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SACORD canes UPND over the hacking of a PF supporter

Headlines SACORD canes UPND over the hacking of a PF supporter

SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe

THE Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has condemned the hacking of a Patriotic Front (PF) supporter in Livingstone by suspected seven United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night barely within 24 hours after five political parties in Livingstone, which included PF and UPND, held a joint media briefing to denounce political violence and attacks on journalists in this year’s elections.

George Ngoma, 39, of house number 203 in Dambwa Central was attacked near Leisure Gardens in Dambwa Site and Service by seven suspected UPND cadres who were driving an unknown motor vehicle.

SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheema said it was unacceptable for party cadres to attack other citizens on an account of politics.

Mr Cheembe said in an interview in Livingstone that that politics must not be used to attack and injure another person.

“We would like to condemn in strongest terms the reported hacking of a PF cadre by suspected UPND cadres in Livingstone. It is such actions that make stakeholders be concerned with the manner in which politics and campaigns are conducted,” he said.

Earlier during the official opening of the public forum at Fairmont Hotel yesterday, Mr Cheembe said that there was need for all political parties and all Zambians to maintain peace ahead of the August 11 general

He said that citizens must play their role in ensuring that campaigns were held in a peaceful manner.

Speaking at the same forum, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) programme manager Kathy Short observed that this year general election was very important as it would be held side by side with the referendum.


  1. And how much these NGOs get paid for holding forums?
    When GBM get arrested by ka Katanga we never hear of SACORD.

    • I suggest that organisations such as SACORD should be patient in issuing such statements until facts are established. As it is these are mere allegatons. What I have observed is almost all these allegations have ended in nothing….and if you argue sontapo of convicted chaps PLEASE!! It doesn’t mean any violence that happens in the run to elections of political cadres is politically motivated. Remember Kaingu and his lodge.

    • I suggest that organisations such as SACORD should be patient in issuing such statements until facts are established. As it is these are mere allegatons. What I have observed is almost all these allegations have ended in nothing….and if you argue sontapo of convicted chaps PLEASE!! It doesn’t mean any violence that happenks in the run to elections of political cadres is politically motivated. Remember Kaingu and his lodge.

    • Where were you when a woman was stripped naked in full view of the vice president and police. Bakokwe kombwa imwe.

    • Where have these SACORD people been all this time? One would think there hasn’t been any acts of political violence in Zambia up until now.
      This just shows how Edgar Lungu & PF have corrupted every strand, fibre and fabric of the Zambian society. It would seem everyone is a political cadre especially for the PF. Pathetic!!

    • Up and Down is a barbaric political party. On wonder it is going into extinction after 11th August…

  2. Where are these pictures or proof of these things? This Frank Bwalaya again. This evil priest. May God have mercy on your soul. You cannot have a man of God doing these types of things.

  3. What can you expect from UPND when you have violent advisors to their clown of a president? Kaponya (HH) has embraced William Tekere Banda, Obvious Mwaliteta, GBM and other thuggery crooks. What can you expect from Hack son Sejane and his Mapatizya formula? These are not people worthy of our precious votes. Abash violence and UPND thuggery. We are waiting for Canicius, Mweetwa, Nkombo and Mwimbu to join us soon. Leave the thugs to hack themselves. Kaponya (HH) thinks he owns Southern Province.

    • Nevers Mumba has played a political checkmate on himself. He’s running to where people are fleeing. Today Fred Mmembe is laughing at UPND, why has Mmembe left their partnership after only 3 months? Why do you think Maureen Mwanawasa has left UPND this year? Why has Mutati chosen to run away from Kaponya (HH) this year? Why isn’t Canicious Banda actively campaigning for Kaponya (HH)? Why has Christine Kaseba Sata refused to join (HH) despite his desperate attempts? It’s simple because UPND is Useless Pemba Nega-Nega Dambwa

    • They can not leave an organized party to join violent, thieving street urchins! Enjoy your last days quietly, use these final moments to make an escape like Priscilla Mulenga (isaacs) is doing.

