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President Lungu’s careless statements contributed to xenophobic attacks in Lusaka-HH

Headlines President Lungu's careless statements contributed to xenophobic attacks in Lusaka-HH

UPND's Hakainde Hichilema
UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the careless statements from Republican President contributed to the eruption of xenophobic attacks in Lusaka.

Mr Hichilema said President Lungu’s statement made in Eastern Province blaming the opposition leaders for the ritual murders and later adding that some foreign nationals had been arrested for the murders ignited the attacks in Lusaka.

He said the statements that have continued to come from the head of state are an indictment of his poor leadership as a normal leader can not say the things that he says.

“President Lungu triggered the xenophobic attacks that we have seen in Lusaka the last three days. He went to Chipata and accused some opposition leaders of being behind the ritual killings because they wanted to get into office. Who in their right sense can do that? Kill the same people they want to serve? We can’t do that, that is a careless statement coming from the head of state. Secondly he said the police had arrested some foreign nationals in connection with the killings that created some anxiety in the compounds were people are living in poverty and hunger.

“It was irresponsible for the President to make such statements and that is what poor leadership does, it makes irresponsible statements without thinking of the consequences. This is the first time that this kind of thing has happened in our country which is a Christian nation. We have always taken care of neighbours since independence but now this government under the leadership of Lungu who makes statements like he is coming from a beer hall of chibuku we have xenophobic attacks on innocent people,” Mr Hichilema said.

He said the head of state had endangered the lives of Zambians living abroad.

On the printing of ballot papers in Dubai, Mr Hichilema said the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was conniving with the PF government so as to rig the elections.

He said the ECZ and PF had been caught with pants down as their schemes and methods of rigging the elections has been revealed.

Mr Hichilema said there was no justifiable reason for the adamancy exhibited by ECZ as stakeholders have refused to have ballot papers printed in Dubai because its reason for not using the same company from South Africa that printed for January, 2015 election, did not hold any waters.

The opposition leader who had the correspondence between ECZ and the South African print company said the company had met all the requirements and was cheaper than the company picked by ECZ.

He accused ECZ director of elections of trying to help the PF to steal the elections by making sure that there are intentional mistakes on ballot papers they consider strong holds for the UPND to prevent people from voting and that they will try to make sure that ballot papers for Lusaka Province are released late to cause confusion.

He also condemned speaker of the National Assembly for throwing out the motion by some MPs on the issue of printing ballot papers in Dubai.

Mr Hichilema said this when he received defectors from different political parties including PF and MMD councillors from Chongwe and Luwangwa constituencies.

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  1. Koma uyu muntu really tries hard to lose an election!!!! Sometimes HH THINK you are not a form 3 drop out like GBM learn to be compassionate political capital on killings! Awe!

    • This boy is a certified mansonist, say you what. He has given up his soul to foreign gods the dark world. You can only expect such clogged thinking and statements when people are mourning and remain traumatized from pit of darkness. You remember his rants in the run up to Sata’s death and during the funeral? It all characteristic of a deeply initiated sadists straight from the lodge of mansory. The evil ones in the lodge have risen up to rattle the nation all against the convenant the country has continued renewing with Jehovah God. They lost the battle 2000 years ago. Good is again set to triumph over darkness.


    • My young brother Hichilema doesn’t understand seasons and politics. Otherwise, he would be on this self infill sting path of political divide in the courts of public opinion. Notice, he wittingly keeps bruising himself this careless. Maybe we can blame his advisors like Daglous Shakalima who so far has made a serious self criminalizing statement that Zambians should go after foreigners. I could not stomach what he has said at the peak of all the riots. There is time for everything baba. This one, you have lost it. Zambians will keep looking to maturity than infantile politics. Change for the better it’s 11:45 before the hour of doom.

    • Ellen—-Mr. HH is simply reacting to Lungu`s remarks.
      I guess you don`t even realize that it`s your kind of attitude (unfortunately so widespread in our country) that has gotten Zambia where it is. God gave you brains to think but you decide to turn yourself into a subhuman mongrel. Very sad

    • Chagwa was so careless in his speech because Just by saying that some foreign nations have been apprehended in connection with the ritual killings insinuated that foreign nationals were behind the killing especially coming from the head of state with intelligence information on his finger tips. Secondly if PF doesn’t know anything about this chi Dubai company why was the Information Minister (Kashimba Nimbwili) the first one to respond defending the ECZ when HH attacked the commission over the Dubai company? since when did PF in the name of Kashimba Nimbwili became the spokesperson of ECZ? where was Chris Akufuna? Let’s open our eyes Zambians. This company has brought a lot of confusions in Uganda

    • Mr HH; the president apologized and took responsibility for the riots. So what’s your point? I think HH is just jealous that the president actually met the victims of the atrocities while he, HH, posted his sentiments on FB like a toddler he is.

