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Litunga, BRE are the only authorities to comment on Baroste agreement-Lungu

Headlines Litunga, BRE are the only authorities to comment on Baroste agreement-Lungu

President Lungu Media Briefing on Riots in Lusaka 5343
President Edgar Lungu says the only authority to comment on the Baroste agreement is the Litunga and the Barotse Royal Agreement (BRE).

President Lungu said this upon arrival at Mongu Airport today where he was welcomed by hundreds of people.

He told Mongu residents that the BRE was signed between First Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda and Sir Mwanawina Lewanika and the British government as a witness.

President Lungu has since advised people trying to seek audience with him over the agreement to go through the Litunga and the BRE before meeting him.

The Head of state added that he will not recognise any group or small political parties that are bent on creating confusion over the Barotse agreement without following normal procedure.

He said as president of Zambia, he will reach consensus with the responsible authority who is the Litunga and the BRE, adding that the Litunga and the people of Western province are also part of one Zambia One nation.

President Lungu is in Mongu, Western Province where he is expected to commission the multi-billion dollar Mongu-Kalabo Road, the 252 meters Sioma Bridge and Senanga School of Nursing.

He is also scheduled to conduct the ground breaking of King Lewanika University in Namushakende area of Mongu district.

The President is also expected to pay a courtesy call on the Litunga Lubosi Imwiiko II at his Palace in Limulunga district.

The head of state will also visit the Catholic Bishop as well as hold meetings with PF party officials and aspiring candidates.

The President is accompanied by Minister of Defence Richwell Siamunene, Minister of Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga, Minister of Higher Education Michael Kaingu and Minister of Community Development Emerine Kabanshi and other senior government officials.

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    • And this is the President talking. When this man said he had no vision, we should have listened. How can the issues of the Barotse Agreement be a preserve of the Litunga alone? What is the role of gov?

    • Yaba! @Patriot Abroad – I hope you have not erected over that!? She does look like she was shielding her skirt underneath that wrap you are all wondering about. Is this why kaponyas undress women after accusing them of being naked!? Yaba!!!

    • If no one should comment on that agreement, so why is commenting on it, instead of saying “…I have nothing to say?”

    • This is the problem with Africa. Lungu thinks he can win over the BA’64 discourse by secretly discussing it with the Litunga and BRE. Unfortunately the governance setup of Barotseland doesn’t allow for shrouded business dealings in secrecy. The Litunga and BRE are answerable to the people and the many Indunas.

      For the starters BA’64 was signed for the people with their interests as a priority. The Litunga was merely a messenger so it’s the people who should discuss it openly.

  1. EL CLASSICO The President of the republic of Zambia.Indeed he z God chosen president. He is an intelligent LAWYER, humble and naturally loved by people. Unlike HH a BUSINESS MAN with alot of cattle dreaming to be in state house kikikikiki. Hard working EL Go EL Go.

    • When I went to Law School there I was to learn the genesis of the Barotseland Agreement.

      President Lungu is the closest to elucidate on the veracity of this agreement. In 1970 KK abrogated the agreement and christened Barotseland as Western Province and silenced opposition by working hand in glove with successive Litungas. Fatal mistake.

      The unilateral abrogation of the Baroste Agreement ’64 by KK hangs as a curse over Zambia.

      From the plains of Lealui to Sioma Ngwezi bana bapoho yensu cry maibuye!!

  2. For a matter as sensitive as the Barotse agreement, it is important to approach it carefully. The temptation to over promise by any politician on this issue is very high. My own opinion is that this matter should have been put to rest as it is no longer a progressive topic of discussion in this era. It was needed then when it was being signed by our wise fore fathers, but not now. The place we all must be driving at is a united Zambia above all political inclinations. One Zambia One Nation. The Mongu Kalabo Road will benefit all of us and that is what we all must applaud because it is progressive for Zambia.

  3. From a political perspective, however, Mr. President, you owe it to yourself to craft something for the public ear. Zambia’s human rights record is being tarnished worldwide, chiefly because of those Barotse Activists being kept in prison by the Zambian government – the reason the U.S. Government, through Secretary John Kerry voiced concern recently.

  4. Please tell us how much this infrastructure has cost us and what the people Western Province are gaining so that we see the contribution of this infrastructure cost to our national debt!? How much is King Lewanika University going to cost and when is it going to be completed? Everything is generalities no specifics!

  5. When you want people to vote for you, you can easily make promises, but that doesn’t mean you will forfill them. People of Western Province don’t be deceived. He is campaigning.

  6. Western Province is with us now. We have delivered projects and only the Red Province remains to be captured in the 2021. Despite the development we’ve delivered to the Red Province, they can only be won over when divisive dictator Hadolf Hitler leaves the political scene. Otherwise, Western Province is now Green as well. Good work PF.

    • LT please consider this man called Kudos he needs to be the best blogger for 2016. He is the only sensible blogger we have around Lusaka Times

    • Kkkkkk the red province to be captured in 2021 after the decisive dictator will officially be retired. Brother that’s a powerful statement to those who know politics and be abler to read between the lines. It cannot be true more than you have said

  7. F*ck the barotse agreement. It has no relevance. And no republican president will ever address o entertain it. Only oposition take advantage of the blindness of the Lozi pipo. There is no such place as barotseland, not ever. Lozis as a pipo r very intelligent, but this subject has made them lose focus. Just organise yoselves & make meaningful alliances, u wil oso rule Z one day. Thinking u can only rule when u get a province is a nonestarter

  8. One Z one country, thats it. Thats why pf is puting up roads to take away the old way were pipo travel in canoes. There is no barotse what what, there is just Z

  9. the president was wrong. the Litunga signed on behalf of the people, meaning the discourse was owned by the people and not by the Litunga. only dictators have such language. mr president should take a leaf from the Scotland bid for independence. the debate was issue based period. no threats of violence. anyway it just shows how backward africans are. we call ourselves civilised only because the other worlds are civilised. what a lawyer.

