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PF reaction to HH’s claims on Economic Management of Zambia


Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

By Paul Moonga PF member of Central Committee

The story in the Post Newspaper quoting United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema on the status of the economy is another example of a desperate man seeking desperate attempts to cheat Zambians out of their votes.

Mr Hichilema attempted to explain the measures UPND will use to fix the economy if he wins power but as usual, he stayed away from explaining exactly how he hopes to evade the effects of falling world economies on a country like Zambia and how that will be addressed.

Clearly, Mr Hichilema wants to downgrade the status of Zambians by insinuating that they can buy into his cheap lies that he is a bearer of a formula that will fix the economy. He is aware that World leaders including other African Presidents have tried without success to escape the challenges that have downgraded the economic status of the world and by extension, Zambia.

Among the challenges include the falling copper prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME), and the resultant rising costs of food the world-over.

As PF, we will not take kindly to insinuations that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is doing nothing to address the economic problems besetting our country when a myriad of measures and efforts already in public for all to see.

Mr Hichilema knows too well that just last week special assistant to the President Mr Amos Chanda issued a statement on Mopani Copper Mines opening a new project that will create a huge number of jobs for the youths on the Copperbelt.

This on its own is evidence that President Lungu is engaging players in the economy in an effort to address the economic challenges.

Besides that, there have been efforts to promote youth empowerment funds, promote agriculture which made Zambia record the highest amount of grain in the region last year.

We are very surprised that while the Southern African Development Community (SADC) applauded Zambia for its good performance in agriculture at the recent SADC Heads of State and Government summit, Mr Hichilema wants to play naive. PF will not allow him to continue propelling politics of lies.

We are aware that Mr Hichilema will go to greater lengths to select information for public consumption using deception like he has done in this instance but we stand ready to challenge him.

Zambians are aware that President Lungu has done his best to deal with the economic slump going by the recent meeting he held with business executives in Chipata, among other efforts. As such, it is unbelievable that Mr Hichilema can stand up today and claim that President Lungu is doing nothing about the economy.

As a party, we believe that Mr Hichilema is merely an expired political project that has reached its dead end and politically impotent. With him at the helm, UPND has seen its fortunes decline since the death of UPND founder president Anderson Mazoka.

I must make mention that we are not concerned about his tantrums especially that Zambians are seeing through his failed political machinations. Mr Hichilema must know that he is a political reject who will be sent into political retirement come August 2016 when Zambians will vote for President Lungu.

In our view, Mr Hichilema’s statement in the Post Newspapers of today, Thursday, April 6, 2016 is purely a transcript of what President Lungu is already doing to stem further economic decline in our country.

In that statement, the UPND leader talked about diversification, promotion of small and medium businessman and confidence-building which are already on the ladder of President Lungu’s government. As such, we are appealing to the people of Zambia to ignore Mr Hichilema because his machinations and lies are expired and ready for the dust-bin.


  1. How does taking stock of the maize situation before exporting become a global issue. Fact is after months of reminders from HH that we did not have enough maize Edgar cheated by Given Lubinda and Mumbi Phiri allowed exports to continue. This is a classic example of how Edgar has no clue on managing and economy….and another of his unqualified advisors Chishimba Kambwili will come and say escalating mealie peal prices are global. Total madness

    • Listen, Mr Paul Moonga, talk is cheap! Zambians in both rural areas and cities dont need your theories on all those waste of time meetings you guys have been having for 5 years now. When they see the reduced maize meal prices, stable single digit inflation, low cost of living, zero load-shedding, zero political violence, zero insults, low youth unemployment, stable currency/exchange rates, three proper meals for every household, affordable High School and Tertiary Education, new business opportunities, investor confidence, consistent policies, less crime, etc., etc., then the Zambians will say that this government is indeed working and worth 5 more years in office to carry on with the good work.

      Can you honestly say that PF has fixed all the above issues? Dont answer that because PF…

    • contd..
      Dont answer that because PF actually caused most of these problems that our people are going through.

    • You Moron, we still have enough Maize stock in Zambia. Take a walk around all FRA shades and see for your self. HH is an arm chair critic, did you ever hear him say I went to Chambishi, Chingola, or Mwembeshi FRA shades and found no Maize? he just criticizes without facts. Despite Lubinda giving him figures, he maintained his position out of shame. Can you prove to us that Zambia has no maize even when people are being caught trying to smuggle thousands metric tonnes of Maize to Zim and Malawi? If we have no maize where is it coming from? Come August, its PF again.

