people of Chilanga and his departure is “good riddance”.

“Mr Mukata worked very well to antagonise civil servants and the council just to gain selfish political mileage. This has rendered him very unpopular among civil servants in Chilanga,” he said.

Mr Nsunge said the Chilanga parliamentarian is difficult to work with because of his ‘I know it all’ attitude.

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    • Mr. Kashimba Chimbwi should by now know that the tribal tug can no longer be used against HH and his UPND. The Zambian voter has now awaken to fact that tribe is nothing under the One Zambia One Nation motto. We want intellectuals, not grade twelve failures, people with a vision – to preside over our affairs.

    • The same old tired repetitive song. Kambwili is incompetent to comprehend what is written on the wall. He sees tribe when anything laughs in his face. He needs to see an optician for a fresh pair of political specs.

    • It is strange that Chimbwi expected Mukata who was MMD to strengthen PF. Nobody from MMD is complaining about Mukata. No wonder the parties with these stooges who have crossed the floor wanted to fire them. They were working for PF as a party and not just the Zambian govt. Really

    • That is Chishimo Tribo Globo Kambwilo for you. Big head full of water, zero gray matter. That is the calibre of Edgar’s cabinet. Where was this Chief Govt Tribalist when a young girl was been stripped naked in full view of police…footage is on video, no arrests and no statement. What is going on here?

    • Chishimba, Chishimba!!! You are the best at what you do!! How about the other 11 MP’s that joined UPND, are they also tribal? According to you and Mr Frank Bwalya, everyone who leaves PF is tribal!! Anyway, keep saying “he is underweight”, “not a factor”, “failed politician”, etc. Soon there will only be you, Frank Bwalya and Lungu remaining in PF.

    • Did he actually say these things? If so, he does not deserve to be in this post. CK, please just accept that there is a problem in the house and that people have a right to align with whoever they choose.

      Total incompetence!

    • Ba Chishimba i am asking you and other politicians to be informing us of who is finished before hand so that when they resign you just say i told you so than waiting till someone resigns. if Mumbi Phiri is finished tell us now than when she defects. it defeats reason. only the gullible will agree with you.

    • So of he was a liability why waste paying him a ministrial salary…its this selfsame myopic mindset that can never that us nowhere!!


    • Some Lozy chaps are crazy, no wonder you have the likes of Muliokela. Currency name…Mupu ..ati M20. You even write a penal code, just a bunch of muliokelas.Shame!!

    • Just an honest question and request, please. I think some of us are very tired of this tribal talk. Can someone please release the updated statistics of all the tribes or at least groupings in Zambia. Im more interested in the Tonga or Bantu Botatwe grouping. Last time I checked, Dr Scott said that they (Tonga) were a minority tribe. The question is, why is this “minority” grouping causing shock waves in Zambia? If we look at the previous elections, UPND won, Southern, Western, North-Western and Central. Lungu only won by 1% of the votes.

      Are you telling me that almost half of Zambia is Tonga!!!???? Eastern HH got: 33,882(25%) and Lusaka he got: 104,178(36%). Is Kambwili saying that all these votes were cast by Tongas? Stop insulting our intelligence, please.

    • When you`ve dumb chaps in leadership, all they see is tribalism. It`s a pity that in this day and age Zambia can be led by such characters.

    • Suntwe we Suntwe @ 1.1 if tribe is not an issue why do yu tongas practice it. Truth is yu Tongas are tribal but yu want to make us believe that yu are not. We are not fools nor blind. Tongas are tribalists and everyone knows it whether or not we talk about it

  1. This man is a curse to Zambia. May the division he wishes to see Zambia go through and the atitude he has towards other tribes rock his family and feel what goes on when such happen! When realises, may God heal it!

    • Who are Bantubotatwe and Barotseland?

      Bantubotatwe (3 People or 3P) are the Tonga + Ila + Lenje/Soli. So Jonas Shakafuswa is 3P.

      The greater Barotseland swallows Central, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Western, Southern and North Western Provinces.

      What is true of yesterday is that the bulk of greater Barotseland has come together to join hands with those of the North East to redeem Zambia from veritable economic chaos!

  2. We know you politicians… typical of using the voters to satisfy your small egos. Ba Kambwili where is your G 12 certificate’? Ba Luanshya vote this man out

  3. So if they had all this info they should have fired him instead of letting him have the last laugh and throw egg in their face. Some of these statements make one wonder. Same with Shakas situation when he declared support for UPND. Politicians in Zambia are the same, though no one can compare to Kambwili!