  10. Chagwa should read the BA 64 documents. Oh no KK hid them hoping against his useless hope that they would never see our tables. BA says clearly on his behalf, heirs and people. So Mr President we all have the right to have a say on BA 64. Read the documents, it’s KK in haste who signed on his own behalf

  11. The lady in pink works for Fleddie the wannbe scribe (former accounts clerk and night school lawyer with no court room experience) she has not been paid her salary for sometime now on account of her boss failing to settle his tax obligations and being duped by his fatdesk lawyer friend who is now the ex-dpp on an airline that was making losses to 12bn and counting

  12. Jan 30th 2015.
    ECL addressing Zambians in Ethiopia.
    “Next week i on return home i will be travelling to Western Province to meet all the groups agitating for the restoration of the BA 64.”
    “I will ask them to show me the boundaries so we can discuss the future of Barotseland which may require a referendum.
    Today Nkani yachinja ka?
    No vision for sure.
    The BRE and the Litunga will vote for you.

  13. wilz you a fool barotseland is not western province but let me educate you there were two provinces in 1965 northen rhodisia and barotseland.Barotseland was divided into six provinces lusaka,c/p,copperbelt,southernp,northwestern and western p,and kaunda formed unip which means there were two nations.

  14. BRE is Barotse Royal Establishment and not Barotse Royal Agreement. LT please.
    Mr Lungu should tell the Barotses that he doesn’t have a vision for Barotseland, and that they should wait for 11/08. Period.
    Imagine big Sata failed and now ECL imwe bantu. This Barotseland saga is a parodoxy of this age. Niitumezi.

  15. Lazy Bum Lungu is incapable of discussing such delicate matters and this is a President and a lawyer by training really laughable….just sweep it under the carpet!!

  16. Lungu is really dull. He was as usual drunk. How can commenting on the BA 64 made between Kaunda (Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the one part) and Lewanika (Litunga of Barotseland) acting on behalf of himself, his heirs and successors, his council, and the chiefs and people of Barotseland of the other party was signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys, Her Majesty’s principal Secretary be Lungu’s reserve and his affiondas such as the Litunga and the BRE?

    Is Lungu normal or he is naturally and permanently dull?

  17. All zambian please do not comment on this colonial agreement only kaunda and some few luyanas can comment if you where wise enough on this issue sue kaunda to clarify the myth in barotse agreement. Research beyond and appreciate the development, I still remember what happened in 1999 in Namibia when people wanted to secede katima mulilo from namibia it was bad I tell you a chief ran away upto now still in denmark just campaign telling westerners what you can do or just do instant promises by giving hem cash not I will restore the barose agreement when you got a zero in class over the same in history. Upnd or Pf be careful think of how shall be when you lose elections Zambia is bigger than Upnd or Pf or Barotse agreement no wonder we have terms like educated irritarates you are educated…

  18. When he brought that issure in Barotseland was he drunk?
    coz normal person or a f**l can not talk like that, thats why we go thru like this as a country.
    I can see this person he is dull & he is even proud to cut reborn to project (MONGU – KALABO RD 2011 April, SIOMA BRIDGE 2010 & SENANGA SCH OF NURSING 2011 Feb). All these projects non for PFOOLS but MMD and that King Lewanika university in 2013 also late SATA conducted a ground breaking and you can see this guy is dull and where is MONGU STADIUM ground breaking was in 2013 also?

  19. Wilz is a lost person. But well done my president for the good projects. U are a working president uniting the country. We love u and don’t worry about the august polls. U are definitely winning.

  20. is Lungu throwing away the votes in Barotseland.

    I think he should have been quiet.

    What is so wrong to simply honor this agreement that made a country. Havent we learnt, lungu is fighting battles with the AU to keep Zambia as one and sees what this thing is going to if we do not honor it, yet is not doing much.

    The BA64 must be honoured quickly and the same system transmitted to other provinces to mimic governance systems in countries that have developed.

    for once, let us give it a try, otherwise, the future we be bad

  21. All demons uttering evil incantations against HH receiver the thunder and judgment fire of God.

    All demonic pharoahs and amelakites waging war against HH, The Lord Jehovah contends against you. God sits in the heaven and laughs you into derision. All satanic manipulation, tribal hatred, oppression, smearing, falsehood be disgraced by the blood of Jesus. You strongman covering people’s eyes, devising wickedness and spewing in people’s ears ; die right now and your generations to a thousand are cursed!

    Fire of God, open the way of righteousness for HH and rout demons, soothsayers, wicked men and enemies!!

  22. CORRECTION. the litunga speaks through the ngambela who consults with the people. in consultation with the will of.the people can the ngambela only issue a voice over this issue.

    the will of the people is enshrined in BNC 2012 and there is nothing to the contrary.
    for.the ngambela to say anything else he must go back to the people……the same people the president is avoiding.
    if the government wants to implement the agreement i think he can engage the people and get first hand information. he can use the opportunity to address government desire over the matter and f8nd a solution.

    the issue of barotseland is not about the litunga and bre but about the people and their land. let everyone be involved

  23. And who is this ka little “terrible” or “terible” who admires me, the big ” Terrible” so much that he must imitate me? I must be making an impact on the blog.

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