    • The [email protected]
      If you have enough maize and HH is just an arm chair critic, then PF is more incompetent than we think! Can you then explain why we are having these queues for Mealiemeal? Why is the price of Mealiemeal reaching K135 in some places? We are seeing things that were last seen in the 1980’s!!
      Aug 11, kuyabebele!!! We need someone who knows how to handle the current situation!

  2. “Mr Hichilema wants to downgrade the status of Zambians by insinuating that they can buy into his cheap lies that he is a bearer of a formula that will fix the economy.”

    You sold the people your cheap ’90 days money in your pocket’ lies and people bought into those lies. Also, many currencies have bounced back and are trading favorably against the dollar, only Zambian kwacha is struggling because there’s no investor confidence and the political situation is volatile. Your leader EL does not inspire any confidence.
    PS: If you are not concerned about HH’s tantrums, you wouldn’t have wasted time writing this garbage.

    • To start with the PF has not failed the Zambian people. They have delivered the much needed development in all areas. Look at the roads you are driving in, are u not happy that you have roads in lsk or where ever you are? Dont cheat your selves PF has delivered, the only problem is that Zambians are extremely lazy people who just want to be fed by the gvt. When you say the gvt has not changed your way of life what do you mean??how?? Didnt the gvt give farmers fertilizer for farming in time? hasn’t the gvt made it easy for farmers to deliver their products the markets through good Roads? Just find something to do my friend and you will make money. People who are making some effort to do something are making it life. Come August, its Lungu again. Some one will cry again.

    • All those who are trying to smuggle thousands of tons of maize outside the Country are Upnd in an effort to create a crisis in our Country but they will not manage to bring this Country and Govt down. God is with our Country and anyone trying to get power by dirty tricks will not mange to ascent to the top sit

    • @ The Trueth… and Hanza

      Gentlemen, why are you pretending to be knowledgeable when in the face of factual realty your “knowledge” amounts to absolute ZERO?
      Facts are there in the open. Government did export maize and Government Deputy Minister had 21 trucks impounded by ZRA. Those are FACTS.
      Anything else must be accepted as “here-say” or plain unadulterated BS
      No amount of insults from 1mbeciles like you two will alter grim reality on the ground.
      If leadership of PF has a plan on how to correct current situation, please let us know at least basics if not details. One thing its 100% sure, liked on not, IMF with its austerity measures will be asked to help us out of this economical abbis which was not created by opposition or colonial powers but is direct result of…

  3. kindly assist me to understand, is there a day that passes without mention this man called HH…Why is his name keeps on appearing as headline in main tabloid and later flashed by insults?

    • He is mentioned because he lies every day. He lied yesterday in the post news paper and I am sure he will lie before close of business today. That is why people are trying to react to his lies and pump sense in his empty head.

    • Because he is the number one threat to PF. Why is PF not bothered about people like Cosmo Mumba, because they know that he is not a threat. HH is the cause of PF’s impeding loss of power in August.

  4. Another failed Politian who cannot think beyond succeeding. You do not need a doctorate to understand what HH is saying. It is straight forward what HH is saying. It can be done by PF government.

    • HH is just a thief who has enriched himself through stolen money, mone obtained dubiasely. Moreover he and his bantustans are tribalists, tribal to the core and we can’t allow a tribalist to be at the helm of this Country. What will happen to the other tribes especially some which the Bantustans hate with passion. No lets continue to have someone who is a bit moderate like Lungu. He can be tribal a little, moderately not like the Tongas where a whole Bank- branch should have only Tongas, we say NO.

    • continuation…..

      2. HH has failed to win using the people Mazoka left him with. He is now looking up to GBM, miles, guy and Banda to do it for him. The fact that he failed picking up from where Mazoka left is a sign that this man has no capacity to run a party and what more a country?
      3. He is using people he used to call thieves such GBM and Guy. This simply shows that he has no principles. A man with principles never go back kumalushi. HH can change his way of doing things any time, so Zambians should be careful with him

  5. Someone explain, during the global crisis in 2007+/- the global situation was worser than this…. how did Zambia Manager. As long as we dont learn how we survived, we will always have these problems

  6. “Zambians are aware that President Lungu has done his best to deal with the economic slump going by the recent meeting he held with business executives in Chipata, among other efforts.” Its surprising that today you admit that Zambia is in tartars begging for a savior. How can having a meeting without results deal with Zambia’s economic slump. What Zambians need are solutions visible. Not just fake promises that you are doing your best when all we see is sky rocketing prices each day that goes by. HH is right according to me. PF are doing literary nothing other than promises that we are fixing, for how long?

