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119 pregnancies have been recorded in Eastern province during the first quarter of this year

General News 119 pregnancies have been recorded in Eastern province during the first quarter...

Government says over one hundred and ninety pregnancies have been recorded in Eastern province during the first quarter of this year.

This came to light during two day second ordinary Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) meeting held at Luangwa house in Chipata.

Provincial Senior Planner, Mang’ombe Tembo, said 194 girls fell pregnant during the period adding that out of the number of impregnated girls , 105 of them were re-admitted after delivery.

He also noted that 13 boys and 21 girls respectively where forced into early marriages in the area.

The department has had a big challenge to address the issue of pregnancies and children going into early marriages, Mr. Tembo said.

He implored other stakeholders such as the departments of health and Community Development to partner with the department of Education to address the problem.

And Tembo said the Ministry had enrolled 12, 064 children into Early childhood education.

He however said the Ministry had recorded successes in the pass rate where the region scored above 70 percent at Grades seven and 12 pass rates.

Tembo said at grade nine level, the Ministry was not doing well and recorded below par, compared to the targets set in the strategic plan.

‘’ At grades seven and 12, we recorded above 70 percent pass rate where Vubwi district was number one in the province and second in the country at grade seven level.

‘ We however have a challenge at grade nine level where we are not doing well and we want to see what is causing that so that we improve in the coming years,’’ he said.

Tembo said last year, the province came first at grade 12 pass rate in the entire country while it came second at grade seven and third at grade nine levels respectively.

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    • There is hopelessness among young people and shagging seems to give them something to vent their anger on…Ku Kagoro kwasu ana wotele analeka kale kuya kusikulu

  1. Surely who comes up with these headlines? What are they teaching at Evelyn Hone nowadays to Journalism students?

    • You’re presuming that the site is run by qualified journalists, which I doubt to be the case!

  2. I think its the food some of you parents feed your children and this dstv..They start exploring there sexuality even as early as 4yrs….

  3. Abena Chipata ninshi nimwe mwabako mufyakutunga sana? High time you started using imipila mbuya.

  4. Utubana utu twalilowa icinecine. Elyo namalwele twena tatwakwata. So no need to condomise. Ni live chabe. Awe sure kulaumfwafye amanone.

  5. Where is chief Mpezeni? This is where he needs to come out to condemn the behavior. Call the headmen and have them follow up on the men doing this. Chiefs have a lot of power but they fail to use it and spend time asking the government to build free palaces for them. What do they have to give in return that is benefiting the country or their subjects. Totally ignorant chiefs.

    • He is one of the culprits. Have you forgotten how he overdrunk at one ncwala ceremony and was busy telling his indunas to bring to him some young girls he was pointing at?

    • He is probably intoxicated …enjoying imported Powers Rum from Malawi and has also contributed to these selfsame statistics!!

    • Agreed. I don’t trust that chief, he could possibly be responsible for half of those pregnancies. Wasn’t he at one stage almost arrested for raping one of his teenage subjects?


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