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Aspiring candidates to provide supporting letter from ECZ

General News Aspiring candidates to provide supporting letter from ECZ

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris Akufuna
Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) public relations manager, Cris

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has urged all aspiring candidates for the August 11 , 2016 general elections to ensure that they obtain the supporting letter from the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) in support of their verified copy of the Grade 12 certificate or equivalent.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna said the move follows the two parties resolve on the need for aspiring candidates to obtain a letter in support of the verified copy of the Grade 12 certificate or equivalent.

Mr Akufuna has told ZANIS in a statement issued in Lusaka today that the letter will be issued as part of the verification to safeguard against forged certificates.

He also said this is to ensure that the retuning officers are presented with the genuine equivalent of the Grade 12 certificate.

And Mr Akufuna said the use of cell phones inside the polling station will not be allowed to avoid disturbance during voting and the counting processes.

He said this is in order to prevent voters taking photographs like it has been in the past, a situation which he said compromised the secrecy of the vote and can be considered as a form of campaigning which is prohibited on a poll day.

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  1. I think this is reason enough to ask ECZ officials to resign. They dont seem to understand anything about qualifications for nomination. How can ECZ verify diplomas and degrees. Please guys, step down now!!!!!!

  2. UPND should quickly read the new constitution and put their house in order before Bowman Lusambo challenges their existence in the courts of law. According to the new constitution a political party shall:(d) promote and practice democracy through regular, free and fair elections within the party

    • Zambia needs lawyers to interpret the use of camera’s and videos during counting as of during voting that could be a different story.

  3. if not ECZ where else can they take certificates? No room for fake papers this time. Lungu will be like Mwanawasa in the second term who chabged from cabbage to chicken

  4. This id.iot Crispin Akufuna should go. These are the people that do not add value to our country. He has been at ECZ for too long and still doesn’t see to know what he is doing.
    At moment ECZ does stand up to any good – it is an extension of the PF. All the good officers at ECZ have left and we are left with very useless PF minions bent on rigging the election. The fact is that people will let it happen whether Lungu or Lesbian Priscilla Mulenga like it or not!!

    • Insults show bitterness; can’t you articulate without slandering the characters of innocent people?

  5. Mark these words: “The Examinations Council has no capacity to perform the tasks of verifying and issuing letters”. The result will be panic and confusion that will lead to rioting and civil unrest.

  6. The high Court ruled that those with tertiate certificates and qualifications higher than grade 12 are eligible for the next elections….! Which verification will ECZ perform on qualifications above their competence? Help me understand. ..maybe I missed something. Is Mr Akufuna in order…!

  7. Akufuna only Lungu akufuna, we don’t funa you anymore. Was the ruling by high court not extended to these ECZ-PF minions?

  8. Imwe mwebantu, ECZ for verification of certificates means Examination Council of Zambia and not Electoral Council of Zambia. In other words the ECZ for elections will ask for certificates verified by the ECZ for examinations. May be we need to take this one to the Constitutional Court for the interpretation of the meaning of ECZ.


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