    • Shaka lost favour with the UPND leadership a long time. He had said several times and he was openly criticizing HH and UPND long before he left UPND. Did you hear Keith ever insulting the PF before his resignation? Just admit, things are not well

    • As far as we know Mukata was MMD. He did not resign from PF because he was never PF. However, Chimbwi’s comment only confirms that stooge MPs working under PF govt are really campaigning for PF. It is not about the national interest.

  4. Get out….why bring in tribalism in everything? You stink tribalism. Why didn’t u fire him when you suspected him?shaaa

  5. Kambwili, such remarks were long overdue. Its now time for blame game, accusations and counteraccusation as new political realignments take shape.

  6. Only fools in likes of Chishimba Kambwili do not read the wind of change. Zambians are suffering under Lungiu ‘s governance. It is for this and many other reasons that people are screaming for pf to go. If Kambwili still thinks that they (pf)can still turn around Zambia’s economy first he must visit Chainama hospital for mental check up.

  7. Let the cockroaches flee to Hicilema’s dirty Bantustan kitchen. We dont’ need small soldiers in PF. We are still winning and these small insects will have (HH) for supper on August 12.

    • empty vessel, even emptier than your spokes person Kambwili, enjoy the money you earn for hate speach as a blogger, after 11 8 2016 my friend you will be bankrupt.

  8. Let the cockroaches flee to Hichilema’s dirty Bantoo Stan kitchen. We dont’ need small soldiers in PF. Come August 12 these small insects will have (HH) for supper.

  9. For once Mmembe was right about upnd- look at the so called defections and their names- Bantustan! It’s time to repay upnd-nega nega ECL 2016!

  10. PF is dead. No matter how u can defend or apply cosmetic oil on it,PF will be remembered as the most voilent party that has ever ruled this country since independence.

  11. When PF wins in August , these people that are so excited and wagging their tails as they jump onto the UPND tree will be painfully disappointed. Mwanyela kuntulo

  12. ubufi he has never been a tribalist Keith is above that,he won the seat as an mmd candidate and he is going to win as a upnd mp.You are choking baba and continue dreaming

  13. Comment: Who doesn’t know that there is tribalism. Don’t sink your head in sand. Tribalism is there and we know who are tribal.

  14. Chi Kambwili just wants to cause tribal war in Zambia so That he can run to his family in UK. He has sent his entire family abroad no wonder he makes those silly tribal comments just to incite tribal hatred among peace loving Zambians. PLEASE LET US KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI BEFORE DURING AND AFTER THE 11TH AUGUST ELECTIONS SO THAT HE DOES NOT SNEAK OUT OF THE COUNTRY UNNOTICED.

    • One wonders how Kambwili will manage to share his wife with that Zim Mechanic who has been offering the much needed services.

  15. Tribalist Kashimba Chimbwili!

    All he knows is tribal politics about his opponents, what else does Kashimba know?

  16. It is very disheartening that every time CK analyses issues he sees tribe first. I wonder what his thesis was based on at Copperstone.

  17. But this id.iot has forgotten that this same Mukata worn that seat on MMD ticket in 2011 after beating UPND’s Moono. Where is the tribalism there. Aren’t you Mr Chishimba contradicting yourself if there are more Tongaz in Chilanga then why didn’t they vote for UPND’s Moono in 2011 but opted to vote MMD’s Mukata a Lozi. Your tribal accusation of UPND just comfirm how fo.olish you are and unfit to be a cabinet minister. You are gone on 8/11 whether you like it or not, the beginning of your exit from power has started.

  18. In the first world the chief government spokesperson could have wished the man well. In the third world he has to say something negative because the man has left. If he indeed believed the man was tribal, why did he not say it when the man was still with them. Sour grapes as usual, no maturity. And I am PF. We don’t have leaders in our party

  19. Keith Mukata is not PF but MMD, so what’s the problem.
    Maybin Mubanga & Maxwell Mwale were not called tribal when they defected to PF. Of course to expect thickneck Chimbwili to stop this nonsense is like asking him to do mountain climbing, impossible. But Kadansa may do better by not adopting him for Roan.

