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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

President Lungu says he is confident PF will remain in Government after August 11 polls

Headlines President Lungu says he is confident PF will remain in Government after...

President Lungu at the State House Press Conference
President Lungu at the State House Press Conference

President Edgar Lungu has said that he is confident that the Patriotic Front Government will remain in power beyond August 11th General Elections because of the massive development done within five years.

Speaking during on going Press Conference at State House today, President Lungu said that the PF has recorded remarkable growth in areas such as agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, and economy and that his administration has delivered a new constitution.

President Lungu said that in the health sector, the PF government has constructed 39 district hospitals across the country of which five are operational.

President Lungu said that out of the 650 health posts being constructed across the country, 170 are operational and are offering great health services to the people.

President Lungu said that in road infrastructure development, the PF Government has done a total of 3, 947 km of roads under the Link 8000 road project.

President Edgar Lungu further revealed that K915 million Kwacha has been collected from newly established toll gates. The President said that the establishment of toll gates has yielded positive results and that traditional leaders in various parts of the country are calling for installation of more toll gates.

The Head of State says the PF government has performed very well in road construction infrastructure where over 16,000 jobs have been created.

On the media front, President Lungu says government has liberalized the airwaves and that the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) which was created in 2002 as a Act of parliament was operationalised by the PF in 2013.

He says a total of 36 radio and 20 TV licenses have since being issued by the IBA.


    • Zambians know that if PF has spent money then that money was spent on all Zambians and development which is there for all to see, PF is not a party of frustrated political prostitutes such as GBM, Daniel Nkumbwe. Lupando Mwape, George Mpombo and other bitter politicians..

      Even Online UPND have failed to make their point heard without insults, death wishes and the usual hate speech! What a load of blood thirsty animals.


      2016 ECL nafuti

    • If that was the CREME-DE LA-CREME of his press conference, ba PF, te pa ku polomia!!!

      12.8% of their so-called district hospitals in FIVE LONG YEARS!! 26.1% of Health posts IN FIVE LONG YEARS!! 49.33% of the 8000 Road project so he claims – as we all know Raubex – the South African firm has halted all its works due to LACK OF PAYMENT – so the 49.33% from his figures is REALLY NEBULOUS, as we don’t know whether that is what is contracted out – obviously NOT COMPLETED, or it the roads really completed – WHY DIDN’T HE ADDRESS THE RAUBEX Issue whilst he was at it?? This is what we call: “Uku suba ba tandabubwe pa menso!!” – Translated as: Smearing or drawing cotton-wool or spiderweb across the eyes of those trying to see what he is talking about!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! vote ZAMBIA…

    • I’ll not be surprised to hear Edgar telling the nation that he is Confident that he will have twins.

    • Was this a PF campaign rally or a press conference by a head of state…busy talking about projects where they have heaped debts on our grandchildren..even simple health posts they had to go to the Indian Exim Bank.

    • He’s more focused on retaining power than on the welfare of the voters.
      He should have used the opportunity to articulate his plans and assure the poor unemployed Zambians on how he intends to improve their lives

    • Very poorly written speech. This is supposed to be an end of term and state of the country speech, you expect him to give his best speech. Even the little successes that he claims to have achieved, is clumsily presented. on a scale of 10, I would give the guy 1, its not even a joke.

      Coming to an end of the 5 year term, you expect the president to give an overview of what the vision of the PF government was in each of the nine provinces. Then outline where PF is; sector by sector i.e. education, health, corruption, agriculture, manufacturing, housing, transportation, social welfare, environment/ tourism, infrastructure, global competitiveness etc. Lungu seem to have difficulties grasping the dynamics of national leadership. I shudder to think that such a guy would be president again.

    • Even Mwanawasa was confident. You are really misunderstanding the demographics in play. PF is strong in rural areas of Northen, Luapula Provinces. The only struggle the Party had was getting into rurals of Western and Eastern Province, now all East MMD MPs are defecting to PF, this should not be too hard. In Northern Province, UPND has only gained in Kasama Central and this is still not enough. Southern and North Western Provinces will go for UPND, but it is not enough.

    • @2020vision, August 11, 2016, is coming. Let’s not waste our time arguing. All I should ask of you is to for you to tell your President Lungu to level the election playing field. Allow the opposition to utilize public media also. After all, public media belongs to all Zambians and not PF cadres alone, including Kambwili. Okay 2020vision!

