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Guy Scott and Wynter Kabimba divide PF-Komaki

General News Guy Scott and Wynter Kabimba divide PF-Komaki

FILE: Vice President Guy Scott with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba (right) and COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya after the opening of the 16th COMESA Meeting of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General in Lusaka
FILE: Vice President Guy Scott with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba (right)
and COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya after the opening of the
16th COMESA Meeting of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General in Lusaka
GUY Scott and his friend Wynter Kabimba caused a lot of chaos in the Patriotic Front (PF) during the time they were scheming to hijack the leadership of the ruling party and even created what they termed the A-Team which deeply caused the division of the party, Julius Komaki has charged.

Mr Komaki claimed that it was during the time Mr Kabimba was Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF with Dr Scott as PF and republican Vice-President that the ruling party experienced the worst form of chaos because the duo had created parallel structures within the ruling party.

He has also demanded that Dr Scott should be made to account how he single-handedly managed the funeral of late President Michael Sata because he had banned all Cabinet and PF central committee meetings at the time.

Mr Komaki, who is former PF Lusaka district youth vice chairman, said Dr Scott and Mr Kabimba had allegedly betrayed Mr Sata even before he died and that the two men would be politically haunted by their actions.

Mr Komaki said the confusion and chaos in the PF reached its peak when President Sata travelled to Israel for medical attention and left Dr Scott and Mr Kabimba, who was then acting President at the time, in charge of the party and government.

He said in an interview that threats by Dr Scott that he together with Miles Sampa and other disgruntled former PF members were going to cause chaos in the PF until President Edgar Lungu was defeated would be met by equal political force because the ruling party had managed to rebuild and rebrand itself under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

“Guy Scott and his progeny Wynter Kabimba caused a lot of chaos when they were in the PF. The PF was deeply divided and we remember that it was Dr Scott who announced that there was the A-Team in the PF which included Mr Kabimba, Dr Scott himself and President Sata.

‘‘Dr Scott and Mr Kabimba failed to hijack the PF at the time and if he thinks he will be able to cause chaos in the PF and the country as a whole, let them be advised that he is of no political consequence.

The PF has been rebranded by President Lungu and no amount of propaganda will destabilise the party and the Head of State,” Mr Komaki said.

He said it was not a secret that when Dr Scott and Mr Kabimba were members of the PF, the ruling party was deeply divided because a surrogate government was created within the PF government.

Mr Komaki recalled that it was during the time Mr Kabimba was secretary general of the PF that he almost lost his life after cadres who were championing for the second term for President Sata clashed with those who were opposed to the campaign for the re-election of Mr Sata.

He said he was lucky to have survived the bloody clash and that the divisions in the PF were largely created by Dr Scott who had formed the A-Team in the PF which was rejected by genuine and loyal members of the ruling.

He said following the death of President Sata, Dr Scott fought the adoption of President Lungu with all his mighty but he was defeated by the mighty of Zambians who were determined to protect the PF from being taken over by a clique of individuals whose agenda was to turn Zambia into a dictatorship.


  1. Comment:In all fairness i think Mr Kabimba and Doc Guy scott had contributed greatly to the victory of pf .The fruits that now pipo in cabinet are enjoying are due to the hardwork of the afore mentioned.I admit they have made some mistakes but lets not demonise them in this way.Give the devil its dues.The prblmz within pf can b traced back when the late Micheal Sata was still phsically fit.I think the mistake members make in a political party is to worship one man and pay allergiance only to him/her and no one else.
    We should borrow frm the south africans way were no one is bigger than the party.If this is not implemented very soon we will b seeing the same trend of parties going into oblivion immediately after the founder goes out of the scenery.

  2. Where was this Komaki when Guy Scott and Sata were forming and enlarging the PF. Characters like this just want to reap where they did not sow. I remember hearing Sata’s name during the early days of the PF. Scott’s’ name came a close second. I don’t remember hearing Lungu or Komaki. Maybe my memory is just bad.

    • @Mwebantu, Scott was not there when PF was formed, he used to be president of Lima party and after seeing that he was not going anywhere he joined PF.

  3. Mwebantu – Lungu was busy defending late Sata in Courts of Law when Guy Scott had his Lima Party joke and Wynter was busy in some other obscure Party. Research the history of ECL and late Sata to understand where their friendship came from.

  4. This gentleman is spot on.The chaos Scott and Sampa re talking about isn’t attainable because they don’t command any following to warrant their ranting.If anything these people supported “The Masterminder” of Chuundu Chartwell(hh) in the 2015 elections and they never caused any choas,ECL thumped them.How about now,when he is known and incharge of state power and machinery.

  5. The devil is in the details.
    Guy, Sampa, GBM and Winter accelerated the demise of king Cobra. The ailing leader wept to his grave. Any-ways PF could not have been any better. The likes of the quartet on one side, the duo Mmembe and Mtembo on the other are not bigger than Zambia. Besides God is in control. I like the election frenzy, and damn the time of election is nigh!


  6. Kabimba managed to sideline GBM and Lubinda, the duo were literary wiped quiet(silenced). Michael was able to read between the lines but was blinded to the mischievous acts of Kabimba, Guy and Miles. Trusted Kabimba was pulling the shots as SG influenced by Guy who was acting as a friend to Michael. Somewhere, somehow the cartel to which kabimba was a member confused the Widow, then one wonders how God intervened through the Edgar thing thing and BAM! the prevailing scenario. On this forum, we tried to solve the mystery by tying to put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle as to who were the original members of the CARTEL and its current composition. See, PF could never been any cleansed, now that the entire cartel have joined camps with comrade HH. But we are saying God is bigger than…

    • @Thorn in the flesh. Just a bit of correction. It was not God who intervened, but Willie Nsanda and his crooks carrying Pangas to the PF convention in Kabwe! Please enlighten us on what role these panga or machete wielding people had on the outcome of that convention! Was there any secret ballot or just the raising of hands or pangas to decide who the PF president was going to be? Why did the rest of the presidential aspirants run away to Kabwe? I thought that is where this confusion started from?!!

  7. Cont.
    …the CARTEL in any form or shape. Thus we shall fight violent campaigns with all our mighty.

    Damn its that time of elections again!

    Edith 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Lack of tolerance and good leadership in PF to blame for those who left therefore Mr Komaki should look at his leadership

  9. The truth is HH will not have as many votes as he has been getting from North western and western provinces. Meaning if you put together what lunch will get from north western, southern and western it will give you a total number of votes from North Western province. Lunch will come out with LP, LSK, NP,MP, LSK,CB, EP, CP and NWP. How do you expect HH to rule with two provinces?

  10. Kwena, Guy and Winter have left a big gap in pf. People are still winging about them. LOL A prophet is never recognized in his own country. In this case in his own party.

  11. Comment:am happy coz many of as understand were ba sata and edger come from ,scot ,sampa gbm thy had no roots in pf coz thy joind at a time wen pf was alread non ba winder muleikalafye

  12. Is such crucial information not archived mwebantu napapata kanshi? Scott the country needs you autobiography asap otherwise the country will loose any ounce of information the is so vital. Sata has gone with certain information the country will have needed. Prof Bizerk Phiri my friend I hope you are piecing all this vital info for our future generations (Kambwili can be your real PhD student to piece together the history of PF, up to now).

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