    • You people who condemning HH are you happy with ECL ‘s ranting in Chipata? What was ECL’s aim of carelessly linking opposition leaders and foreigners for the ritual murders? It was non other than drawing empathy from Zambian people.Why is ECL ashamed if its true Rwandese are the ones who are involved in the ritual murders? He is ashamed because he instigated the violent and sad looting that targeted non Zambian’s shops.Do you know what damage has being done to our great nation of Zambia?

    • OK PF cadres tell us, was what President Lungu said inorder? Lets see if your brains are still functioning.

    • This confirms what I’ve been saying all along, HH is losing it and HH reads too muich of ZWD, they are mis-leading you Mr HH stop listening to abena Wanzelu badala. But Team HH this behaviour of your boss is the same behaviour that failed to win elections since 2006 how is this kind of behaviour going to win in 2016? Any please continue behaving like this HH you are giving us a clean victory.

      2016 ECL nafuti


    • This cow is making useless points out of the country fracass. There are not facts attached in what the cow is incinuating. Keep away the cows from state how before they bring kells to our Zambia. Full stop!

    • The incoming president should have made it clear that it is only Edgar Lungu who wont be arrested. All those who will be found with a case to answer for attempting to rig the august election will be prosecuted for treason. The law is very clear. Madam Priscilla Isaacs, you are warned in advance not to engage in activities that will put you in trouble. You are a family person, be responsible, you are an elderly person. Dont manipulate the will of the people because Edgar Lungu will not be there in court to counteract what our many eyes in ECZ will say. We have high level information from all key government institutions including the ECZ and the Red Brick. Dismiss this information at your own peril.

    • HH is only a face, Post Newspaper, MUVI TV and the watchdog incoming president. In plot we have a continuing President, EL.

      I cannot wait to see another disappointment and confusion in UPND after losing the August elections.

    • Well HH has spelt it simple and clear. Lungu is responsible for the atrocities committed against an innocent people.

      No doubt about what HH said, because even Lungu himself admitted that he was responsible for what happened.

      Shockingly even those who praised Lungu for admitting culpability in the Xenophobic attacks are failing to sense in what HH said.

      HH has no time to sugar coat anything but telling it as it is what he does best.

      While people were being threatened with violence Lungu was busy campaigning in Chipata and accusing the opposition and foreigners of the ritual murders forgetting that the very criminals he released en masse are behind these murders.

      I even suspect that, these people being murdered are some of the very criminals he released so they could be…

    • Well HH has spelt it simple and clear. Lungu is responsible for the atrocities committed against an innocent people.

      No doubt about what HH said, because even Lungu himself admitted that he was responsible for what happened.

      Shockingly even those who praised Lungu for admitting culpability in the Xenophobic attacks are failing to sense in what HH said.

      HH has no time to sugar coat anything but telling it as it is what he does best.

      While people were being threatened with violence Lungu was busy campaigning in Chipata and accusing the opposition and foreigners of the ritual murders forgetting that the very criminals he released en masse are behind these murders.

      I even suspect that, these people being murdered are some of the very criminals he released so they could be…

    • What is plain and clear is that HH wants to gain political mileage as usual, but it has no impact on the political scene because people now who HH is and how sits like a predator. HH is not genuine nor has any genuine political stance. He always wants to gain whenever he sees a gap just like he did during privatisation. He thinks in politics too he can come out smiling by being dishonest, but this is a diffrent playing field where he is not fit as sata said that he is an under five. Imagine, even to EL he is still an under five. The one who is speaking carelessly is HH if you have been following him. In August all advantage is with EL.

    • HH has no time to sugar coat anything but telling it as it is what he does best.

      While people were being threatened with violence Lungu was busy campaigning in Chipata and accusing the opposition and foreigners of the ritual murders forgetting that the very criminals he released en masse are behind these murders.

      I even suspect that, these people being murdered are some of the very criminals he released so they could be sacrificed on the advice of the fake Nigerian prophet who predicted PF victory.

      Changwa must fall.

      By Wanzelu

    • The warped thinking of PF cadres is really alarming and the reason our nation is jostling with Zimbabwe for the position of the most pariah state in the world. The drunken president accused foreign nationals of being behind the ritual murders. Would a sober head of state utter such careless statements in public? The Zulu chief in South Africa triggered xenophobic murders by carelessly making disparaging remarks about foreigners in that country. Lungu’s statement was taken in the same context or don’t you think so? Just accept you have a deadly liability of a president eating tax payer’s money for destroying our country and endangering the lives of Zambians living in the diaspora.

    • HH said “Lungu makes statements like he is coming from a Chibuku beer hall”. If you have drank Chibuku before, like myself, or if you still drink Chibuku, just know HH has no regard for you and is not worth wasting your vote on on August 11. Let us all take this message to beer halls and taverns so that we can decampaign satanic HH. As for PF officials, this is canon fodder to use against HH. Father Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri and others please spread this message around so that we can teach this privatization crook a lesson he will live to remember after August 11.

