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Radio Mano rescinds decision to close indefinitely.

General News Radio Mano rescinds decision to close indefinitely.

Radio Mano
Radio Mano

Management at Kasama’s Radio Mano has announced that it has rescinded its decision to close the popular radio station.

On Wednesday, management announced that the station was to go off hour indefinitely due to increased harassment of its Reporters by some PF cadres.

The cadres who staged a protest at Kasama airport on Monday in full view of President Edgar Lungu threatened to close down the station because of biased coverage.

They accused a number of Reporters at Radio Mano of favouring the opposition and blacking out the ruling PF.

But Station Manager Chris Ntalasha said management decided to change its stance after reflecting on the need to continue serving the masses in Kasama and beyond.

“What happened yesterday was that the situation became very hostile and we got intelligence reports that the PF cadres are planning to burn down the station. So considering the safety of our staff, we decided to switch off at midnight but we reflected deeply and we switched the station back on this morning, so we are on air now but the situation is still volatile,” Mr Ntalasha.

He added, “The position of management is that we will suspend the running of news bulletins and other political programmes until the situation normalises as at now even the Reporters are not reporting for work fearing for their lives.”

On Wednesday, Radio Mano started running announcement that it will effective mid-night close indefinitely following intelligence information that a named senior national PF official told a party meeting held on Wednesday at Kasama’s prefix hotel to ‘’sort out’’ Journalists from the station.

And another named official assured the cadres that will carry-out the attack not to worry of being arrested, saying he has a lot of money that can buy the best lawyers to defend them in an event that they are caught.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA-Zambia) chapter has since been informed of this planned attack.

Radio Mano 1


  1. These are the levels of violence we have reached as a nation! Not even during the Kaunda era did we see such things.

    • So, this is the placard which was being hoisted at the airport and news reporters went wild hallucinating that PF cadres had assaulted the radio station? HH too came up with a wild statement condemning the PF government, over this placard! Where are we heading to in this country all for a pound of meat?

  2. The cadres who staged a protest at Kasama airport on Monday in full view of President Edgar Lungu threatened to close down the station because of biased coverage. What the hell is this? Threatening to close down a community radio station over f00lish allegations in full view of Chagwa. i know now were these spineless cadres are getting the strength to do evil things. 11 Aug, 2016 wait for Chagwa Agwa part II

    • I think I know what happened UPND cadres forced PF cadres to protest at the airport but basically opposition they are to blame for everything water in the kariba a named party zmk fall a named partt mealie meal a named party my neighbours dog barking at night a named opposition party

  3. All the stories trending currently are trumped up UPND propaganda. The story above is that a group of UPND are demanding PF Reporters be denuded a Voice and a Job!

    There is a disturbing modus operandi emerging as we near elections. UPND as usual are mistaking violence as campaign. Yes,…yes, they are creating events and running around saying PF are responsible.

    I said yesterday that we need to consider postponing these elections until we have calm and are handling our economy better. We do need a state of emergency. In the mean time people should read UPND carefully, they are dramatist.

  4. Patriot, whoever you are, are a very dangerous individual. You cannot sponsor violence and then instigate postponement of elections. PF is synonymous with this horrible vice and Zambians need to vote out this party. The country has now plunged into uncharted territory. Violent acts are being committed in full view of the Police. You are obviously one of the beneficiaries of the status quo, otherwise you would not be suggesting perpetuation of the current malaise. Think of the future of your children and all the children in this country.

  5. Liar I arrive yester night I n Kasama and I’m still in Kasama there is still no Transmition today.there are not working up to now the boardchairperson through the announcement which was running and up to now running said Thursday they will not be working, because of those threats from Illiterate PF thugs.there is only a reputedly song play along side with the announcement.

  6. This is what Hitler, Stalin and Mugabe did. They go after the press and the intelligentsia (normally students and university affiliated staff) and they will begin to use food to get votes (I am very suspicious of these sudden shortages of mealy meal and fuel).

  7. The kind of stupidity borrowed from Mugabe and museveini .these PF thugs are really annoying. Ruining our beautiful country. I am including those on this page supporting this nonsense.

  8. Hehehehehehehehehehe…. PF was covered by radio mano in 2011 and MMD did not threaten to close it down… Ba PF just work extra hard if you want to have even 20% of the votes.Otherwise you are killing yourselves.

  9. PF are shamless losers for sure. After spending 10 billion on so called development, they still have to resort to violence to cling on to power.

  10. ala naimwe mwema journalist akubombenifye y involving yoself in partysan politics? even if its pf or upnd its not gud u will jst lose life living children suffering and the party u a supporting will never support yo children. so jst sober up no one will finish yo poverty, jst work hard and upgrade yo self things will b beta

  11. Am really just so happy that its 4 months to go and we will see the last of these PF rats and vampires.I still blame ourselves as the elite of Zambia..How did we end up with these embeciles in the corridors of power?? They have completely no clue on how to run a country and will leave these country mired in abject poverty.Not only should we courtmartial them,but the constitution should be amended to include life sentence where mass economic plunder is proven.

  12. PF has taken the meaning of delinquency to a whole new level.
    The private radio station and its employees are at liberty to choose who to favor.
    These PF delinquent thugs have Znbc, times and daily Mail to themselves

  13. It is likely that an opposition leader formerly in PF, has bought hunger stricken radio announcers from Radio Mano to air programmes in favour of the opposition! Money and hunger are synonymous.

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