  20. PF introduced tribalism into Zambian politics. In 2011, over 95% of their parliamentary candidates were Bemba speakers. To Lungu’s credit, he is trying to dismantle that Sata’s legacy but it is an uphill battle. That’s why the Bemba Alliance under Miles Sampa had emerged. Still

  21. this neckless dull man at it gain..tribe..what is his problem..does his scrotum itch..?this mambala can’t think beyond tribe..atase..chi kamwbili

  22. Chimbwili, learn to shut your rotten mouth. You are a wasted father’s effort. No wonder people think even your wife left you because of that acetone in your mouth!

  23. Kambwili is in denial. Zambians are angry with how PF has destroyed the Zambian economy and made life difficult for the ordinary Zambians. There is no basis for supporting PF. PF KUYA BEBELE! This country deserves better!

  24. We will welcome mr kambwili to UPND.doors are still open.if he doesnt want then roon constuencence will be for mutati


  25. Comment:mr spokesman dont u any card to play apart from that of tribal?Whenever u want to open yo mouth check yo togue b4 u speak.With the money that u have i propose u hire image builders for yslf.iam afraid for u, when pf is voted out of power u r gonna go in2 extiction.Nobody wld want to associate with u bcz u’v mouth diarhoe.

  26. Keith Mukuta has no morals after being in govt for five years can he come and cite poor governance now as the reason for resigning? Where was he all this time? I thought he was different from these other politicians considering that he is young and a lawyer! Anyway nothing will change on the political landscape because even in the 2015 elections Chilanga voted for UPND and they lost to ECL, the other 11 MPs are the same guys from the bantu botatwe grouping who suported HH in 2015 but failed to win the elections plus Levi Ngoma from Sinda who has just dug a political grave for himself because he wont win that sit.As for PF we also have more than a dozen MMD MPs who will join us so there is nothing to celebrate here ba UPND.

    • SO SILIYA, RB and them that defected to pf are the only ones with morals….worse jonas shakafuswa mule totonkanya

    • Manix,

      Do not throw away your high blood pressure medication yet. More MMD MPs will join the UNPD & only a few from Luapula, Northern & Eastern province will join the PF. That is why Nevers has failed to offer any meaningful coalition for EL to buy into his offer of an alliance.

    • PF are a confused lot. How was Mukata destabilising PF in Chilanga when he was not a PF member? Clearly PF poaches stooges like Monde, Siamunene, Kafwaya, Njeulu, etc not for the sake of the country but for the sake of increasing PF numbers in parliament. Unfortunately these unprincipled stooges have played along and in the process have dug their own political graves. The last time I checked Bantu Botatwe comprised The Tonga, Ila, lenje groupings. Kaondes, Lozis and Lundas do not belong to that bracket. Obviously the MMD is dead and more of its MPs will go to PF and UPND. As for Chilanga PF will bite the dust again.


  28. Chishimba Kambwili will go down in history as the worst Information Minister Zambia has had. Anyway, since he serves at the pleasure of the President, Kambwili’s misconceived tribal outbursts have the blessings of the appointing authority. The presidency rather than Kambwili is to blame for the tribal recriminations which now characterize our politics.

  29. indeed no tribe tags but people should just vote the way they voted in 2015……people in their Provinces should give votes to their person and others be given zero votes thats all. no tribe but the voting partens should remain the same.once beaten twice shy…………………kusambililako. we say ICILA CANSAKA UMO ACILETA.

  30. Pipo please, just 12 MMD MPs can get upnd excited? 12? Only? MMD has more MPs than upnd. 12 have aligned themselves with upnd, like they did in the last election & lost. Now more than 50 MMD MPs have TOTALLY REFUSED to work with upnd. Soon you will see them (with their 2 presidents – Nevers & RB) all go to PF!!! HH is loosing again!!!
    Pa bwato!!!!!

  31. Why is it that people are useless and tribalist when they leave you. If he was such a liability like you say then why didn’t our humble president fire him. Oh, I get it, humble means incompetent.

  32. These 11 defections from MMD add no incremental value to UPND as they are the same that supported HH in January 2015 and were soundly walloped. They only underline the North-South divide of the country’s voting patterns. MMD has 37 MPs and the rest will align with PF. Ifintu ni Lungu chabe nafuti nafuti.

  33. Kambwili! You are the one who is tribal. I ve never heard Mukata mention anything to do with tribe but this idi0t and his fellow idi0ts mumbi, Chama and their drunkard leader, all they see is tribe in other people! For the first time since independence, we have a president who is so petty in state house! Please you are now a president, inspire people. Don’t speak like you are still arguing with those cheap bitches of Chawama!