    • I`ve respect for you man. You were genuine, like many Zambians, PF supporter who`s diaappointed with Lungu`s lack of basic leadership instincts. He`s indeed clueless.

  1. President Lungu and the PF again on 11th August, 2016. Hatred and insults by some opposition political party leaders will NEVER yield them anything. Umuntu ni Lungu again.

  2. You are assured of our votes stay BLESSED. Ati forward not the forward were you never reach kikikikikikiiik.
    One Edger ni zeeeeeee. leloleo

  3. It’s easy to talk about the development but the economy is telling us the different story. Why the poverty levels, prices of commodity, inflation and exchange rates again other currencies is going up? We are also voting here but the difference I see is the level of maturity among the Leaders, secondly, the votes easily forgot and go back into the mud . Take the change and vote wisely.

  4. President Lungu
    You have the vote of majority Zambian not people who are just popular online. I will vote for you.

  5. Very shallow indeed, he has said nothing tangible and of substance.
    He’s as dumb and clueless as they come, more of a curse than a blessing to Zambia. He’s too passive for the current poverty levels and economic situation in Zambia.
    He deserves to be retired by the voters.

    Ps: am not even UPND, am just a realistic thinker.

    • Never, we shall kill you to reduce you to skeletons you are. Task will be easy as the more reasonable ones are leaving to upnd. Can’t wait to start killing the pathetic fools wherever I find them!

    • Meanwhile 15 years of poor campaigning strategy by UPND has failed to deliver them the presidency. Such politically inept infants who want to start with State House before being a ward councillor. This is not America where some people want an outsider. We Zambians want continuity from an insider. UPND if you can show us where you have worked with massive infrastructure projects we will vote for you. Sonta/Point!

    • meanwile 2020vision, HH Techilema, Zackeyo and other gallant patriots continue to cause real havoc to the intelllectually incapacitated Under5 Pemba Nega-Nega Dambwa clique. It’s really laughable how Dull Commentator and his Supreme Southern small god think they can lead a nation of 15 million people.

    • In your dreams. Keep on enjoying yourself in dreamland while it lasts. Come 11/08 you and your clueless kin and kith are gone to the political dustbins.

  6. Less than 25% of the projects completed but at 200% of market cost already and he is confident? He replaced Ireen Mambilma with his henchman Priscilla MULENGA for just this purpose, but we already have eyes on her. Time to say good bye…

    • You are an ignorant UPND fo.ol! Mambilima was chairperson and was replaced by Esau Chulu while Pricilla Isaacs is director of elections replaced by no one!kikikiki.

    • @Bibo, lol. Often times these UPND suppoters together with their god spew their nonsense from a very uninformed view. kikikikikikikikiki @Ireen Mabilima replaced by Priscila Isaacs when the truth of the matter is that Isaacs replaced Dan Kalale

  7. He needed to talk about the failures as well to balance the term report. It can’t all have gone well otherwise, PF wouldn’t be so disliked.

  8. Excellent Speech Mr President!!

    May the et man win between the two strongest contenders.

    Viva – Praying for Peace!

    • Of course Redondo we have schedules for newly belt health facilities and we have started delivering drugs up to the last mile.

  9. He has also admitted that zambia is a patient that requires attention from dr. IMF.
    In his own words “its like someone who is sick and he calls a doctor, in this case IMF. We will listen to them if their conditions are not good, we will not take their medicine”.


    • He said its forward and not the forward were you never reach, kikikikiki. Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu, you have all my family vote.

    • Chappie ati you have my family vote even my family is voting for Lungu but I am sure of my vote for him.

  11. Wishful thinking whilst those will put u in office they can’t afford a decent meal. Anyway choice is with voters if at all that choice ILIKO

  12. What a hollow and useless speech! Chakolwa should just tell us how much of that money ended up in his pockets as kickbacks. We know about his 50% kickbacks.

  13. What did this Edgar mean by saying, people now have more money in their pockets! Is this man living in Zambia! Sioma bridge is not complete, that’s a lie. Contractors moved on site 6 months ago. The project is not even half way to completion! The man is preoccupied with returning power, you can even see the emotion when he is talking about ‘winning’.

  14. One Edgar, kolopa kolopa nafuti, Good Speech, Ati forward not the forward were you never reach, yaba sole William, tabakatele afika na forward yabo. kikikikikikikikiki

  15. Imwe guys what are you talking about critizing the president? You are not even in Zambia. The president is alive to the realities on the ground and has spoken. Shame on you.