  4. These are the same PF criminal that brutally beat up there fellow person by northmead think he was UPND just because he was red. What are the chances they did the same to this person. The fact is PF is fully of violence and infested with criminals, crooks etc.

  5. (HH) will fix it – Fix what? If it’s not broken don’t fix it. What a poor campaigner and poor strategist. What a weak, clown president this Kaponya (HH) who can’t even tame his Kaponya thugs

    • Kudos, broken economy, broken judiciary, broken healthcare system, broken energy sector, broken mining sector, broken agricultural, and yes, broken educational system…cbu and unza closures; and indeed a system that produce people who think like you is in desperate need of fixing–HH will fix it!

    • Kudos if your profile pic is your real face then I understand your concept of if it is not broken ….

  6. Up to now we are waiting for Kaponya (HH) to announce his running mate. Why is he delaying? He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. If he chooses GBM, long serving faithfuls like Nkombo will leave him. If he chooses Canisius, Miles, Scott or Nevers, GBM will insult them all, abandon them and take his ngwees from the campaign. If he choses Nkombo or youthful Mweetwa, UPND will be labelled by its hidden regional hegemony, traits. (HH) is feeling the pressure of his own making. Come August 11 and we shall make it easier for him to hang himself

    • …and you conveniently omit the fact that sata started trying back in 2001 before being elected in 2011; that’s ten years. HH started in 2006…

    • By the way FDD is unveiling its Running mate for Nawakwi on Monday. Where does that leave Hap Hazard Kaponya (HH)?

  7. What ever Hichilema did in the 90’s must have been really bad for him to get such punishment this year. It will be a painful exit for him after having invested K 70 billion into 7 failed attempts to become Zambian President. At least part of the the money he stole has been returned through his failed campaigns

    • You’re really panicking in the pf camp as you should be…the corrupt and inept such as yourself shall have no further part in the political dispensation of our great nation…HH will fix it!

    • Bupo, Sonta po! Show us what you have done with Privatization money and Mu Saturnia Ko pension Funds. Saturnia Regna – reign, rule, leadership of Satan/Lucifer. (HH) Satamist Free Mansion

    • Whoever asks you ati sonta epo wabomba Ku sonta pabakashi bakwe especially pali banyina Kudos and vision2020.

  8. Sonta po! Show us where you have worked. If you can’t show us, Move Biyatch, get out the Way !
    Men at work !

    • Sontapo is all you can say when there is unprecedented load shedding, people dying of preventable causes, civil servants not being paid, shoddy road construction, massive debt? We can sontapo what not to do and you’ll see what should be done once we take power; we’ll not roll over for a bunch of criminals to keep looting our resources!

    • ….beneficiaries of corruption like yourself kudos will be bent over the barrel, no butter, nothing for the misery you have caused the masses. Power belongs to the people, HH will fix it!

  9. #Kudos bano.ko babamo nayo ci lungoma or a stope if you have ever worked for mine you will understand.

  10. I am just wondering what will happen now that Kaponya (HH) has gone full throttle imposing Mulenga Sata, Charlotte Scott and Sibongile GBM for Parliamentary polls, when the UPND grass roots have been busy working for many years to coordinate UPND candidates. Now their dictator is causing the grass roots to abandon UPND

    • Nice one Mr. Kabwe! Two Eurobonds with close to nothing to show for it! Ati massive infrastructural development, $2billion vanished in thin air and they have the nerve to say sontapo….down with the poverty factor (PF)!!

  11. Sorry chaps if this is what you call politics, then you’re lost. How does Insulting one’s mother add value to Zambia economy?

  12. When was the last time UPND held a convention? Was it the infamous one that made Hadolf Hitler their president in 2006? 10 years without practising internal party democracy! Malabish! Vote for HH and GBM – cant, neva!

  13. I could rather vote for banyina Kudos than Edgar chakolwa kaloba Wrungu atleast because we have the benificiary from ubuule bwabo.