  34. Anything which threatens Kambwili and his party’s hold onto power is always TRIBAL, TRIBAL, TRIBAL, TRIBAL, TRIBAL, TRIBAL and TRIBAL etc. My friend Zambians have always been peaceful people but the route ur taking will destroy this country. Kambwili majority of people in Zambia today a suffering because of mediocre leadership starting from the top. Zambia will b more divided by yr silly statements.

  35. Kambwili! You are the one who is tribal. I ve never heard Mukata mention anything to do with tribe but this idi0t and his fellow idi0ts mumbi, Chama and their drunkard leader, all they see is tribe in other people! For the first time since independence, we have a president who is so petty in state house! Please you are now a president, inspire people. Don’t speak like you are still arguing with those cheap bitches of Chawama!!

  36. PF – A party of thugs and an incompetent president. The so called president sings about including women in government at the same time his cadres I instructed to strip our women in the streets. Come September this year the jails will full of these directionless criminals

  37. Mr Kambwili look around u all the tongas in ur party are not tribal because they support Pf.They only become tribal when they cross over and support the opposing side.This just confirms how myopic u are and ur tribal inclinations,the record doesn’t exist anymore it’s past its use and sale by date it’s an analogue we are in the digital age play something we can dance too ur dangling carrot is not worth biting it stinks of tribalism.That tribal record could ve worked for Kaunda but not anymore this is a new generation and culture of coexistence bwana mwa soba mau be intellectual and innovative. When Pf and Upnd where in an alliance no body saw tribalism what double standards u are just to corrupt and want to use the trial card too gain political mileage no wonder u ve failed to perform…

  38. Keith Mukata, or whatever u call him, is nothing but an ungrateful good for nothing young man who will go nowhere. The pf govt has brought so many development projects in his constituency since Chilanga was established as a district but this ungrateful young man sees nothing in this. I wouldnt be surprised if this fellow has actually bn sabotaging these same development projects to make it appear as if the govt was doing nothing for the people of his constituency. I implore the pf govt to investigate this.. JAs I have alreadyalluded to Keith has driven a nail into his own coffin. He has reached his political career is concerned. Pf will scoop the chilanga and kafue seats come August. The pipo of the two constituencies know what
    the pf govt has done for them and they will show their…

  39. Keith has reached the end of his political career. The pf will scoop the chilanga and kafue seats come august because the pipo of the two constituencies know what the pf govt has done for them and they will show their gratitude by voting for lungu and pf.

  40. After serving in the govt for five years then you come and condemn it today! But Zoona politics pa zed ya oyo ba Mukata. You enjoyed with PF so if PF failed then you are also a failure and an immature political prostitute!!

    • He is a very ungrateful young man with no morals at all – he knows that that parliament will be dissolved just a couple of months.

  41. Yes he was, good riddance. Anyway the tide is changing, literally! God has looked down on the plight of his chosen son and has let the floods come to Zambia. Rain is here folks. Maramba, Livingston, Isoka, flooded!! Sorry for people caught in it, but HH is fast losing his tedious ‘lead’ fuelled with lies on rainfall. Secondly, the best news is that SDA his church where he claims he is a church Elder, (to con devout Zambians), has made an announcement on Partisan Church Elders:-
    So what is HH going to do? SDA have ordered Partisan Members to be ejected. So now the Devil is exposed. No more I am Christian Elder. They even refused to support Ben Carson, Republican Candidate hopeful in USA! Statement says:-
    “THE Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has directed its congregations…

    • “THE Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has directed its congregations to immediately remove leaders engaging in partisan politics from their positions because it is against its policy.
      The church has also directed all congregations to discipline any member promoting or practising tribal politics because it believes in unity as it proclaims the second coming of Jesus Christ.
      Newly created North Zambia Union Conference of SDA president Samuel Sinyangwe issued the directive in Lusaka yesterday.
      Pastor Sinyangwe said if leaders in the church show open support for a particular political party or candidate they will divide members and fail to carry out their core mission of winning souls for Christ.
      He was addressing over 1,300 church board members at University SDA Church.
      “Those who…

    • “Those who are in ministry and decide to aspire for or take up political office must be stripped of their church credentials because God will no longer cooperate with them,” Pastor Sinyangwe said, quoting from the Spirit of Prophecy.”

