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My ex-wife still demands sex, man tells court, as he gets a restraining order against her

Headlines My ex-wife still demands sex, man tells court, as he gets a...

Court hammer

THE Chawama Local Court has issued a restraining order against a Chilenje woman to prevent her from demanding sex from her former lover despite being divorced three-years ago.

The court issued a restraining order against Bertha Mwila, 35, in a case in which her ex-lover Andrew Musenge, 41, of Kabwata township sought the courts in order to help him in stop her former wife coming to his house.

Musenge told the court that when he and Mwila divorced in 2014, Mwila quickly remarried.

The plaintiff said that after a few months, Mwila’s marriage collapsed and that her husband deserted her.

He said that it was during this time when she developed the habit of coming to visit Musenge’s house with the gimmick of seeing the children.

He court heard that Mwila’s visit went beyond seeing the children. “She would seduce me and we ended up having sex,” he said.

“I think this woman only wants me to continue sleeping with her every time she comes to my house. I want this to come to an end,” he said.

He alleged that her former lover became furious after telling her that he wanted to remarry.

“Just after telling her that, Mwila started hurling insults on me and it was against this background that your honour I’m asking the court to issue a restraining order.

But Mwila told the court that Musenge was telling lies adding that he cannot force a grown up man to sleep with her.

In passing judgment, the court ordered Mwila to never been anywhere near Musenge. The court further said Mwila can only meet or be close to Musenge when she gets special permission to see her children.

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    • The kind of woman i want. I can bang the headboard with her from sunset to sunrise for days on end!

    • This is a waste of court time. This case should have been about child custody not about a grown man unable to resist $ex from an ex. If the man didn’t want to have $ex with the woman, all he needs to do is leave the house while she is visiting.

    • Chimusenge iwe…after wadya malefete, now you want a restraining order…if I was judge, I would rule that you remarry because you have being banking each other illigally.

  1. Is it only me or you go to your baby mama’s not to see the children but to lima the munda wakudala???
    Zed is fun to be in.

  2. Chikamba alekana nyaps ya free! Iwe just hammer when she comes around period. Is there anything to complain about really. Kwena ulichiwelewele mune!

  3. By the way have you seen this woman his talking about, you only resist or walk away if the woman is donga, but she hottie as hell…!!

  4. She deserves the right the fact she is still single and you are equally single and have children together. All you need to do is to settle the differences and move forward. Andrew Musenge you are being dishonest, when you needed her and single you were ok having sex with her. Now that you have found someone else you start embarrassing her in the public. You have missed your chance to freedom when you failed to find someone else at that time she also married someone else. Is it a sin for someone to realise and regret her mistakes and come back home? Learn to forgive.

  5. I dont believe what this guy is saying. It seems to me, he also wanted to have sex with her. To say the least, they are still attracted to each other, but hate something else. Indeed, no woman can seduce me if I dont want to have sex with her – BUFI!

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