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18 political party presidents agree to end violence


Leaders of Political Parties
Leaders of Political Parties

Leaders of 18 political parties who met yesterday from 1430 hours to 22 hours agreed to end political violence through their leadership structures.

The leaders expressed concern on the unfair application of the Public Order Act by the Zambia Police Service.

The leaders also agreed to end the use of perceived military regalia alongside pangas ahead of the general elections.

They also called on each other to refrain from the use of hate speech and offensive language especially against each other.

They recommended to hold a follow up meeting before the elections as a way of keeping the momentum created through the indaba.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi was happy with the resolutions and promised to support the implementation agreed upon in the meeting.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema also expressed happiness and vowed to ensure that all political parties abide by the agreed demands to end political violence.

And President Edgar Lungu described the meeting as candid and acknowledged the need to implement the resolution for the benefit of all citizens in the country.
President Lungu thanked the organisers for bringing political leaders under one roof.

Below is the full Communique



The 18 political party presidents met today on the 29th day of March, 2016 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka to discuss the issue of political violence as Zambia prepares for the August 11, 2016 elections, facilitated by the three Church Mother bodies namely Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) unanimously affirm the following over and above all other interests:

  • Committed to ending political violence through various political leadership structures as a way of addressing the issue starting from the party structures and amongst political parties.

  • Concerned with the unfair application of the Public Order Act by the Zambia Police in targeting political party supporters negatively.

  • Agreed to end the use of perceived military regalia alongside machetes and pangas as they have played a role towards fanning violence and therefore political party hereby commit to curb their use so as to eliminate fear and intimidation.

  • Agreed to use existing leadership structures in various political parties to encourage members to desist from violent acts, thus strengthening a culture of political dialogue and tolerance within and amongst political parties.

  • Agreed to depoliticise the markets, bus stations and other public places in the country in order to allow for all Zambian to enjoy their use freely.

  • Aware that the media has contributed to the polarisation of political parties through its conduct, and we recommend initiation of a platform for dialogue to encourage positivity and inclusive coverage of all political parties.

  • Agreed that the political party leaders refrain from the use of hate speech and offensive language especially against each other to avoid political violence. Leaders of political parties believe that there is need for interactive platforms to meet as political leaders to establish healthy relationships.

  • Recommend that political party leaders agree to hold a follow-up meeting before the elections as a way of keeping the momentum created in addressing political violence through this meeting called by the Church.

In view of the above we the political party leaders present shall endeavour to advocate for a violent free political environment ahead of this year’s elections as a way of expressing our political tolerance for the development of the country.


1.Edgar Lungu PF

2.Edith Nawakwi FDD

3.Nevers Mumba MMD

4. Dr Danny Pule CDP

5. Hakainde Hichilema UPND

6. Tilyenji Kaunda UNIP

7. Edwin Sakala ZDDM

8.Cosmo Mumba NRP

9. Peter Chanda NCP

10.Dr Ludwig Sondashi FDA

11. Charles Maboshe NAREP

12. Fredrick Mutesa ZED

13.Gerry Sikazwe PRP

14.James Musendeka RPP

15.Frazier Malama NFZ

16.James Mbewe APC

17. Epyrious Mulenga HP

18. Mutale Mwila NAP

19. Mike Mulongoti PP


  1. then this will not be done and blame it on each other again. However, It is good to note that they can meet and be in the same room for once.

  2. Why such a long list of people. Only the president and the police can stop the violence. It was a waste of time.

  3. Good they agreed to end violence. At least we can be free to move around in our country. I am disturbed that there was no agreement but only a concern on how unfairly ZP is applying the public order act. Does it mean govt refused to ensure the POA is applied fairly? ZP needed to have been part of the meeting.

    • I suggest you don’t dare go to intercity wearing opposition regalia. I’ve passed at least 6 taxi ranks flying a flag of a named party so for me so far this is a dress rehearsal. Why wasn’t IG present??????????????????

  4. Mmembe should have been been particularly identified as the formenter of hatred in the political space in Zambia.
    Ever since Edgar became President, Mmembe has been mountinng a crusade of villifying ECL daily. Of course if he is arrested he will jump on his immoral high ground and talk about freedoms of speech which he does not allow his journalists on his rotten gutter paper.
    Mmembe’s side kick and fellow dictator did not of course attend the meeting. Demagoguery is all they know not democracy.

  5. Immediately after the meeting HH had an interview and told lusambo and all zambians that they are big f.oo. ls. How can we end violence when signatories defy the same with insults. Next it’s lusambo to insult HH and bitterness and hate language will continue.

    • Mmmm please repent and refrain from lies. Don’t you get tired of this hate propaganda? Soon you will start believing you own lies. HH was on radio phoenix at 9hrs, the meeting was at 14 30. If a Zambian can have such amount of hatred for a fellow Zambian just because he is from another tribe, what hope is there in the world! Why do we even condemn south Africa for xenophobia when we have so much hatred within our borders? I bet iwe with all your hatred towards HH, you even call yourself a Christian and pray every day. Shame on you

    • My brother that erection you get when you hear HHs name is disturbing the blood supply to your weakest muscle (brain) HH wad on radio phoenix from 9 to 11am the indaba was 14hrs till later. And yes lusambo is a F’n fool (self explanatory)

    • My brother that you get when you hear HHs name is disturbing the blood supply to your weakest muscle (brain) HH wad on radio phoenix from 9 to 11am the indaba was 14hrs till later. And yes lusambo is a F’n f0.0l (self explanatory)

    • If HH attended the meeting after insulting zambians and lusambo he would have apologized to signify that he has repented of the hate and insulting language used on lusambo and many zambians who doubt his questionable wealth. The fact that he did not apologize further goes to show how unimportant that indaba was and little effect it had on him.

  6. The meeting was a very good initiative, and more such meetings must be commended. I am yet to hear if the same party leaders discussed the root cause of political violence. To begin with, poverty and unemployment are cause number one; and when millions of youths are unemployed, they will take any opportunity to act violently, as long as they are given money to engage in such activities. Who gives out such money? Nobody will be ready to discuss this. Culprits were in that meeting.

  7. The opportunity to end violence is lost again. They should have taken advantage of the presence of Dr Danny Pule, CDP, to deliver those who are leaders at violence especially GBM and William Banda. Men of God should speak with power and authority from above not to be involved in suggestions an debates unless they are not in contact with God. Is what they are saying coming from God or themselves? Surely they have no vision from God. If God gives you vision, he also provides you with the solution but not suggestions and debates. Otherwise it is good to meet and take a group photo with three ladies only when you are already fighting for gender equality may be 50% + 1 also.

  8. Amazing, how can we have all these parties, most of them are just briefcase parties, we should get recognition in the guiness book of records.

  9. It is commendable that our leaders sat down to dialogue, as this is the only sure way of knowing each stakeholders misgivings, and therefore, resolution to the challenges. The appeal now is for the impartial implementation of the resolutions made.

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