      I said on earlier blog, that HH’s soul has sank to an irretrievable low. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL! No more I am church Elder because your church is putting Christ first.

      Also In Western Province, Seditious material was found on some puppet. Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said in a statement yesterday that police conducted a search on Erich Akakandelwa after a tip from members of the public and arrested him on March 11, 2016 in Livingstone.
      “Police had obtained primary information that on unknown dates this year the suspect, whilst…

  42. “Police had obtained primary information that on unknown dates this year the suspect, whilst acting with other persons unknown, had prepared materials that were seditious in nature and were being distributed in Western Province,” he said.

    You see UPNDers, these are Omens indicating the beginning of your deceit upon the Zambian people. His Excellency, President Lungu will prevail as Republican President, because………..HE IS CHOSEN, BY GOD ALONE! GOD BLESS HIM AND PROTECT HIM. Through, all things, in Christ we trust. Amen

    • Oh and message to the pervert UPNDer, calling himself Voice of Reason, please don’t leave me your Destitute messages. It old and boring.

    • You are ignorant and pathetic. Prepare to exit on 8/11. Nothing will save you as your failures are to gigantic to be ignored by voters. Zambians are not interested in your rhetoric but in issues of bread and butter which you have terribly flopped to provide. Remain delusionally ignorant.

    • @Lucy, at least you can measure our actions as failure, but unfortunately you and your party have nothing to show the people of Zambia except failing to win an election an EPIC millions of times. Without any need or use of a Crystal ball, it’s gonna be ‘The Heave-ho’…..once again in August. You don’t need to prepare any action since you never got anywhere to leave!!! Stack up on your psych meds…you gonna need them!!

    • [email protected] how do you expect our party to show people what we have when we are not in power yet? That is why I say that in the PF !d!ocy and a failure to think logically is the cornerstone of your daft party that has a clown masquerading as president where dullards like you mistake incompetence for being humble. Jeez.

    • @54 Patriot Abroad. Don’t confuse yourself about what the SDA Church is saying.
      Any SDA member is free to engage in politics on a personal level. HH has that right.
      The SDA forbids church officers using their official position for partisan politics. However, those officers have evry right to hold personal partisan views and excercise that right in whom they support.
      I doubt if ECL is God’s chosen person in perpetuity. We will know God’s mind on August 11. If God wants HH to win, as things seem to be indicating, not even ECL can stop that from happening. It is God who lifts leadres and He alone can depose them. Please be a bit humble when making those claims on God’s behalf. Ask RB!

  43. It seems all this man knows in his repertoire of the English language is TRIBE and GLOBAL. For once talk about how you will deal with the prevailing hyperinflation and unbearable cost of living; improve health and end cholera; nip corruption in the bud; end political violence…or are all these GLOBAL?

  44. keep dreaming you lunatic..the SDA church shall remain non -partisan,..HH will remain Elder he hasn’t backslidden

    • @Intelligence, whereas you may not consider yourself a Lunatic, it’s clear you can’t read and comprehend what the Church has said. He has backslidden because he is engaging in actions against the church’s mission. If Carson is not being endorsed for that reason, how can HH not be out of place with his church’s mission.

      As for backsliding, most people who go to Backstreet churches in Streatham, should really try some backsliding, the pastors are mammon worshiper and perverts.

  45. Bwaa, bwaa,bwaa, Kwambwili stop barking your tribal politics, when shakafuswa joined this bunch of thugs last week, the UPND wished him well even though he had been working as a mole from day one. He was not the only person who defected to the UPND but there were 11 other people. Are you blaming them having played tribal politicss as well?
    Any way a mad dog does not choose what it bites. PF mad dogs don’t know what to say anymore!!!!

  46. A warning was made that after defection of 11 MPs to UPND people like Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya will be rattled and spew out tribal venom. Chishimba Kambwili is one of those people who coined tribal tag for others leaving an elephant in their room. The entire PF government high offices under late Sata were from Northern and Luapula provinces, records are there for all to see. No Zambian raised eyebrows. Chishimba goes to tibal mantra when all Zambians want change from PF to UNPD. Kambwili should also raise a tribal cry over Shakufusya Katuba MP who is now with PF, Levy Ngoma of Sinda from MMD to UPND and Miles Sampa of Matero PF to DF. Kambwili should prepare his defence for grabbing Luanshya council land and built 12 houses on it. Another tribal cry in offing.