  16. The only reason this mother fu.cker is saying this is because he is NOT sure that PF will retain power. He actually means the opposite of what he is saying. There’s even fear and sadness in that speech.
    Let PF go….nobody wants these thieves to rule us.

  17. So lungu went to mu7 to learn hw to munipulate the elections his heartless will catch him 1day the econom has collapsed nid real men and women to repair it failed lawyer wat can u learn from a descendent of amin

  18. Viva ECL but have a forging heart to the founders of the Party like Guy Scott. Miles, Mulenga SAta, GBM etc. I heard you say it, you said ‘to err is human and to forgive is devine’

    So forgive all of them and let them come back to their Party
    Besides during the transition no one new, and everyone was jst trying/ aspring

  19. God hates spiteful and bitter people. look at their comments…and they wonder why they don’t win. even their media is celebrating the foreigners from Uganda insulting our leader. the bible says we pray for our leaders not insults and bitterness, which are likely to prolong to 2021 after the defeat…..

  20. I like the guidance that ECL asks from God. Really, “IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?”
    Leadership comes from GOD. If God want ECL to continue, who are we to say no? If God chooses HH, who are we to say no? But I think Edgar will win. Who knew he would win in 2015 when all odds were against him? Guy Scot, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, etc were all against him, but he came out victorious

    • He simply came out victorious because he was on PF ticket…we know the voting trend in Zambia

    • Iwe shameless, be serious, u know very well that elections will take place in Zambia and know very well the voting pattern, then u know the winner te?

  21. Surely wasnt this Lazy Bum quizzed? So many things happened IMF rejected Fossil Chikwanda’s bailout, Maize Scandal, Crude fuel prices, incompetence in the police..etc.

  22. Most of the blogers are not analyzing critically what Lungu has said.Lungu is criminal who stills and lies in day light why do I say so?1.He says Zambians have more money in the pocket when the economy is growing at 3.7% instead of 8% were Mwanawasa left.He is proud with only 07% growth rate above the sub Saharan average.2.He claims that the energy sector has expanded and done why then I we having these load sheding.He goes on to blame God of droughts instead of planning for climate Change.3.He fails to acknowledge that inflation has risen to a double digit of 22%were it was a single digit in 2008.He boast of infrastructure development without telling the cost and how he intends to pay back the Kaloba euro Bond.To Lungu is the worst president ever in Zambia.HH wake up we want you to take…

    • @SIDO MARK. ECL being the worst President ever is debatable. He may be a strong contender though. As for the rest of your posting …Spot on!

    • When ECL’s supporters say “we” some chap asks who is the “we”? So Sido who is the “we”? Say “I”. You shall be alone in the booth; no other so called UPND supporter to help you carry the day. On your own baasa

  23. This is what we call true leadership in a President and am 1000% that even those that were not decided have now know that President Lungu is a President for all Zambians and come 11 August 2016, he will get through for the next FIVE YEARS without difficult.
    We thank God for his love of our country because ECL is a true leader focused on transforming the country better, young, old, tribe and you name it. Viva PF viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Sonta Epo Wabomba.

    • Over the horizon
      Can you counter what sido mark @ # 42 has said.??
      Or are just also just an empty tin kaponya receiving looted funds.

  24. “…So that we move FOWARD NOT the forward which will NEVER reach…” Kikikiki
    Ifintu ni Lungu!!! This election year it’s KOLOPA, PUKUTA, PWISHA……The man is HUMBLE, FOCUSED, CONSIDERATE AND VERY RESPECTIVE. You deserve the Zambians’ vote Sir.

    • And humble is about poking at opposition. ..also for sure forward never reaches because it’s meant to be like that. ..if you reach then progression ends. Edgar with all the pathetic macro indicators believes he has reached and herein lies the problem

  25. Lungu for Zambia! AGAIN AND AGAIN…………….+100%
    HUNGRY HYENA is demonstrating how Rwanda managed with the genorcide and he indirectly want his UPND(tonga) to do the same after they win the elections. Power angry and bitter Hungry Hyena and GBV can not rule Zambia. And well done! Kavindele hammered a nail on its head…!

  26. Check the voters register and analyse it in the light of the historic voting pattern of Zambian. It is very clear that the opposition has a gigantic task in these election. They need to find a workable formula to amass good votes in the PF strong hold provinces ie Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Eastern, Northern and Muchinga. Of the 6.7 million registered voters, these provinces account for 4.2 million voters. These are the issues to look into seriously. And Western province is no longer a UPND majority because of the VP and Bo Kaingu. The next three months require a lot of work from UPND if they are ever going to carry the day. Most MMD MPs in the PF strong hold provinces will stand on PF hence strengthening their hold in these areas.