    • Did Lungu make those statements? Of course Lungu made those statements and he is culpable. How can a head of state not know that what he says has consequences? HH is right.

  2. And you reacted to that by rioting and burning innocent hardwork Rwandese? This mansory of yours has really gone to your conscious.

    • Besides, the president only said 4 people have been arrested and he hoped the killings were not political, but this loser twisted everything….why are other politicians quiet and yet he is the only one who reacts to such…should we take it u are affected??? And it pains you to talk about a guy everyday who ignores you and does not respond….manifesto yasila so early baba

  3. The Problem with HH is that he doesnt know when to side with the nation when certain things happen. When the killings were going on he and his Zambian Watchdog and POST were condemning Edgar for not condemning the killings etc. Now Edgar talks about them, people obviously being misled by UPND take to the streets looting etc and now this imbecile of an Economist wants to blame the President for causing the killings ! Is this man normal or has his insatiable appetite for power done so much to his moral fibre ? We expect HH et all to stand by Edgar Lungu in condemning these evil acts and not put the blame on our President. This happenings are what we were praying against during the National Day of prayer which HH and UPND (as usual ) condemned. HH and UPND do not love God nor do they love…

  4. When someone is always Negative it’s very hard to take them seriously after a while. I used to have strong feelings against HH, but I realise how futile that is. I believe there are people who know him better as an individual and can better gauge him on that. But Politically, I think HH has masked his potential with tiresome Bile against President Lungu. Needless to say, we all know that the attacks on particularly Rwandan original residents had absolutely no connection since it is obvious there are many other a Races of foreign origin in Zambia like Asians who are far much more successful in their shop businesses which are also local to indigenous populations. I think that sometimes it’s not necessary to attack others rather be diligently commenting on the economic environment and…

  5. Zambians, the only xenophobic character is this Hakainde who treats other Zambians like they’re foreigners. Ignore him and retire him to hell in August. He’s been fanning tribal hatred on social media this Houtu coackroach.

    • How else can you explain, that Mutati has failed to work with UPND and is now back to jostling for MMD with Nevers. (HH) you xenophobic charlatan. Who do you think you are?

    • Your Edgar Lungu is a green house fly which contaminates food, a zica virus and Sida(AIDS) carrying mosquito. He is like a cholera bacteria. Those who will vote for him, will do so at their own risk. Only the butt licking people like you Kudos will vote for him.

    • This is a result of his “innate arrogance”! Zambians are humble and peaceful people. It was for this reason that we hosted refugees from all over Africa, and treated them like family. HH is proud/pompous/perplexed, the sooner Zambians discover this, the better the political arena will be. Those close to he are uneasy about such attitude but are scared to voice their opinion, in the hope of landing a senior job in government, should he win. THEY WILL BE TOTALLY AND UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED! Mr Mutati, Mrs Mwanawasa, Mr Sichinga are advised to abandon this guy. The uneducated like GBM will stick to him.

    • Are you sure all the killers are foreigners and no Zambian is among them?If ECL had just said that the ritual killers suspects have being apprehended without mentioning that they are foreigners and opposition leaders Zambians would not have reacted.But ECL was trying hard to score he ended up instigating the zambians to riot and loot non Zambian’s property.We are now being grouped together with South Africans as being Xenophobic countries.

  6. Edgar Lungu is a total failure as a head of state just like he was a complete failure as regards to his failed marriages. A seasoned leader is one who weighs what ever he says before it comes from his mouth. The only positive thing he did was accepting total responsibility. Why is everything under the PF falling apart?
    As regards to that witch of a woman at ECZ, her sturbonness is likely to set the country on fire again. If she says that the South African company did not meet the requirements, why didn’t she choose any other company that had a better price? This election is very crucial for the poor people of Zambia. What happened in 1986 will definitely if the printing of ballot papers is not managed properly.

  7. Zambians are done with you guys in PF . They trusted you and look at how you have disappointed. It’s better to vote for a frog than to bring back PF but thanks to the almighty he has lined up normal people as options in August. My advise to Zambians is that don’t be swayed by these beneficiaries incompetence and looters of government resources vote for HH or at least Edith. These are normal Zambians.

  8. We people who drink Chibuku have been insulted by HH. I feel Insulted. I visit bear halls though I am not xenophobic.

    • Tutu, wani sekesa but you should know that any small slip with leadership concerning security my friend the consequences are huge, its not a hidden fact. Ku ma countries yenagu someone just said a certain group of people are roaches and that was it, people started killing each other. Damn bad!

