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Government will only have 30 Cabinet ministers – Simbyakula

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
MINISTER of Justice Ngosa Simbyakula has maintained that Government will only have 30 Cabinet ministers as prescribed in the amended constitution.

Dr Simbyakula said that this undertaking will now limit the number of Cabinet ministers appointed by a republican president as opposed to what was happening in the past.

He said according to The Ministers (Prescribed Number and Responsibilities) Bill, limiting the number of ministers will be for the good of the country.

“In the bill, a minister will be a person appointed Cabinet minister and provincial minister will be a person appointed as a provincial minister,” he said.

Dr Simbyakula, who was speaking during the second reading of the bill, also said ministers will serve in their positions until a new republican president is elected.

He said that under the same bill the president has the powers to dissolve some ministries and merge others so that they are able to function properly.

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  1. They are too many, 30. and it a President can dissolve and merge some ministries, in my opinion and according to physics; “work done equals Zero.” because this is what we have at the moment so why are you wasting time malume?

    • Last minute fixes will not work. Everything is after the august election so that you start your violence agin when you have won and do the opposite of everything right? NO!

    • “Dr Simbyakula, who was speaking during the second reading of the bill, also said ministers will serve in their positions until a new republican president is elected”.

      How do they continue up to August (or September if Second Round is needed) when parliament from which they qualified to be appointed as tu ma Ministers is dissolved?

      This is a bad constitution then. Already G12 is a simmering issue now you want to confuse us more by adding another contentious issue of cabinet continuing beyond parliamentary mandate!

      Let Lungu not dissolve parliament then. Or is Simbyakula suggesting 40+ will continue as Ministers assumed to have been all appointed/nominated outside parliament?

    • My Lazy bum Jay Jay, the amended constitution does not provide for Deputy Ministers and those 30 Ministers include Provincial Ministers. Hope Lazy Bum JJ waunfwa

    • @ Zemuntu Resurrection

      Are saying that current Deputy Ministers are in office ILLEGALLY and are omitting CRIMINAL offence of DECEPTION?

      By the way, United Republic of Tanzania, with more than THREE times population has only 18 Ministers!!!

      Whilst Jay Jay may be “lazy”, have you checked legal implications to the Government and current
      Deputy Ministers in respect of the current Constitution and comparison between numbers of Hon. MP’s and Ministers in other Countries?

      Some how it looks that your “eagerness” to call Jay Jay “lazy” it is reflection of your “PF can never be wrong” blind bias against reality!

  2. 30 is too much. 10 should be good enough and no deputy ministers. Only permanent and specific monitor people to ensure all is working out. What do these ministers do anyway. People like Kambwili- sit and utter verbal diarrhoea

    • @ Chileshe

      You are right. But Jay Jay has asked RIGHT question. Who pays salaries, benefits, Police escorts, huge motorcade with GRZ vehicles and Government “get together at KKIA, use of Government assets and close protection (just to name few) of PF Vice President?

  3. Puttin ulichikopo. A party can have as many as they want if that does not affect government coffers. The crux of the matter is reducing government expenditure.

    • Kambwili – It is the party that forms government – so the way they organize themselves as a party has all the bearings of how they govern. Why have two vice presidents? Which party in Zambia’s history has had two vice presidents?

    • @ Kambwili

      Same as your namesake, shooting from the hip in the dark and switching brain “ON” two days later.
      Who told you what you said?
      It must be REAL neck-less Kambwili.

  4. There shall be only Ministers and Provincial Minsters . There shall be no deputy ministers — as per amended republican constitution.

  5. 10 provincial ministers and 20 government ministers constitution does not allow for DM also scrap deputy PS deputy ambassador and district commissioners BUT you can wait until IMF tells you what to do

  6. There will be no duty cabinet ministers under the new constitution. Its not an oveesight but deliberate!

  7. Allowing the ministers to remain in their positions until the new president is elected is a BAD article as it will make the playing field unleveled especially if the said ministers are also vying for re-election as members of parliament. This is because the ministers will then be hiding in conducting government business whilst conducting personal campaigns there by giving room to abuse of public resources to the disadvantage of other candidates.

  8. Simbyakula whatever your name is, please leave these issues to the incoming government, you are just making a lot of noise as an empty tin.

  9. This is not Pf fomulation you retards. This is in the draft constitution among the contentious clauses which will require the referendum to make them into law. Once again go and study the draft so that you won’t be surprised like mwaliteta who voted yes to what was blocking his political career.

  10. The US government has only 15 secretaries-ministers and now poor Tiny Zambia wants to have “only 30”!! Plus provincial ministers and district administrators.

    • Ba Gringo mulicikopo, it is 10 Provincial ministers included in the 30(20 cabinet and 10 provincial) no deputy ministers.

    • To the Ediot @Bibo what’s your Argument? 30 is just too much for the poor economy, regardless of how you want to put it.

  11. Wastng our time we are tired of this government runing the country like a kantemba fleep flooping in each and evry policy they make

  12. Poor reporting ba LT, which bill? give us some background. some of us may be reading about this for the first time so ka brief background will bring us upto date

  13. Comment:The amended constitution should b re_amended again to say the 30 cabinet ministers will b working on volutary service basis.

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