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Zambian Diplomats allegedly in Sham Marriages for fear of “Diplomatic Kolopa”

General News Zambian Diplomats allegedly in Sham Marriages for fear of "Diplomatic Kolopa"


By Mwansa Mwape

Several diplomats in Zambian embassies abroad are afraid that they will be sacked and sent packing back to Zambia after the August elections in a wave coined “Diplomatic Kolopa.” With this looming behind their minds, they have found an ingenious way to remain abroad wherever they are currently posted. However countries require diplomats to return home when the assignment ends otherwise they will become illegal aliens like many Zambians in the diaspora. But these diplomats are saying its better to be illegal in America than to have no employment in Zambia. Especially some have children that are accustomed to America life so going to Zambia with no job will be a mental shock for these children.

It is known in the diplomat circles that whoever wins in August will unleash a mass exodus of diplomats. If UPND wins they will all be recalled back and replaced with trusted UPND sympathisers and those to be rewarded. But if PF wins these diplomats will still be recalled because they were not Lungus choice and are Satas relatives. So irregardless, these embassy people will all be replaced soon after August elections. “We are not waiting for Diplomatic Kolopa, we will prepare today,” said a diplomat.

It is also a known fact that most diplomats are not qualified for their posts so they will be replaced for lack of performance. America is the most expensive embassy but with zero investment going into Zambia so it is number one on the target list. So the only way for a diplomat to remain in America is to marry an American for papers. So these diplomats are getting engaged to Americans and even to Zambians in the diaspora who have obtained legal papers.

Recently a diplomat in Washington DC embassy displayed her engagement ring on social media receiving great praise and admiration from her social media friends and fellow diplomats. It is expected that she will have a quick marriage in order to secure her place in America.

Like many Zambian women in the diaspora, a source says that the man that this diplomat plans to marry is a “John Solye Ubwali” or “kept man” just to get papers and many are expected to follow in her steps. However, those who are already married to Zambians from home are in a dilemma so some are planning to divorce on paper in order to engage in a sham wedding. Then after obtaining paperwork they will divorce the sham marriage and remarry the original spouse. This is a common practice among the diaspora abroad called “chikwati cha ma papela.”


  1. Useless article based on typical chibuku gossip source. No different from the gossip of Ritual killing that fued xenophobia on Rwandase. Find something to waffle about.

    • I see, this is why @Senior Citizen blindly worships Lungu in the vain hope that he will be spared.
      What a miserable way to live one’s life, even the life of a Kaponya in Zambia is more dignified!

    • Ofcourse, this should not shock anyone as these are low calibre beings, Like Abigail what do you expect?…

  2. We know them on these blogs…people like Kudos, HH Techilema et Al…you will not be spared.

  3. “Recalldockingcordinates”


    HH false hope
    HH is a pathetic Liar
    HH over-promising
    Don’t vote for HH

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • I katondo boys, kudos, and 2020 vision are some of these characters that is why they are aggressively trying to make Lungu look good or keep insulting HH

    • Lungu is visiting Saudi to arrange for his marriage, as there will be “Presidential Kolopa” on 11/8/2016!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia Forward!! Vote UPND!!Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  4. You do realise there are sensitive And better things to report Ka? This article has my face in it’s palm coz of it’s immaturity . Anyway try reporting on campaigns that are official. Tell the people of Zambia it’s ok for citizens aka voters to belong to UPND , mmd, pf, fdd without killing each other. Everyone has a reason to want to belong but I shouldn’t live in fear coz of the party I choose. They should put each other down by preaching their manifesto and not by insulting each other.

  5. We also need a Military Kolopa. These tribal commanders we have are demonic. Mihova prepare to pack times up

  6. I could not believe this article was on Lusaka Times. LT you should not reduce yourself to gutter journalism like the other Zambian news blogs. You should know that we expect higher standard from you.

    • Ati “higher standards”
      If you are not just getting off the bus you should know that LT has been biased in favour of PF.These are signs of the times.

  7. Gossip article but touching a very important topic where state funds are being spent on relatives and loyal cadres. When will Zambia have career diplomats? People educated in diplomacy and are above party politics? The only political appointees should be the Ambassadors.