    • I quote, “…Lungu who makes statements like he is coming from a beer hall of chibuku…, Mr Hichilema said.” This careless statement underlines HH’s opinion of people who drink chibuku. To him they are low life drunkards not worthy of note. Of all beer drinkers who vote in this nation, these are in the majority. Come on guys, you know what to do in August. This guy Hakainde has a low opinion of you. Give him the boot!

  9. KK would have called this Under 5 STUP1D 1DIOT believe me. What is this man talking about? Its all over iwe Mr. Quota. Just accept that you dont have political strategy to win a Presidential Election. HH does not have original ideas to be entrusted with the affairs of our nation.
    For the late President Sata to defeat MMD in 2011, he had a very clear roadmap of how he wanted to see Zambia develop. His main points where “After 50 Yers of Independence,……and things like I will build infrastructure like roads so that Zambians can use them as a springboard for Industrial, Agriculture and Social economy. What message does HH and UPND have for Zambians, “Its Lungu this, Lungu that,…..and you expect people to vote and trust you, awe twalikana sana!!!
    1. ZPPA is clear that being the…

    • Imwe ba Horizon, bantu banu abo niye bana tiletela nvonse ivi. Anyways, nitopic itali. You what them to say Kagame this or Zuma, nagu Horizon this!

    • What nonsense! Sata and his 90 days lies were never a strategy to develop Zambia. That was a strategy to steal elections because of national butoto.

    • Sata never stole any votes. He only beat the under five HH because he was a seasoned and better politician than HH. Just accept it that UPND an HH will always be escorting real presidents into plot 1. Even in August HH will one be walking stick for EL.

    • Sata failed Zambia.People do not just want to accept it.Thats why PF are failing because they did not have a plan to manage and develop the nation but a popilist appeal that led to careless spending of nation resources without thinking.How can you build two university in one town all at the same time.Then you start increasing/creating the number of towns and realigning districts when your economy is consumer based and not export oriented.Even the money for Panadol you use it to pay for roads that you have failed to finish-Kitwe/Chingola.

    • Sata never failed us. We as Zambians are seeing better infrastructures countrywide. Something a textbook politician like HH would never do. He will only wants to position his business for himself and his family just like he did during privatisation. He says he came out smiling at the expense of the very people he purports to be concerned about today, He is a big liar, he is only concerned about himself and his businesses.

      Sata should in practice that he was truly a Zambian for Zambians. HH on the other hand thinks he is a god.

  10. Ticks will always stick to a dead or dying animal. They can’t leave in time, thinking there is still life in the animal. We have to have a new reconstructed economy with assured security of investment and peace. Short of that we may be headed for more problem.

  11. contd
    1. ZPPA is clear that being the lowest bidder does not automatically make you the responsive bidder.
    2. Now from “Pre-marked” to “Intentional Mistakes” on ballot papers, I have never heard of such stup1dity in my entire life.
    We have said it again and again that as we get closer to 11 August 2016, HH will go mad, the signs are very visible.

  12. Some people can’t understand what the opposition points because they are what they are and have no alternatives. What they see is what they know, nothing more. Sad life

  13. Take a closer look at this picture, the man looks like a Vampire ready to suck blood! Sorry Mr. Hadolf Hitler, not hear in Zambia please try something else. Inst there some credible people in UPND who can honestly lead this dying party?

  14. So this chaps believes those of us from Beer Halls and drink chibuku are are fools. Wanya tukamona abakakuvotela. We know how many people dring from INTERS AND RADDISONS.

  15. In a country with systems and normal thinking people ECL as the head of state would have paid for making that statement instead of taking decisive action when he was briefed that the opposition and some foreign nationals were responsible for ritual murders. I was appalled when I read his statements which he made in a Pentecostal church in Chipata. Behold days later hell broke loose. I was going to be shocked if the opposition stayed mute after what happened. ECL’s irresponsible statement should be condemned severely. Such statements coming from the head of state did not only incite the mob but also compromised the investigation and caused the sub-optimal response from the police.

  16. The paid PF vuvuzela have flooded the web to dilute HH’ statement. That is expected, next we are going to hear Mumbi Phiri, Davis Chama and Chishimba Kambwili. I wish these guys can tell their president to take decisive action based on the evidence presented to him. He is the commander in chief. Why should he be making statement like HH who is in the opposition instead of acting on the data being presented to him? When he makes those statement who does he expect to take action when it him who has the power. I love ECL but he was careless on this one and has undermined my confidence.

    • We are not paid. We simply love our party and President. If you are able to speak for upnd and hh, you a bigger vuvuzela.

    • Wrong again just like your president HH, who relies on lies. Not all PF supporters here are based in embassies abroad. Who told you that. many are just ordinary citizens like me at home. We are watching closely and we want to win clean. You keep on dreaming, we keep on doing the work on the ground. Most you UPND are either on Facebook or the ZWD. PF are on the ground in areas you cannot reach. These reactions are real and will show that on 11 August. It is your HH who is wasting time at that hotel making briefings that do not impact the electorate. They are only cadres meetings. many people do not care what he says there.

