Latest figures from the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority shows that the country now has 6.1 million internet users, representing a penetration rate of 39 percent.

MTN is still the leading internet mobile service provider currently with 45.5 percent of the data market, followed by Airtel with 40.1 percent and Zamtel with 14.4 percent.

The figures also show that Zambia’s mobile phone penetration rate has reached 74.3 percent of the population, with 11.6 million subscribers out of 15 million Zambians.

ZICTA Director Support Services Mofya Chisala said the adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices has increased internet access and is fuelling the demand for data services.

Mr Chisala said there is huge appetite for internet connectivity among Zambians.

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  1. This should be cheaper than the last time I was there.

    Internet is a basic necessity just like ZNBC satellite to access for all your people.

    At most , make it affordable to the majority.

    Those percentage are suspicious, unless they represent the workforce. Certainly the locals I met had mobile phones and found Internet bundles a touch too expensive.




  2. Ba Zamtel bena! Im sure Lapgreen could have had more people than 14.6%. They were aggressive!!! Currently it has taken 10 steps back wards.


  3. These are wrong statistics because 1 person nowadays has 3 sim cards. So if there are 15 million sim cards out on the market does not mean 15 million Zambians but 5 million Zambians.

    Please let’s be factual, say “users” and not “Zambians”. These two are different.


  4. also you have to consider how many of 15 million Zambians are under the age of 5…..i never seen a 2 year old buying talktime



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