  8. No wonder we must change this trend of appointing cadres as diplomats. I’m very sure the ministry of foreign affairs would do a big and commendable job sending the civil servants to this missions abroad and bring integrity to the ministry. It baffles me that we still have cadres representing governments abroad. I hope that this trend will one day come to an end so we could have professional and qualified people representing government without bias.

  9. This article is meant to alarm the nation. It is just in Zambian politics where a diplomat will remain at foreign mission forever & ever, amen. The practice worldwide is for the diplomat to serve strictly for 3 years then recalled back home to serve in any department or ministry of his / her choice for a minimum of 1 year to offload their knowledge & experience. Then if need be can again be posted in foreign service . But if appointments are rewards, gifts, appeasements & are for life with no service to mother Zambia, then what we get are the same marriages we are talking about & this should change.

  10. I thought people like Kudo will say something but obviously blame HH for privatising the Mines. PF cadres in foreign missions these are some of the things why people are crying for the change of government

  11. The Author, what do you mean by illegal aliens like many Zambians in the diaspora. Respect your fellow Zambians. It is not their problem that you are not abroad. How do they become illegal aliens when some of them went through the normal job processes just like some of those expatriates you are worshiping in Zambia. Do you know the kind of respect these so called aliens command out there. Shame on you with your Komboni language. You will die with your petty jealous.

    ……However countries require diplomats to return home when the assignment ends otherwise they will become illegal aliens like many Zambians in the diaspora. But these diplomats are saying its better to be illegal in America than to have no employment in Zambia.

  12. Very misleading article. Clearly no proper research was conducted. Which ‘many’ Zambians are illegal aliens in the diaspora? How many, in relation to other nationalities? People will think there is a massive problem of illegality for Zambians in the diaspora – forgetting the many that are settled and in meaningful careers or study.

  13. This story is not true, the lady you have attempted to malign is respectable, educated, honest, religious, has never been stranded in her life, can easily get a job, established back home and in a genuine relationship. It’s sad such humble citizens should be treated this way.

  14. Well, well, This is sad but there really needs to be diplomatic clean up. Some of theses diplomats are not qualified at all. They bring shame to out nation. Please lets vote for someone with knowledge, someone with a solid education. Should we not take pride in how our president comes across? Did anyone read how Lungu was insulted in Uganda? We cannot put someone in power who doesnt nothing for the country. Please be wise. HH for president!

  15. UPND has just been boasting all along that they have the ‘ winning formula/team’. Little did we realise that it is relying on ‘Bemba Brains’ to win. The vety people that came from ‘Kolwestan’ are the ones the entire Bantustan is relying upon. Its PF swallowing UPND ! Ati forward kwisa tamwakwata amano mwe ba Tonga. U cant say ‘mfwee’ without the all mighty BEMBA BRAINS !

  16. The author is correct and this needs to be addressed ASAP. Previous diplomats who stole money still have their families living in the US or Canada on stolen money. Some have really benefited and bought homes abroad, two cars while sending 3-5 of their children to college and university. It’s not just false marriages but refugee claims to applying for permanent residency. Of course the Zambian government is sleeping while this has been going on. And some of these people are still politicians who travel back and fourth to stay with their families on tax payers money. If the government calls immigration to do an investigation on these peoples current residency applications, they will get more that an earful.

  17. yes its better to remain abroad and continueliving a decent life and to ley your children complete education. I returned to Zambia as my daughters remains are burried here, andI was encouraged to do so by my xxx. But once home for two years we became victims of state looting just because we came from the diaspora, terrible denial and deprivation of economic advantages and primitive lifestyles, and being ruled by under skilled men. Its traumantizing. They admire an ear ring and even attempt to kill you over it. So better stay abroad for sure than come to stay unemployed and be a victim of state looting from you.

  18. @Returned UN Diplomat it feels like you feel you are entitled to this. The job you were given is not yours to keep. If you want you can apply for citizenship in those countries you want to live but not under false pretense like the diplomats are doing by making refugee claims or applying for permanent residency to even fake marriages while on diplomatic missions. We cannot allow diplomats to steal money in Zambia and invest in economies abroad and this is where you are missing the point. Its Zambia’s money they are using to buy houses, cars and put their children in school. This is happening in the UK, Canada and USA. If it’s their own money and not the country its fine.

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