      PF and ECL are winning because they are play reality politics while you are busy day dreaming.

  17. Iwe christopher we have an opposition leader who is a servant of Lucifer. Things like Ritual killings are indicators of the work of lucifer. So whoever worships him, endorses his activities. Ulinamatwi yakumfwa naomfwe.

  18. Most of you people responding are not doing so on the issues raised by H.H on this article. You are just bubbling from here and there kwati tamwasambilila.

    • What issues….why follow everything HH says religiously…issues my a.ss…this is just bitterness trying to sound important and relevant

  19. @zambia: I don’t care what he believes in but the people of Zambia have entrusted power in ECL to protect them from murderers, serial killers and ritual killers. Unfortunately ECL is failing to protect them instead he is trying to be politically correct at the expense of peoples lives and property.

  20. Let’s not just comment because others are commenting without understanding the facts. This guy has twisted what ECL said. I listened to that news. He just said 4 people were arrested and he hoped the killings were not political. He didn’t use the term opposition or foreigner. I was beginning to support this guy. Now I know he is very childish and too bitter. It’s like when ECL does something that looks humane and for the benefit of multitudes, he gets upset, meaning he is happy when bad things are happening. Surely just condemn the riots and the killers and get respect. Not always condemning ECL and siding with the rioters, justifying the riots….on this one I agree with what people say….you know how to decampaign yourself. On ballots, it’s now deliberate errors, not pre marked…

  21. @Zambia and your paid PF friends stop bubbling and look at the issues that have been raised. That is exactly how ECL incited the people to riot because he didn’t look at the issue at hand but was preoccupied with painting HH as a satanist.

  22. just look at the haters, just waiting for HH to open his mouth.
    When lungu promises 500,000 jobs this year they node in unionism, when lungu issues directives and reverses directives, they node in unionism.

    HH is right, a president should not be blaming anyone or insinuating with out facts.

  23. The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is a Sadist…This is the person who together with some of his MPs who worship him celebrated when the late President Mr Michael Sata died thinking he had chance of winning the Presidency…HH is a useless leader who can’t really reason properly…He’s lost again so easily because he lacks wisdom…

    • Hey zakeyo, when the wicked fall people rejoice. When mwanawasa died, there was sadness all over the country but when Sata died only those in his circle mourned.

    • Voice of Reason
      I like that.Todate some fools talk about his so called legacy.The illiterate dictator left nothing but confusion and in his rule he equally left confusion.Some day pipo are gonna tell his tale and it will only reveal what an embarrassment ant disappointment he was.

  24. WHY is this HH so worried about Lungu?? Does he want these ritual killings to continue or what?? What is he afraid of now that the government is catching up these evil masons??

  25. The statement by the president was so careless such that the IG tried to diffuse it. But it was too late. Check the contradictions in the post. Any clever person will pick on the statement which was made by the president. It was ill timed and he never predicted the reaction.

  26. Can well meaning Zambians answer my questions. (1) For the first time as president we had seen Edgar Lungu shift state house operations and the cabinet from state house in Lusaka to Kitwe for almost a month with a reason of rescuing miners’ jobs a thing that never happened and left SANGOMAS in state house for what? (2) After his stay in Kitwe to Lusaka we have been experiencing massive road accidents and ritual killings and riots involving foreigners everywhere in our once most peaceful and safe country Zambia the president has not briefed the nation on this state of the nation Why?. We have Pastors like Joshua Banda siding with blood money. SHAME!

  27. This is not the time to throw blame at the president. HH will lose the election because helacks humility and rational progressive sense. He might be a better economist than president Lungu, but he lacks frugal Judgement.

    Viva Pesident Nawakwi our great leader.

  28. there are lazy people in Zambia indeed, so u are telling me u can’t see any uselessness from what your president said? PF cadres u are like brainwashed by yo President coz every that comes from his mouth to is correct


  30. Ofcourse the best way to settle the socio-economic issues at hand lies in the voice of the vote this August, and it is interesting to note the pattern of voting on such forums’ comments…..quite indicative. Demeaning language is a sign of void/blank substantive points of debate, quite emotive and very subjective postings.

  31. It appears most PF supporters based in various foreign missions are turning a deaf ear to the statements made by the head of state and how they can influence the thinking of the people. He made that statement so that the people can turn against the opposition leaders. Unfortunately he overstepped the boundaries and talked about the foreigners whom he believed were arrested. He should be made to answer for being so careless.

  32. That statement which was made by the president was made in a Pentecostal Church. What has my pastor Joshua Banda got to say about it?

