March inflation rate reduces marginally

Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka
Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka

The annual rate of Inflation for the month of March has recorded a marginal decline, the time since May last year.

Central Statistics Officer Director John Kalumbi told a media briefing that annual inflation fell to 22.2 percent in this month compared with 22.9 percent in February.

“The decrease in the annual rate of inflation was mainly attributed to non-food items,” Mr. Kalumbi said.

Food inflation however rose by 0.5 percent in March.

Non-food inflation reduced to 17.9 percent in March from 19.1 percent in February, mainly because of price movements in imported motor vehicles, charcoal, firewood and certain household cleaning products.

Inflation has been on an upward swing climbing from 7.7 percent in September.


  1. Allelujah!!
    There you have it!
    Expect more miracles as we approach August. The listening Party and its government has done it again!

    These variations are global.

    Horny Chipuba Kabilibili, Bsc ( CopperMountain ), Msc ( Mpatamatu Polytechnic), MBA ( Loan )
    Global Spokesperson

  2. These are kind of news some of us doesn’t want to hear,inflation rate reduces and Glencore’s plan to invest over $1.1 billion in Zambia,this is a source of conflict let the post and watchdog investigate this.

  3. difference does it make. 22.2% and 22.9%. what’s there to celebrate. LT times please report on things that make sense

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