  27. PF has done well on roads. They deserve accolades. The price we are paying for this is, however, enormous. The debt will chock the next generation. It was borrowed at huge cost and due to corruption, most roads will require fixing in next four years . The road tax is a mixed grill of exploitation of motorists who already pay road and carbon tax. Much more seriously, PF has no strong leaders within. Giving power to this party for next five years is suicidal. The party has no capacity to manage the economy. Let them rest. They did their best in past five years under trying circumstances, most of them attributed to incompetence. We can usher them out with love. I urge EL to play smart without seeking to manipulate the votes. It’s dangerous.

  28. The boat is far from being filled. The middle seat is reserved for GBM for he shall surely come back after realizing he is just being taken for a ride in Flight HH.

  29. People dont eat roads. What about high cost of living, jobs,money in the pocket etc. Why are his Ministers illegally in office? Maybe Dubai will deliver a win but not popular votes.

  30. What a race! We know it had not been easy nemimbulu making all sorts of noise; one year in office was a rough one but we will surely decide. MCS once said his MPs were useless, be rest assured that your next mandate will not have some of your MPs with you because they should surely Sonta epo babombele in order for them to win our trust. Congratulations for beating Hetch Hetch in the forthcoming GE!

  31. I agree with Dominion (47). Let us not argue baselessly. What is the total number of registered voters? How many of these are in UPND strong holds and how many are in PF strong holds?

    PF has the following:
    Lusaka ,
    where as UPND has the following:

    Western will be shared. So it is likey chagwa will drop in state house once more. let us look at numbers not the hate we have for an individual

    • And where are the numbers here??? Same analysis was given for RB winning ….give us the stats ofor registered voters in these areas please

  32. Is this press conference he had promised? He said 170 Health posts out of 650 are operational. This is 26% fail. Roads 3,947Km completed out of 8,000Km. This is 49% fail. He had promised 500,000 jobs. Created 16,000. This is 3.2 % absolutely fail. You supporter of Lungu where is the basis of your Support? Is K 915m going to pay off the debt and reduce the deficit?

  33. It’s the duty of every Zambian to get rid of filth, PF and it’s Lungu. For the first time a sitting Zambian president has been called a nincompoop, Idio!t, stup!d and drunkard by Ugandans in whose sovereign politics he offered his unwanted drunken opinions. What’s worse is all these insults from Uganda are actually indisputable facts, verified statements. The question is: why would you want to retain as president a despicable and repugnant creature like this?

    • We ain’t Ugandans. If that statement is applicable to them well and good. It is applicable to perpetual loser here in Zambia too. Beaten by someone who was being fought left right and centre in his Party, at Courts etc and only campaigned for 3 weeks. How embarrassing! Get rid of your leader

  34. It is a shame to hear the Head of State speak so pompously and childishly. Instead of addressing real issues and do some “damage control” over the mess and embarrassment he caused in Uganda, he chose to take a route of self deceit and self praise which has no recommendation. He has also chosen to keep and forcefully retain the unperforming cabinet for fear of being left alone. It is very evident that Edgar Chagwa was going to be deserted today soon after the dissolution of his fake cabinet.

  35. but this guy so u would call on a press briefing just to say u will win.
    #a country high on its own bull sh*t.

    • You are welcome! Any defectors paraded today at Chainama Hotel? I have searched everywhere for such news.

  36. Today I witnessed pomposity at its best exhibited by chagwa lungu, the ‘humble man’! If this man is given another mandate we are in trouble. It will be continuous borrowing for the next 5 years. I fear for our generations to come.

  37. How can you allow an ***** to be your president? It means majority are *****s. I believe some of your relatives voted for so they are also *****s. What are you going to do because an ***** will still be in state house after August elections?

    • Iwe chika.la cha no.ko nishi you are so happy with how this idio.t has been running the country High cost of goods,abnormal hours of load shedding,corruption,shortage of mealie meal,Miners retrenchments,poor health facilities,Violence and thats why its only in his term that people ritual killing and xenophobic its because peoples suffering has reached an arlaming level and will go at long length to do whatever.

  38. Opposition, especially UPND, please don’t insult our president. You are wasting time instead of strategizing for the elections ahead. Remember just how smart and popular ECL is. So worry for yourselves bane. As for me and clan, ni ECL chabe.


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