  33. Each time HH opens his mouth and LT carries his story makes me worried and sick. I don’ t really understand this nigga honestly. The strength of his Dagga he takes really makes him lose his reasoning. He scares me to death.
    He is really not one of us. He is cold blooded. The Untamed vampire! His timing for verbal attacks, highly misplaced and dangerous. Folks watch this nigga he is deliriously impossible to understand. I am shocked! Mmh! The time you hear HH has run mad don’t get amazed, there you got him.

  34. Today I feel vindicated-Comrades Eddy, Observer, Kudos and others are here to pump some sense into the s.a.t.a.n.I.c minds of these ZWD bloggers. These ZWD bloggers were celebrating when these sad riots occcured,only sick minded people can do that.. to actually be happy over someones misfortune? These extremist coward UPND thugs I pray will find some deliverance today as they see how unpopular and daft their HH is. Amen and amen!

    2016 ECL nafuti

  35. @ Mr KUDOS if lungu takes responsibility then he is responsible for the killings. if mutati failed to work with Upnd and has failed to work with Nerves then who is he other than a failure?

  36. Let me us assume, and I emphasize just assume, the words were said.What reaction, words and timing does a reasonable man expect from a reasonable opposition political party president?

  37. HH has raised very fundamental issues in this statement. The only issue I agree with some bloggers is the need to improve his mode of discrediting the weaknesses of this regime. He has to donut with tact and subtility. 50% of anti-UPND cadre apparently want UPND but are failing to collaborate HH’s attitude on occasions. His advisors will do well to change tactic to target the desires of a number of people who want change through UPND but cannot stomach overriding negativity. We are praying for him and believe the election is for him to lose.

    • Don’t be fooled. These same people who cannot stomach HH could not stand Mazoka. Without the leaders and their vision, what party is there to support? These snakes will always find reasons to support one of their own.

    • The same applies to you my friend. You hate ECL so much that you will support whatever he chief hater HH says. In his blinded hate, he now insults the innocent people just because the drink chibuku. HH needs votes from these chibuku takers. So who is being careless with voters here? It is HH. Some of those who take chibuku have been hurt by his statement that they do not think straight and are useless people. We do not a need a president like him who insults and belittles people at will. Imagine what he would do if elected!!!

  38. The PF kaponyas hate and fear a decisive, nonsense leader. They love a chipantepante leader who just waffles and reverses policy left right and center with his ministers constantly issuing contradictory statements.
    That is where PF are comftable, where there is usless leadership and failure.

    Success and the country producing wealth is unimaginable and something that is alien to them.

  39. This guy, HH will just die of hate for EL. Until now he cannot believe it that he lost to this simple God fearing man. He, HH can be a good suspect because he is a masonist and will do anything to get into plot one, including sacrificing the blood of Zambians.

    HH can rant and rant he will never enter plot one. It does not matter how many briefings he will make at that hotel, it will not work because it has now become obvious that he is only doing some propaganda and had run out of ideas on how to effectively talk to the Zambians. Politics is not for political kids.

    Sober up HH and remove your hate for this EL. I can only imagine the amount of hate after losing in August, because UPND will definitely lose.

  40. @Nzelu, if you read the Post where the paper quoted ECL and the police IG on the ritual murders, you will be able to understand what HH is talking about. The President and the IG contradicted each other. The President attributed the murders to some opposition leaders who he said wanted to go to State House while the IG gave a professional statement. Kudos and company, read first and only then will what HH has said make sense. But I suppose this could be a tall order for you.

  41. @ Assigai. Rupiah and Dora stood on platforms calling Sata Names and gave false prophesies that Sata shall never be president of Zambia and yet now Dora is buying pants for her book shirt from Sata ‘s sweat. Whether u like it or not or choke with hate indicators show that HH is the next President.

    • Chanda, Sata was a real politician. Rupiah and Dora knew this very well. HH on the other hand is not a politician but a egocentric businessman. Sata had huge experience and understanding of hoe government and the civil service works. HH has zero. Sata did have hatred for his enemies, HH has the greatest hate for his political opponents.

      Just like Dora, HH has surrounded himself with people who in the past insulted him. It is the game of politics. The difference is that HH plays politics of hatred.

      HH cannot draw the crowds like Sata did because he like the charisma to do so. His always looks like he ahs a bone to chew with someone. No sense of humour, but spewing hatred.

      He is not a kind who can woe enough voters to get into plot 1. In short, you cannot compare HH to Sata. No…

    • Sata was a total failure who only knew to borrow. He supported FJT when Zambia was being raped, he even spear headed FJT s 3 Rd term bid.