    • I don’t trust HH to become my president because…
      1. He failed to maintain his earlier political standing which he has abandoned, a sign that he is just trick star with no vision for this country but to just come plunder our wealth like he did during privitazation of livingstone hotel
      2. H

  7. Angola to Seek IMF Aid to Cope with Looming Financial Crisis
    Oil-dependent Angola joins growing list of African countries needing help due to plunge in commodity prices.
    So who is this economist who does not understand what he studied. big countries lyk Angola known of oil export seeking aid from IMF. My fellow Zambian open your eyes and dnt be cheat by HH that he will fix the economy. Angola’s economy is far more stable than Zambia. watch out for HH to put the blame on Lungu that he is responsible for the high price of commodities in Angola.

  8. HH was privileged to Privitise and Liquidate Zambian Resources that’s how he has found
    Himself in the position that he is now, he shouldn’t claim to be a smart successful businessman. We all know how he dubiously
    acquired his wealth. It’s utterly disgusting.
    He shouldn’t take Zambians people for granted and keep insulting the Government


  9. I like the heading to the article. Normally its the opposition that’s supposed to react to govt actions.
    So SADC noticed how dull Kadansa & his zayelo are, they showered them with fake applause & the bums offloaded all our maize into the region & now we have no food for ourselves.

  10. What about the corruption which you guys in pf are busy perpetrating every blessed day? Your corruption is what has killed the economy of our country. We therefore need a new team , the UPND TEAM, to run the affairs of our land. We can not continue to allow you the thieves still manage the affairs of our country when you are just there to serve yourselves, leaving millions of Zambians languishing in abject poverty. VIVA UPND VIVA! VIVA HH VIVA! ZAMBIA FORWARD.

  11. Hichilema has nothing different to offer from what is already happening. He keeps copying the songs that are ECL’s brainchild. Has he obtained permission to copy I wonder? No, he is just a pirate, parroting what ECL is already doing. His political deception is second only to the devil’s in character. HH is desperately attempting to blind Zambians so that they do not see the good that ECL is doing. But Zambians are sharp and are seeing through him. ECL, FULL SPEED AHEAD! The coast is clear and election victory is already in your bag.

    • Yes Hijilema is trying hard to deceive the masses into believing that he is the savior of this Country which he is not. He is a deceiver like his fellow bantustans who want to make us believe that Tongas are not tribal. But the truth is that Tongas are tribal and that’s a fact. So whether or not we talk about how Tongas practice tribalism they are tribal. Not talking about it does not make them any less tribal. Let them change a little from their evil ways and let them stop hating other tribes

    • @Disgusted. I suppose one of the “songs” he is copying from ECL was to tell him last year NOT to export Maize to Zimbabwe?
      ECL is out of his depth! No vision at all.

  12. I have observed a common trend among our politicians standing on the podium speaking as individuals. If there is one thing Zambia politicians fear is to sit at a round table and offer meaningful debates. Why cant we see a situation like in the United States where those vying for political power are brought together at one forum and debate so that we see what substance you are made of. As it is we can not conclude this comment is saying to be true because unless i hear the other side speak and not using the print media because one can easily write on a paper and give it to a journalist. Please bring these politicians at a round table so that they debate. What do you fear ZNBC, MUVI TV or even at government house bring them.

    • Daniel- that was attempted before the election but Edgar Lungu did not show up. To this day I don’t know why any single Zambian would vote for him after being that flaky, that was a major red flag.

  13. I have heard a lot of talk from UPND plagiarists but the fact of the matter is that UPND will lose these elections. And no amount of lies and deceit will help them. Say whatever you want to say. HH does not inspire confidence in the majority of Zambians and his chanting on economic solutions are things that are already being done.

    • Says the ignorant i d i o t that lives in the United States. When were you last in Zambia Peter. “Ati the fact of the matter” are you God?

  14. The pendulum has swang upside down. PF, you have allowed HH to put you on your defense Lol. It simply shows you cannot also see the results of your policies…… HH will not tell you everything because, as we saw in the past, the party in government like copying other people’s ideas and they still fail…….
    So, be on your defense bane as HH continue to attack….