    • So if Shamunene and Monde come back to their senses and come back to UPND…….then Kambwili will say I knew it was tribal…….The level of perception and analysis is just too low for ba CK. I am sure by now you have realized that you never got educated at Copperstone. It is really sad.

  47. It is not even true that the majority of people in Chilanga are Tonga. And if they were, how come they voted for Mukata, a non Tonga in 2011 against one Captain Moono a Tonga?

  48. @vagrant patriot abroad, listen and listen very good, your hatred of other tribes, shows how uncivilized you are. No one chooses the tribe they belong to and their color but we are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God. It is barbaric to hate someone because of their color or ethnicity. The tribe you belong to does not define who you are or what you are in society. Surely the saying that you can take the monkey from a jungle but you stop behaving like a monkey. One could think that staying in a civilized nation would help you to appreciate other people better, but alas you still an ape.

    • Why do you keep posting in the wrong places you moron. Most people are vagrants in UK these days because of housing shortages. I am lucky to be housed so please stop your vagrant and urine soaked rantings…so ignorant and backstreet.

      I must address strongly your claim that I am Tribal. That’s completely untrue. Never in all my postings on LT have I castigated Tongas or any other tribe for belonging to them. I am non partisan, but I am backing President Lungu because he is a man of God and is a very balanced and capable Candidatre for next elections. Be a man and try containing your over production of Testosterone …it’s spewing out all over LT pages as a possible Stalker with Urine (Dolden Shower) tendencies.

    • IBe a man and try containing your over production of Testosterone …it’s spewing out all over LT pages as a possible Stalker with Urine (Golden Shower) tendencies.

      As for being Gorilla like I am a tiny, roundish little lady (with a little top lip moustache….old age). I am a humble servant if God eschewing false churches, bad pastors and miseducated congregations.

    • Oh and I have a Prophesy spoken over me, I have the Prophesy of Deborah in the Bible with an order to work among the poor. This is my calling to support President Kungu to deliver the poor from crushing poverty and bad Leadership….which is the only beef I have with HH. I don’t dislike him though I did say I did when he went foreign to destroy Zambia.

  49. Kambwili is merely instigating and hoping that the 2016 voting will be on tribal lines. Its true that tribal voting has been with us for a long time, but the cosmopolitan/metropolitan (urban areas) votes are not dictated by tribe but by both the popularity of a candidate and the prevailing socio-economic status at any particular time. Otherwise people like KK and Levy Mwanawasa would have not ruled this great nation of 73 tribes, represented by 7 major languages in ten provinces.

  50. @ vagrant patriot abroad, the fact that you have failed to work hard and make good of your life does not mean that you should start hating other people who are successful . In fact, you are not a patriot in any whatsoever. The true patriot is one who flys the flag of their country high. You are a true vagrant abroad. Evening blaming your drunkard uncles and dagga smoking relatives won’t change your status. I know you have been bitter at your relatives who took over your mother’s kantemba and small house. Rather repent turn away from your wicked ways turn to Jesus and repent. He will change your circumstances. I am not a Tonga or Bemba, but I love all people including you. What I hate is your stinking hatred of other people because of their tribes. I am a very proud patriot and I will…

    • Oh…so you know me do you……?and came to LT to carry out a vendetta? How pathetic and rather stalking of you. But I fail to understand your mission in posting these rather disgraceful untruthful rantings as you may want to go to a local court maybe? My mother has a 400 acre farm plus the so called Kantemba, and 2 business premises and my ‘uncles’ are dead and perhaps can be allowed to sleep in peace, at the moment and I would thank you to stop misconstruing nonsense here as clearly you have issues. I can guess at who you are as you choose to post under a pseudonym, clearly to cover yourself.

  51. Kambwili! It is you who is tribal with your cohorts Mumbi, Chama and your useless drunkard leader. You are always mentioning tribe so as to create a bad Picture of other parties when infact it is you who have been tribal through and through. You accuse UPND of being tribal but it is you idi0ts in PF who are always mentioning tribe including your president who is so petty like a PF vice branch chairman!

  52. Talking tribal politics will not help Lungu to change his mind about the running mate. Rather kambwili should be concerned at how Lungu is purging all late Sata’s supporters. This purge is targeted at Bembas. Would HH be blamed for that?

    • Msoni you need to stop your fake politicking. You will NEVER amount to anything in Zambia. Perhaps back to your poor Journalism, instead digging up dead people who’ve do e you no harm.