  14. How can an organisation with integrity issue a statement a Statement based on suspicions? Those with information should report the murder case to the Law enforcement officers, ZRP. How do u know it was a UPND supporter who hacked the PF supporter? Let the Police investigate the murder first. This SACCORD must have a political hidden agenda.

  15. What do you expect from UPND? They will do all they can to instil fear in people and violence is their no. 1 option followed by insults. HH knows this strategy and no wonder he will never condemn it. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  16. Surely?! I see why Zambia isn’t forging ahead in anything. Just reading the comments above leaves me wondering what kind of youths does Zambia has. Instead of articulation real issue people are manifesting educational, knowledge and wisdom dwarfism. Let’s study the parties’ manifestos and go to the polls to vote wise.

  17. This Sacord muppet Cheembe is way out of order. He has heaped blame on the wrong Party. All he needed to do is to call on our docile President to stop violence. The president has not shown willingness and courage to stop violence. The BUCK stops with him.

  18. What do they mean by hacking ? What is the condition of George Ngoma? What type of half baked reporting is this?

  19. Mr Kudos tell the story as it is to UPND because they insult when given facts…I like it that way Mr Kudos but leave insults to them and continue hammering them with facts…

  20. God what have Zambians done to deserve these junkies in all our areas of life be it politics, journalism, church leaders, ECZ, Courts, bus stations, schools etc. In all these you just get scramp half baked or corrupt individuals. Now the story headlines condemns UPND but inside the story its all about suspects. Why publish it? Why an NGO even comment in affirmative? The reason is mediocrity. Nearly, in all aspects we have crumps who are number one because there is no number one to number 30 so number 31 becomes number 1. Shame. Look at kudos the guy may be described as genious in our schools but is he?

    • There is too too much laziness and mediocrity in our society; a nation where the police are quick to issue a statement within hours of a homicide crime based on pistol cartridges without any forensic or ballistic backing. You have a society where it is now the norm for an Parliamentary, Council candidate can forge a Grade 12 certificate and try his/her luck with the Examination Council. You have a President who appointed a constitution Judges but up to now we have not seen them chair a single sitting yet they are getting paid. You have a campaign theme that states “sonta”, development is not only about brick and mortar paid by our children’s loans its about tangible prgressive policies.

  21. Chipenzi last director of Saccord is Upnd but you have not condemned him. As long as we don’t see our wrongs, violence will not end

    • @Ndanje khakis:
      What an Ar.sewhore you really are!! Chipenzi has not said anything so how does he come in. You must be sick mentally. PLEASE you should seek and get treatment for your schizophrenia – you have started hearing voices from Chipenzi who hasn’t said anything.


  23. Ala ba under 5, it’s like you don’t learn and listen
    In less than 24 hours after a meeting you choice to go beat up some one who is not your member is very shameful.

  24. Mr Cheembe of Saccord is acting unprofessionally. How can Mr Cheembe issue a statement condemning UPND supporters without any evidence? U cannot find somebody guilty based on pure allegations and suspicions. The Police should investigate the suspected murder and prosecute the culprit if found. Saccord not incite violence by accussing one political party against another without any evidence. This is acting irresponsibly on the part of Mr Cheembe..

  25. chilyata grow up. why resort to insults
    I posed a question so simply offer a civil answer. I thought you guys in Upnd were intellectuals but it appears you’re just common ruffians.

  26. @ Bupo,please let me help you understand what is really happening with zesco since you seem to be the only one left behind,bupo no water in kariba,the government even said, past few years we have had poor rains,such that other parts of africa haven’t even managed to grow food,like mozambique which is looking up to zambia to help it,after the rains started to fall the government still told us we would still experience load shedding because the water at the dam is low so what we need are 3 good rainfalls,when they said 3 it was seasonal,so another rain period in october this year and the other, but government has put in temporal measures to tackle load shedding because they are looking to build another dam,I dont want to sontapo the 650 health posts country wide that has employed more than…

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