  43. The issue here is that Ka hh is trying to mislead the nation. ECL never said that foreigners had been arrested. Neither did he say the opposition was responsible for the ritual killings. Go back to the clip and prove that ECL said,” 4 people have been arrested.” “I hope these killings are not political.” So why should this mason twist facts? ECL until 2021. Please hh prepare your mind for loss. All supporters of UPND voted in January, 2015. Very few of the PF supporters voted then. Now they have registered and you will see the magnitude of the margin. Eastern 90% CB 60% PF, LUAPULA 95% PF MUCHINGA 98% PF NORTHEN 97% PF, CENTRAL 40% PF. LUSAKA 55% PF WESTERN 50% PF, SOUTHERN 0.5% PF, N/WESTERN 40% PF Viva ECL

  44. @Assigai…Rupiah and Dora stood on platforms calling Sata Names and gave false prophesies that Sata shall never be president of Zambia and yet Dora is buying pants for her bokosi from Sata ‘ s sweat. Whether u like it or not or choke with hate indicators show that HH is the next President

  45. Chanda, your indicators show hh is next president. My indicators show that ECL continues. Let us wait and see. August is fast coming. You are right. Even Nawakwi once said Sata will never be president of Zambia, but to assure you, ECL remains president up to 2021.

  46. @Jason Nyirenda… HH has attained a 90% confidence limit and is winning. your invalidated percentile analysis is your opinion.

    • Living in fantasy island as usual is what HH and UPND knows. They are always in the world of their own. He is is losing, HH I mean. He will not attain anything near 50+1 and even in round 2, he will fail. EL will however continue to be in power by default as a sitting President.
      Keep on dreaming and relaying on imaginary statistics and let the real politicians do it.
      HH is strong at that hotel in Lusaka. He will win there maybe but I doubt. Even the hotel will not vote for him. Sweet dreams dreamers!!!

  47. @chanda GBM, Masebo, Mwaliteta, William Banda even Ba VJ all condemned HH at one point or the other. The likes of GBM even used his famous vulgar language on HH.. the likes of Mwaliteta exchanged blows with UPND thugs but today were are these chaps you UPND cadres used to call thieves?? Today they are now some of your senior rank and file, really to put it simpler these rejects are now your bwanas. As for HH getting it, not at all.. how when he has rejects like GBM, Masebo..some people never learn so sorry indicators show HH is a 5 time loser instead!

    2016 ECL nafuti

  48. Banda, that is also your opinion.
    let me share with you what will happen in August. In the first round there will be no popular winner. I mean none will reach the 50 +1%, but what will hurt people will be the pattern of voting. Such that in the 2nd round it will be kolopa.com. The rest of the country will turn against the bad voting pattern.

  49. @2020vision, you have also reminded me that VJ (chief rigger)had his ear torn off by UPND at Mazoka’s funeral because he was considered a sell out. Where is he now?

    • We do not mind the insults from UPND and their HH we know that it is out of frustration for being 5 times losers non-stop. We are doing what we know doing best, beating HH and his UPND in August.

    • @Kagwa

      Really, you have no clue how elections are won, do you and certainly neither does HH by your statement. The people he calks Morons are the majority, and he needs them it cross the threshold to his side…..get it? Who is the Moron then?

  50. Address what HH is saying about what Lungu said. Not simply condemning because it is HH saying it. Your so-called humble President is exactly what Zambia doesn’t need. He didn’t show leadership during the riots (could have addressed the nation and shown firmness and re-assured law abiding residents about full protection) Most of Lungu’s supporters on this blog have chosen to bury their heads in the sand because they are either simply incapable of analysis and objectivity, or are feeding from the same trough with Lungu – devoid of the suffering brought on others. In fact, Zambia needs leaders who can take the country by the scruff of its neck and drag it (with some of its retrogressive inhabitants) into the 21st Century.

  51. Read the Post newspaper and the ZWD for a week, I guarantee you will not be the same again; you will be filled with hate and bitterness. You will have been brainwashed, radicalized and initiated. These media houses are haunted with the spirit of both hate and bitterness on one hand, and cursed-concentrated with lies and malice on the other. Alas this blind leader is quoting from the lucifer’s file a.k.a “The Post Newspaper”.

  52. This man sold our mines to foreigners. He contributed to the happenings like it is at the moment. He want to finish what he started. He made money from the privatisation process and he in the forefront of making careless statements against the president. He should try his change in southern province. This cow!

    • We will let you worry about that. We just do not think HH is a better leader than ECL. So it does not matter what you say about you small god HH, he is not ever going to rule Zambia.

      You can call ECL as many names as you want. You did it last and you lost, do it again this and you are definitely losing. Hate does not pay. Your hh must know this or he will continue to lose.

  53. I was very shocked to hear that statement from the Republican leader. I just said . .. “he could have done better”.

  54. HH is very much correct, Edgar was careless and he himself knows it. Why are some of u guys quick to praise Lungu just bcoz he apologized when u know he is the one who created the problem. HH is just confirming what Edgar already knows.