  53. Pf top cadres and tribalism deeply rooted in their DNA.. Does it mean even their HOLY ITEMS only REACT to a skirt/trousers of their tribal? The pattern of voting will be based on how pf has performed, obviously pathetic! Pf should not be euphoric about amassing votes from their once strongholds, hunger has continued to strike even in those areas.

  54. If someone loses in his home province, the same mouths will say such and such is a bad leader because he/she lost among his kinfolks. When another person is overwhelming voted for by his kinfolks it becomes tribalism. Having a small brain and small genitals is a problem.

  55. Why ba CK……??? Mukata was not a member of the PF but just working with the PF for the people of Zambia. Mulekwata insoni ba CK. Keith has never been PF……so what is your problem with leaving govt and MMD….how do you come in………in terms of party affiliation ba CK………Limolimo muleibwelamo fye……..The best way to handle what happened to the MMD MP’s yesterday is to keep quite. The challenge should have been Hon. Mwaliteta not Keith naimwe ba Kambwili. Education and an educated person is judged from the way they react to issues. I am disappointed to say the least. For you everything that has no solution is TRIBAL…….How? Tribalist number and History will judge you harshly when time comes to read about what you did for your country not Province…….Shame on you.

  56. mr global Mr triblisim manje yo campain massage has finished wat u going to chit pipo now natukwishiba nomba walabepa nani nomba

  57. Come on folks, you can yap, say, rant or dream but the fact is President Lungu is winning these elections on first run. I mean I dont see anything new here regarding the so called “defectors”. If you analyse the who thing here, its these same guys who support Hadolf Hitler in January 2015 elections and they lost anyway. When you critically look at the confusion in MMD, its the same bunch of f00ls that have been fighting Nevers Mumba, so what does that tell you?

    I would just like to encourage Preside Lungu to remain focused in resolving the economic issues at hand rather than focus on already defeat bunch of sardines like HH, GBM, M’membe and the finished MMD MPs.
    Fact is, there is no basis for anyone to vote for UPND and HH in these elections because there is absolutely no…

  58. cont’d

    Fact is, there is no basis for anyone to vote for UPND and HH in these elections because there is absolutely no direction, message, hope or commitment to resolving the challenges the country is currently going through. You cant just win any election by electing yourself as a “best economic manager” tell the people what you gonna do differently, be accountable for God’s sake.
    We are voting for President Lungu and the PF, period.

  59. Kambwili, Kambwili, at it again!
    When you`ve dumb chaps in leadership, all they see is tribalism. It`s a pity that in this day and age Zambia can be led by such characters.

  60. Let him go after all;MMD is a dead dog.As for Upnd,I would have been happy for it if a t did not take over the party from another t when he died.That is where they have lost me because their apetite to wrestle power from pf is beyond scarely especially if you analyze the party history.

  61. Why vote for a party that undermines a country’s integrity through false ministering on international media and fake ‘economic’ foras? Why vote for a party that is working on ‘schemes’ to obliterate the country’s economic fundamentals for the sake of getting into state house- why vote for a party that is tribally lopsided, full of novice politicians and led by an Under 5 politician- Ifintu NiLungu!

  62. For me there is no difference from the 2015 by election. All those that have resigned frm MMD were Supporting and campaigning for UPND. So to say that, UPND will do very different from the last election,,yes to some extent, but i see that the same voting patterns will follow even the next general elections. Let not those who are very excited about this be a bit sober in their analysis

    Thank you

  63. @ Mr intelligent What was the total results for southern province in 2015 presidential election.
    Upnd is a tonga party i will offend many but its the true, the best example i can give … just two days ago a meeting for youths against the violence happening in the country, each political party was asked to send five youths to represent them………
    Pf out of the five youth Two came from Eastern, One Northern, One Western and One North western.
    Mmd ,Fdd was most the same case with pf had different youths representing the parties…….It was disheartening to learn that upnd had all the five youths coming from southern province so if people say upnd is a tonga party pls dont be offended. The meeting took place at Mika lodge in lusaka if you think its a fake story ask the organizers of…

  64. @kabweka you want intelligent people in the under 5 party , if upnd party is full of intelligent ones why are you still in opposition! The problem with you people pride, too much ba some of us.
    Your leader the arrogant hh, lost election to the late Sata, and Lungu even the coming election we will see the intelligent party not winning …

Comments are closed.

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