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Kamanga rallies fans to focus on Zambia game as new era begins

Sports Kamanga rallies fans to focus on Zambia game as new era...

FAZ President Andrew kamanga at a media briefing at Football House
FAZ President Andrew kamanga at a media briefing at Football House

Andrew Kamanga says his election should not steal the show from this weeks crucial 2017 Africa Cup Group E qualifier doubleheader against Congo-Brazzaville at home in Ndola on March 23 and away on March 27.

The game come four days after he was elected as FAZ president to end Kalusha Bwalya’s decade-long reign.

Kamanga said reshuffles at Football House will be made in due course with his statement coming the the wake of Chipolopolo team manager Lusekelo Kamwambi’s resignation on Sunday and FAZ communications officer Nkweto Tembwe’s announcement on the same date that he will see out his contract that expires on March 31, 2016.

“A new era has come we have got a lot of challenges but as you know for this week we have two important games,” Kamanga said at his first official briefing on Monday after making his Football House debut as FAZ president.

“One on Wednesday against Congo and we hope that a lot of soccer fans will turn up because we need the resources.
We are travelling to Brazzaville for Sunday’s game.

“So we will attend to the two games then we will have a comprehensive briefing. We did not want to be seen to be shunning the media I hope going forward we will have your support. There is a lot that needs to be done. We need to slowly find our feet and we need to do our work. So in closing we want to thank our colleagues who were here before and we are assuring you we stood on a platform with a blueprint. We expect that we will start implementing all the aspects of our manifesto.”

Kamanga also thanked Government for reaffirming its support for Chipolopolo’s international obligations.

“We wish to thank government for the continued support to the team and we hope that we can repay the government with good results this week,” Kamanga said.


    • We hope the coach will not resign on Wednesday morning, the team manager resigned.
      It will be the saddest and poorly attended soccer match in Zambia this ash wednesday.

  1. This guy failed to manage a club kabwe warriors and those of us who follow local league we all know how kabwe warriors failed and dropped to division one under his watch, so how is he gonna manage at FAZ LEVEL?

    • But did Kalusha manage or coach any club before rushing into Zambia coach and FAZ President jobs? This is an EXECUTIVE position bwana- Look at where we come from:

      1. David Phiri (Former BOZ Governor)
      2. Tom Mtine (arguably Zambia’s first Millionaire) and corporate person
      3. Teddy Mulonga (Former Zambia Tender Board Head)
      4. Micheal Mwape (Distinguished businessman and corporate)
      5. Rupiah Banda (Former Managing Director – NAMBOARD), and now former President of the Republic

      Now, check how we had lowered the bar by having Kalusha! Seleniko Kamanga abombe!!!

    • Wanu ngwee you are spot on by pointing out all those distinguished men but unfortunately none of them was related to failure in their past although you missed out Evaristo Kasunga and the loud mouthed simataa. It’s just ironic that some quarters did not support Kalusha even after chipolopolo won the AFCON under his watch however I wish Andrew all the best. Let’s see how he is going to walk the talk.

  2. @ mwiponta, he was managing kabwe warriors under whose leadership? Match fixing is what killed kabwe warriors because they wanted kamanga to fail so that they can say eeehh we told you that kamanga is a failure. But now, wait and see, this guy has brains and you will appreciate him in two years time I kkn

  3. Good luck and thanks to kalusha, but now you kamanga it is time to make FAZ a sustainable entity, It is time for FAZ to contributed to the economy. It is time to invest in grassroots football, it is time to find the stars of tomorrow.

    The ball is in your net, lets see what you can do.

  4. Guys leave Great Kalu alone, you wanted him out of FAZ and he is out so just carry on with your Kamanga. Some one listed some past leaders at FAZ My question is did they win the Africa Cup? The answer is a big no. Mwembushi mwe. Leave Kalusha alone.

  5. People in Zambia are hero worshipers even when the writing is on the wall. Kalu’s days ended when he missed the penalty. We can not continue to leave in past glory even when we have Charley Musonda, Mbesuma and Kalengo scoring the goals.

  6. And some monkeys think it’s Kalusha who brought the Africa cup to Zambia, NOOO. Time and chance met. whether Kalusha or no Kalusha it had to come period.

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