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Another Ritual Murder Recorded in Lusaka’s George Compound

General News Another Ritual Murder Recorded in Lusaka's George Compound

A 30-year-old man has been killed in a suspected ritual murder in Lusaka’s George compound, the sixth of such murders in the area in a space of four weeks.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has confirmed the development to QFM News that the police have picked up a dead body of a male person Anthony Mwaba aged 30 years of house no 376 off Twikatane Road in George Compound.

Mr. Hamoonga says the body was picked about 300 to 500 meters away from his house along a centre road leading to his residence.

He says the body had no heart, both ears and private parts.

The Police Deputy Spokesperson says the police service is making an earnest appeal to residents of George Compound to remain calm and cooperate with the police as they are working and trying with all legal means to resolve this heinous crime as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, reports reaching QFM indicates that residents of Chunga are rioting in protest against the continued legal killings in Lusaka.


  1. “…continued legal killings in Lusaka”
    LT, stop writing crap! Learn to read what you write. Please start practicing journalism.

    • A young lady was stripped naked in full view of police officers and video footage is available. Up to now, no arrests have been made. How can one expect the police to arrest criminals operating in the night? IG should resign, he has failed…or his appointing authority the Commander in Chief Edgar has failed

    • What is the profile of this so called ritual murderer? Anybody can murder someone and make it look like a ritual killing because you are all one track minded and easily influenced by superficial things. Open your eyes and stop harassing popo!

    • How many innocent lives of tax paying citizens, who ensure that you put on that cordillo and get paid at the month end are going to be lost because the entire police command decided to go and camp at UPND lawyer and member’s office looking for the unknown.

  2. When the police work in league with big criminals and politicians alike, it is next to impossible to solve serious cases of crime …

  3. Guys,
    Your ancestors practiced this 200 years ago. Why are you complaining now? Such rituals endowed them with many wives, abundant harvest and healthy children. It is a part of Zambian, and African, culture!

  4. These killings are meant to create fear in the population. The killers are more than capable of buring the bodies if they can kill and hack bits off. We must be careful and have investigative minds. Nothing wrong with citizens grouping to capture these people. The load shedding is not helpful, it is pitch black in the streets and provides cover for these acts.

  5. This looks like the work of the PF militia aimed at silencing and creating fear in the opposition camp. The bulk stops with Lungu

  6. Who trains our police? Instead of this ritual killings nonsense they should be looking for a delusional serial killer or killers. They are using the decapitations to throw them off their trail.
    The media is also not helping as they have also fallen for this ploy. What books do these guys read?
    Try The Grim Reaper or Mind of a Serial Killer.

  7. Politics written all over this… create such fear within peoples hearts that they would completely seize to trust the current regime. I don’t know about HH, but GBM is certainly a capable mastermind.

  8. Does zambia have CCTV’s

    stands circuit circular something.. what I know is they are cheap and work to catch thieves


  9. Police alone cannot do much without help from people in that community. Am sure the murderers live within their community and some body somewhere has information about the killings!!!

  10. Police alone cannot do much to curb the situation without help from people in that community. Am sure the murderers live within their community and some body somewhere has information about the killings!!!

  11. Be careful guys,
    Those killings are done by the squad death sent by kagame with the aim of repatriating the refugees by force.

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