    • HH can not attack Lungu. Since when did you hear Lungu respond to the useless lamentations coming from this Senior Cadre in the name of HH? Talking about the Pendulum, I cant see the swing. All I can see is talkative UPND cadres like you trying to insult the legitimate government. Infact you sound like that cadre on face book who has sold her soul to GBM.

  15. KIKIKIKIKI these PF chaps are really clueless. What does he mean raising prices of food on the international market. We are supposed to be producing to take advantage of that with 60 percent of the water in Southern Africa and plenty of arable land. Please ba PF if you are going to attack someone at least let the arguments make sense. Accusing someone of being desperate when people are lining up for mealie meal and my electricity was cut at 22hrs then restored at 02hrs only to be cut again at 06hrs just shows that you are leaving in a different country and have lost touch with reality.

    • If your HH want to be president just to reduce the price of mealie meal and reduce load shading then u dont know what it takes to rule a country. We have had normal power supply and reasonable prices of mealie meal during MMD and UNIP but people kept complaining that the gvt was not doing enough. Tell your HH to tell talk about other things which will improve people lives not just mealie meal and load shading. That is what we want to hear from him if he wants our votes but I know he cant say anything becuase his head is empty. He is just waiting for any calamity to occur and that becomes his Agenda.

  16. PF has completely lost truck.They are not in control of the country.This is so because Lungu has sorounded himself with thieves,corupt hyenas,Vultures and Monkeys.Its field day for them enjoying borrowed money (Kaloba).Zambians open your eyes PF we can trust.If we make a mistake we shall have ourselves to blame.

  17. I miss the MMD, had electricity 24hrs, didn’t need to worry about mealie meal, had some fuel shortages but wasn’t every month like now, bought a ka dot com vitz when the Kwacha was K5, now can’t afford to replace it. Was buying bread at K4. ya the good old days. Thank-you PF for taking our country backwards. We will give you another five years kaili we want to remain one of the poorest countries in the world.

  18. In my opinion, the only person who can praise the PFs economic management is a direct beneficiary like the author of this article or a beneficiary of the corruptly awarded project contracts. If you are like me then you should know your monthly salary now buys very little because of inflation, your bank loan/ Hire purchase payments are up because the interest rates have nearly doubled in under a year, you can’t buy that dream car because of the exchange rate, you are spending double to get to work each day…. the list is endless! PF is leading Zambia into PF (perpetual failure).

  19. PF party and its leadership has told more lies than any group of people in Zambia. Now that facts are in their face they waffle around, insult others, agitate violence, some PF in prison for murder, the nation is titering on fiscal damages due to economic mismanagement.
    Who can trust PF with 90 day lies of ‘Donchi kubeba’?

  20. HHis is t. r. true or false

    T.on.gas are t. r. ib. a.l- true or false

    Ans for both is true

    Now tell me how you can entrust a power of the Country into hands of such irrational, greedy, unfair self or one tribe centred people. I say NO WAY!

  21. @Beenzu…you know you are in the minority. and you have run out of ideas as you can also see that HH is on the side of the people, Lol.
    Watch the movie called “the mask of zoro” and see how the people told off the dons. We can all see clearly now and we are not giving you another chance. PF=ONE TERM PARTY chapwa, kwamana, ifelile, Kwasila… 11/8.

  22. its lack of understanding of the role of treasuries are performing in the global economics
    you cannot pin growth simply on balancing points of growth and inflation through incidences of circles with incremental or other forms of poise
    depending on your orientation as a keynesian or classical or neo classical you value inflation as too good or too bad or moderate its simply a reflection of growth in demand ba hh depending on where you want to take growth you can moderate inflation in consumption and services and achieve the desired attainable growth in that sector in that economy accordingly i am sure hh is not even sure where we are experiencing more inflation…

  23. inflation whether it’s in services or manufacturing for him to offer that shallow write up
    what level of inflation against the targeted is a measure depending how the scenario you want to moderate often with a long-term focus accordingly you suddenly cannot just jump and achieve
    what would hh do if in absence of total demand ,should he not also step in and support the sectors to avoid a total shake up

    The macro prudential stance of treasuries should be supported and panelled towards those diversity HH economics is very shallow and lacks understanding of the fit for Zambia

    • HH thinks he is the most educated Economist in Zambia. All other Zambian economists are less intelligent than him.

  24. Are you sure this was written by Paul Moonga? It’s too technical probably crafted by someone in the so called PF economic committee!

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