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There is no Oxygen Crisis at UTH- Mwenya Mulenga

Health There is no Oxygen Crisis at UTH- Mwenya Mulenga

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has dismissed reports suggesting that there is an oxygen crisis at the institution following the switching off of the oxygen plant.

UTH Public relations Manager Mwenya Mulenga explains that the hospital is getting oxygen supplies from the local vendors which is being supplied to all the patients in need.

Mr. Mulenga however, disclosed that the institution is spending between K80, 000 and K100,000 a week on the procurement of oxygen.

He says the oxygen plant has been switched off to facilitate maintenance and servicing, adding that money has already been set aside for these works.

Mr. Mulenga states that the hospital management is hopeful that the works on the oxygen plant will be completed soon so that the plant can be switched on.


  1. PamaFi trying to lie through their teeth again!!

    So if money had been set aside for regular servicing, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO SPEND AN UN-BUDGETED 80-100,000 per week???? If it wasn’t a crisis – why are spending this Un- BUDGETED AMOUNT???
    Or just tell us IT IS A NEW CONDUIT TO STEAL before 11/8/2016!!!

    Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! VOTE ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND 2016!!


    I thank you!!

    • Uko!

      These are the perpetual motion of Pathetic Fanatics (PF) inconsistencies in this visionless bandits party.
      Don’t be surprised if tomorrow another PF vuvuzela bandit refutes the assertions by Poor Relations (PR) of UTH, Mwenya. Too much inconsistent insinuations by the Political Failures (PF).
      The fact remains the same, “there’s no smoke without fire” & surely UTH has been flagged by Oxygen crisis at the entirety of PFs selfish leadership of self belly.
      Poor economics aspects on top with load shedding tears the social, economic & political wellbeing, esp the vulnerable to poverty fate of PF.
      To end all this PF inconsistencies in the country is by voting out PF mediocrity come 11~8~16. Under PF is a slothful death as it looks so as a rubbish bin.
      Only the opposite of what…

    • ….of what PF says is true. Therefore, there is a crisis at UTH b’coz OXYGEN is not existential with the institution under Pressure Failed (PF).
      So, vote wisely for HH.
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Lying that its merely normal maintenance and service when the plant has broken down…why should you be spending between K80, 000 and K100,000 a week on the procurement of oxygen. And people are dying too much incompetence and lies with these people…where is the bum Lungu or his minister to tour this place next to State House.

  3. Thi is the sole reason we need a new Government in Zambia, as the current regime is rotten to the core.
    When Mugufuli came to power in Tanzania, he discovered similar corrupt abuses of position, where the same hospital Spokesmen, sabotaged hospital incubators, & other hospital property. They would then get a kickback from private suppliers, as Tanzanians were forced to go & pay fo private incubators, labs’, pharmacies etc, while the hospital worker became rich beyond his means.
    This Cowboy defending the status quo, saying there is no crisis, is doing so because the Oxygen supplier is probably a friend or relative, & they are raking in taxpayers cash, where they should really not, if we had a properly functioning Government.
    Unfortunately from Lungu, to Kaiser, right to the Council…

  4. Road sweeper, Zambia is rotting with corruption, & We have truly become the text book example of a failed State, which happened as soon as Sata, & P.F. took over.

  5. What do you expect from Ka Enrolled nurse Mwenya Mulenga turned Public relations Manager. Sugar coated lies and more tax payers money in his Bank accounts . He is employed to defend the indefensible. Tell the truth ka ci colour and save your skin from these PF robbers.

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