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Withdraw from the race if your are not ready, PF is ready-President Lungu

General News Withdraw from the race if your are not ready, PF is ready-President...

President Edgah Lungu address Labour day
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says people who are not ready for the August 11 General Election should withdraw from the race instead of accusing the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ- of planning to rig the poll.

The President says government will protect the integrity of the ECZ because it is among the best electoral bodies in Southern Africa and the continent.

And President Lungu has declared that the PF is ready for the election.

The President was speaking this morning on arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone for the official opening of the World Farmers’ Organisation General Assembly.

President Lungu assured PF members who welcomed him at the airport that the ruling party is stronger now than ever before.

He said some opposition parties are accusing the ECZ of planning to rig the August 11 election as an excuse for losing because the message is clear that they will lose to the PF.

President Lungu said the opposition missed the opportunity to dislodge the PF from power in the 2015 Presidential election.

The President also said he is happy that Zambians including some opposition parties have embraced the ‘One Zambia One Nation’ slogan and encouraged everyone in the country to preach peace, love and unity.

And Southern Province Minister Nathanial Mubukwanu informed the President that the region is peaceful except for an outbreak of Cholera in Monze and Mazabuka districts.

Mr. Mubukwanu said the government may consider to temporarily ban fish trading as a way of curbing cholera because the disease is spreading from fishing camps in the affected districts.


  1. Mr President, we all know how some of the staff at ECZ are blatantly biased towards PF. Priscilla Isaac is one such individual, for all her competencies she could not have come up with such a careless statement. Now what have got to say when the procurement committee say ECZ has to review the bid arrangements? sometimes its better to be sober than be arrogant even when you know people are right. mind you this is our PAYE and other taxes, even if there are donors, still they give that money to Zambians so you are administering it on behalf of Zambians. i believe our ECZ is competent but sometimes they take personal interests first then national interests later.

    • Just do what is right baba. UPND is ready to roll over PF. The masses with empty stomachs are behind UPND while you drive on those very expensive roads you have built for yourselves.

    • ECZ is ok, but manipulation of process is being done behind their back. Watch Kaizer Zulu and the OP guys. Edgar is so naive if not ignorant!

    • Withdraw yourself first as you have already started by withdrawing from launching your campaign manifesto (if at all there was any apart from talking about this expensive infrastructure built from kaloba which any chicken put as finance minister can get). We have ex Senior PF members who are helping out seal all rigging loopholes. Warning to Emmanuel Mwamba, Mukwita, Kaiser sulu, Priscilla Isaacs etc is that rigging can be charged with treason. things are very uncertain and you don’t want to find yourself behind bars at mukobeko after Aug11.

    • Two days ago this clown was telling Zambians that he expects massive defections after May 11th from his party to the now household name – UPND. Today he finds balls to tell them that PF is ready for elections. How with the massive defections can you crap that the PF is ready? Ka-ldiot!

    • UPND is a dustbin, all the rejects and disgruntled are assembling under HH’s banner and once HH loses in August they will hijack HH’s kantemba. HH will then be consigned to dustbin.

    • It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. Joseph

  2. I hope PF is also ready for elections in Chingola where no roads have been done as compared to other towns. Talking about economic hardships in chingola is nothing than mentioning the bad state of township roads which are in deplorable state. It is totally a forgotten town. Other places like chililabombwe have nice roads and clean infrastructure. Simuusa and Katema are the most useless Mps Chingola has ever produced. Pf mukakose bane mwikatila tabatwebele.

    • Who is your MP in Chingola? Can you attribute the bad state of the roads to none performance of government when you have your area MP? Your MP is to blame!!!!!

    • I stay in Chingola Riverside Area. Roads have been done. Dont Cheat. Even in Chingola it is going to be Kolopa. There is no UPND presence at Councillor, Mayorial and MP level. Who is going to campaign for UPND when all the people want to stand on the PF ticket? You think Macdonald Mulongoti and the other rejects can sway the people of Chingola. Continue Dreaming. The UPND Project is a non starter.

    • It is not good to insult leaders. Learn some thing from Chanda Chimba who used to insult late Michael Sata. Calamities have started following him.

    • There’s no connection between Chimba’s sickness and insulting dictators / tribalists / plunderers. it was meant to be even if he would have been spending 24/7 reading the bible.

  3. That means our waters are infected with human waste! No swimming in rivers, lakes etc. as well.

  4. Viva PF, Viva EL! August 11 is just a fomality, so u can ve a clean 5 ayrs to implement mo projects.

  5. It was wrong, it is wrong and it will be wrong to vote for HH because of his failure to respect public resources like zuma. If he didn’t respect our resources how is he going to this time?

  6. Let’s pray for Mulenga sata something unexplainable might have happened to him. Remember we are competing with darkness

  7. Is the President condoning the attempted election rigging by ECZ? The President is issuating that rigged elections would be acceptable to him and his PF Party. As CEO of Zambia the President should assure the Nation that our elections this year will be transparent,free,fair and credible. Surely the President should aim at holding clean elections so that result will not be disputed. We don’t want the Dubai Printer near our electoral processes. We also don’t want our elections discredited and disputed becoz that will destabilise our country.

  8. Only government can see that ECZ is independent. I thought that should have been coming from outside not Inonge and Lungu. Only Enonge and Lungu can see that ECZ is independent.

  9. The President is saying that those who not want rigged elections should withdraw from the race. This is very sad coming as it is from a sitting President. Thi statement seem to confirm that PF and ECZ were conniving to rig the 11th August 2016. We thought the President should pacify restive voters and assure them that he will ensure clean elections thru ECZ. That the President should have been saying to promote peaceful elections this year. Stolen elections could lead to social unrest in Zambia.

  10. Political temperatures are soaring. It is becoming increasingly evident that none of the two major parties is willing to conceed defeat in the event they lose. Mr. Chipimo Jnr’s (I suppose) idea of an inclusive transitional government is beginning to sound more of a better option, if constitutionally possible. Just my dream!

  11. The provincial minister “informed the President that the region was peaceful, except for the cholera outbreak in Mazabuka and Monze districts”. The minister has a very narrow definition of peace. Its no big deal that there is cholera, as long as people are no upheaval or fighting?

  12. It is time for UPND and their president to go into the book of records for loosing again this year. if you are popular you will have observers everywhere so what is your problem?


  14. Robert Mugabe didnt arrive 3 days before results were announced.he came after president Edgar Lungu had won!!LOOK WHETHER HH OR UPND LIKE IT OR NOT PF WILL RETAIN POWER IN 2016!!WE MOVE A LOT AND PEOPLE ON THE GROUND ARE STILL IN LOVE WITH PF!!so ba upnd,dont worry about rigging.you will just lose clean game on 11/08/2016!!!”IFINTU NI LUNGU-2016!!!”

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