  55. Just forgive hh bane, he is just a small boy, let’s discuss those issues whichsuit our age not ka underfive little boy.
    Don’t lose a wink of your sleep, the boy will soon come to his senses and realize that he is not presidential material. HH is same as Miles Sampa, they both cannot think beyond their noses.

  56. Side A blaming Side B and Side B blaming Side A equals everyone missing the point wilfully or otherwise. This is neither opposition nor governments direct fault. It is a development in a historical process with many political, economic, and sociological factors interwoven o create a complex which manifests in such forms. Let’s look at where we as a collective have or are going wrong. Granted, someone may want to take advantage of the situation, but it’s more complex than this fingerpointing business, and let’s just face the fact that we are one, we are collectively responsible, and we should find ways to work together with our differences for the collective good, not this confrontational attitude that seems to be taking hold.

  57. What perplexes me about HH is that I have never ever heard him utter a single original word, not even in the subject of economics where he claims to be an expert. Look the only HH can qualify to be President is if he can show us some innovative and strategic thinking, but all he is capable of is repeating the usual ordinary words, opposing the incumbents, miserably copying Sata, finding faults……..no original ideas at all and cretins in UPND think that is presidential?

  58. This guy is losing the August election big time, for the following reasons:
    1) Zambians like to adopt the status quo
    2) Zambians have suffered and been exploited all their lives, so why not another 5 years…Hoping for improvement
    3) HH links with multinationals can erode Zambia’s independence and “pawn” the country
    4) He is arrogant and feels he knows it all. He does not heed useful, and friendly, advice
    5) His economics theories do not apply to the man on the ground in Kaputa, Milenge, Chama, Lundazi
    I can see President Lungu and PF winning in August

  59. Now you see HH is simply telling us we are wasting time to think that foreigners behind the killings, HH is a desperate satanist who want to ascend to power by all means that’s why he can’t talk & sympathize with families who had their people killed & just talking about poverty, he likes attending funerals why hasn’t he attended one or all of those who were killed? , we know thats why Sampa. Has joined endosed HH because he is a suspect behind these killings to assist HH, this freemanson will never rule. Edgar is very right to hit the nail on the head it is the opposition HH who is killing for his charms to win elections, it will not & won’t happen

  60. This man (HH) is behaving as if he is the president already. Zambians still remember how he begged the electorate to vote for him last year and how he shamelessly cried when he lost. One would have thought he had learnt a lesson in humility but he hasn’t. He is arrogant and presumptuous.Is this the type of leader Zambia deserves?

  61. I quote, “…Lungu who makes statements like he is coming from a beer hall of chibuku…, Mr Hichilema said.” This careless statement underlines HH’s opinion of people who drink chibuku. To him they are low life drunkards not worthy of note. Of all beer drinkers who vote in this nation, these are in the majority. Come on guys, you know what to do in August. This guy Hakainde has a low opinion of you. Give him the boot and show him who is boss!

  62. just a reminder to hh that you are simply a party leader and lungu is a national president hence deserves respect even from you.

    as things stand you and muliokela poor peoples party leader you are at the same level simply party leaders.

    its time you learnt to hide your bitterness. Grow up

  63. I cann’t agree more with HH. This is called Maturity. Leaders must only make considered views not what we have seen lately……..

  64. lol @1.6 please see my past posts I don’t support ECL or your HH I support EZN a woman of substance and better exposed and qualified then both your leaders put together….so when you try to appear more intelligent then others I will again say your leader HH is myopic. Two wrongs don’t make a right.I heard what ECL said in Chipata you know what my comment was. If not check my post on the issue…you are praising the fact that your leader is ‘reacting’ to ECL? Let him be proactive let him leave reaction on deaths to the likes of GBM. He must show leadership… Please grow up otherwise you will lose the election again you will cry rigging when you busy shooting yourself in the foot. THINK before you speak, its timely advise.


  66. I take it that president Lungu accepted the fact that the atrocities of harming foreigners were done by Zambians, and he being in office through the same Zambians who voted for him, he had to take the blame as his responsibility. This doesn’t insinuate that he sent the people to harm the foreigners. If my teenage child committed a senseless offense, and refuses to come to his senses, I would probably save the day by apologizing in the same way, by taking full responsibility. What Lungu did was not an easy stand. I doubt if some leaders would have done that, who might think apologizing as a sign of weakness.

  67. HH too much greed. Even the face tells it all. Bembas and Esterners do not mix with Tongas just like oil and water unless under extreme heat and pressure = Vps Banada and GBM….bafikamba vali na kaso badi . . . .tizafa na njala

  68. Just bring Edgar’s video clip so that we listen to it. He said it in the open in the church. Play the clip. If he said that the blood of the people who died after the statement will follow him. If we all listen to the statement live all these arguments will die.

  69. …..who makes statements like he is coming from a beer hall of chibuku we have xenophobic attacks on innocent people.

Comments are closed.

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