FAZLogoMufulira Blackpool secretary Patson Ngoma has refused to blame inexperience for his side poor start to the 2016 FAZ Super Division season.

Win less promoted Blackpool are bottom of the 18-team league table with six points from 13 games.

Several stakeholders at Blackpool including interim coach Glad Kilambe have attributed the team’s low display in the league to inexperience.

But defiant Ngoma said the current Blackpool squad is good though it must up its game.

“We may not say our players are inexperience but they just need to put in much in training. It is all about the tactical discipline that we should put in place,” he said.

Ngoma is uncertain whether Blackpool will recruit players during the mid-season transfer window.

“It is every team’s wish to recruit players but what I know is that we have to do with what we have because if you improve on what you have, you will have a better team,” he said.

Blackpool are heavily relying on players who helped the club to win promotion to the top flight league last season.

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  1. stupid, who says we are nt super division quality. wait. go on boys, we are behind you unless wakulile ku mine limbi kuti nasumina ati wila sapota blackpool. i ve grown up watching muf blackpool from the 70s, ad am proud of my team.


  2. @Jay banda the writing is on the wall that your team is not good enough for the super league n that explains why u are winless after 13 games.I don’t see u surviving relegation u are going back to where u belong n that is division 1


  3. Certainly this is not the same ‘ Pool of Raban Mwansa, Leo Kamona, Garry Simutenda, Alex Chola (MHSRIP), Simon Kaodi Kaushi, Michael Chabala, John Lengwe and other members of the glorious tewam of 1978 which was denied the league title because of an abandoned game at Kachofa Stadium !!
    Way to go is to beef up the squad with quality players and a good coach. Of course this will require tons of money whcih I am afraid the Mufulira Municipal Council is unable to provide. Tough, but sad.



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