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A NDOLA business executive has handed himself over to the police after he allegedly murdered his second wife and bundled her body in a deep freezer after he caught her “red handed” with another man in their matrimonial home.

Copperbelt province police chief Charity Katanga said the incident occurred last Thursday between 01.00 and 03.00 hours along the Sabina road and identified the woman as Sheba Nanyinza, 31, of house number A100 in New Kansuswa, while the suspect is Thomas van Royern, an auto mechanic.

Ms Katanga said the man who Ms Nanyinza was allegedly having sex with a person only identified as Simon and that he ran away soon after the suspect caught them in the act.

“The suspect lives in Ndola, but he has two wives apparently, so on the material day, he went to visit Ms Nanyinza only to find her having sex with another man in their bedroom. He tried to get hold of Simon, but Ms Nanyinza intercepted, so a fight between Royern and her ensued. Simon then escaped from the house and Royern went in to the car but Ms Nanyinza followed him and that was how the two drove off for Ndola”

“But on the way around 03.00 hours, Royern stopped the car near Kansuswa cemetery along Sabina road where the couple again fought and Royern picked an unknown object and hit Ms Nanyinza on the head causing her to bleed from the nose and mouth. He drove up to Sabina and after he realized that she was dead, he drove to plot number CH in Pamodzi, Ndola, where his first wife who was out on holiday with the children and bundled Ms Nanyinza’s body in his other wife’s deep freezer and he later reported himself to the police,” Ms Katanga said.

Royern is currently in police custody.

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    • @ Amagenge, do you need any help in satisfying your wife? I’m just a phone call away…. no worries just kidding bro!!!!???

    • And thats why I cannot marry, I fuk randomly with hot chicks I can lay my hands on. No hard feelings, no attachments, its just works out for me.

      The name sounds he is mixed race coloured if you may…However, killing someone for that is mental..to fuk needs only 1hour, and all is done, like nothing happened, and as soon as a woman takes a good bath, no-one would know she had creampie or lots cum in her hole, so why kill?…This gentleman must save as warning to tomorrow’s offenders, and Simon must be killed too.

    • This guy is a pervert. Every so often he marries some young woman. He has countless children all over the place. Originally from Kitwe.

  1. This man should not be shown mercy. He needs life imprisonment with no presidential pardon

    • KK Airport. That devil need not life imprisonment but capital punishment by hanging him on the neck. The Bible is clear on that.

    • The cunt cheated on the man. He suffered from temporal insanity you morons. Another man screwing his wife in his own bed. Kupusa

  2. You can Imagine how indeed her life ended!after committing adultery.why accepting getting married to one man if she knew wansna saana

  3. This man will appreciate his first wife for the rest of his life(in prison). The devil you know, they say.

  4. the man must have been drunk. normally a sober man would have acted differently especially that he has another wife. he would just have gone back home and learnt his lesson

    • Iye, Lungu is the polygamist/womaniser as was Sata. Womanising and beer drinking cause poverty.

      I always tell my kids to emulate HH. Of course, HH is a devout SDA. Those of us who grew up with HH, have only known him to have dated and later married Mutinta. Let anyone who knows something different say so and mention the name of the girl/lady/woman…

  5. Royern is 100% confident that he will escape the arm of the law that he later reported himself to the police because either at Police level the docket will go missing or DPP will enter nolle prosequi or found with no case to answer at court level or presidential pardon at presidential level. That is how it goes in Zambia. Every is motivated to commit a crime when in Zambia. If it was in law & order countries like Botswana, China, USA, he could have just committed suicide on his own because the sentence was long passed before he committed the crime.

    • How come then USA has the highest numbers of serial killers…It is only the young ones that commit suicide when they fire at defenceless school children or teachers. Others are totally cunning!!!

  6. apparently the two wives are actually real or blood sisters, i even attended the funeral yesterday.

  7. Koma mahule ya ku Ndola che!!!!! kikikiki That dirt evil town. I know 16 friends of mine who picked the killer virus from the Ndola fimo fimo. Sick town indeed.

  8. @ 15.1 Psyche
    Unlike this gender based violence (GBV) criminal, Royern, serial killers are hardcore criminals and don’t escape justice in the USA through legal systems shortcomings like in Zambia. In USA they are still imposing capital punishment whether you are black or white unlike in Zambia where people escape at all levels without any form of punishment not even 1 minute or 1 second imprisonment but docket missing, entering nolle prosequi, found with no case to answer, presidential pardons every day.

    • If there are no missing dockets, entering nolle prosequi, found with no case to answer, presidential pardons issues, all you will hear is public announcement from police that dangerous criminals have escaped from law custody in prison or cells. The five situations keep on interchanging themselves missing dockets, entering nolle prosequi, found with no case to answer, presidential pardons issues, criminals escape from legal custody. No wonder they objected to Chikopa to come and spill beans.

  9. Two wives……do other tribes/races marry more than one wife or even have girl friends when already married? Thought this applied to my cousins down south…..kkkkkkk. Seriously guys, why is it that Bemba men don’t want to admit having mistresses and pretend throughout their lives that they are only loyal to their wives? Why kunama bakazi so?

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