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Fight back when you are attacked, GBM instructs UPND youths

General News Fight back when you are attacked, GBM instructs UPND youths

GBM arrives at court
GBM arrives at court

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba has instructed youths in the party to hit back whenever they are attacked by PF cadres.

Mr Mwamba said UPND youths cannot continue absorbing the amount of provocation from PF cadres.

He said UPND officials have been harassed and beaten up by PF cadres who have also disrupted party events on numerous occasions and that the police have failed to act on such reports.

Mr Mwamba recounted that Monday’s attack on the UPND campaign team in Shiwangandu area in Muchinga was an indication that the PF youths had gone too far.

He was speaking in Lusaka yesterday at the Magistrates Complex when he addressed his supporters.

Mr Mwamba was in court to hear his application to have the case in which he is accused of proposing violence regarding a comment he made that he will go for President Edgar Lungu’s throat.

His legal team had applied that his case be transferred to the Constitutional Court to determine whether the use of idioms in politics was illegal but the court refused to grant the application.

Delivering the ruling, Magistrate Jennifer Bwalya said the defence had failed to raise substantive constitutional matters to warrant referring the matter to the constitutional court for determination.

Magistrate Bwalya said the court had sufficient facts to proceed with trial.
The matter has since been adjourned to 19th July 2016 for mention and 19th August for commencement of trial.

Addressing his supporters outside court, Mr Mwamba who is also UPND presidential running mate charged that President Lungu has failed to handle political violence.

He however cautioned UPND cadres to refrain from causing violence but that they should be quick to defend themselves whenever they are attacked.

Mr Mwamba said it was clear that the PF youths in Shiwangandu intended to cause a plane crash by stoning the helicopter in an effort to have it crash land.

Meanwhile, PF cadres went on rampage in Lusaka’s Northmead shopping area and destroyed vehicles and property belonging to people suspected to be members of the PF.

Around mid-day, a large group of youths clad in UPND attire mercilessly destroyed vehicles and makeshift stalls belonging to people who were wearing PF attire.

The UPND youths were heard shouting that they were attacking PF members in Northmead in revenge attacks on the attacks on their leaders in Shiwangandu.

And a statement the Police Spokesperson said, “We received a report where people clad in UPND regalia drove to Lusaka’s Northmead area and smashed some vehicles that were on sale. The same group later proceeded to Garden compound where they are reported to have assaulted two people.”

“We compile statistics after receiving reports from divisions. Most of them are still undergoing Investigations. Most of these violence happens where we are not present. Hence the delays in concluding Investigations.”

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  1. Chapwa ba GBM will be given a 7-month imprisonment sentence thereby automatically disqualifying him and HH ! HH made a major f****up by picking this jailbird as running mate. He will only have the Ammended Constitution to argue with when this happens. HH should have respected the views of old UPND members who, by the way, will not be there to support HH but their respective MPs afterall it is very clear that HH is only there to ensure he gets into State House regardless what happens to his MPs etc. Manje azayaona mavuzi yanjoka

    • ati “Meanwhile, PF cadres went on rampage in Lusaka’s Northmead shopping area and destroyed vehicles and property belonging to people suspected to be members of the PF”

      LT must fire some reporters…or maybe we need to ask, where does LT get their reporters who are too drunk when writing stories failing to distinguish subject verbs, object and pronouns like he, she they it.?????………..This is shameful ba LT naimwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Game over, take it easy, the trial will commence when the elections are over. If there is change of government and UPND wins, things will change to his favour. These are dirty politics pa Zed

  2. Calling a spade by its name, GBM is a bully from tender age when he was at Chifwani primary school and when he joined Mungwi secondary school where he dropped out in form 3. Its unbelievable mythology as long as he promises to bring food on the table, as citizens we should own our responsibility and plan for future by avoiding dependency syndrome.

  3. The owners of the English language must be laughing at us for taking someone to court for using this particular cheap idiom. Let us wait and see how our so called learned men and women will interpret this idiom. I am sure even Robert Mugabe with his chain of degrees from UK would be laughing at Zambian politicians (Frank Bwalya to be specific) for lack of understanding of the queen’s language. This is a waste of the court’s time.

  4. Even me I will fight back if I am attacked. America fights back when they’re attacked. PF has terrorist and so we can’t let terrorist fight at will. so why should PF in the first place attack UPND?

  5. Upnd is not a party worth to die for. Better work hard and feed your family. No politician will ever put food on your table. Even in lpm days you say economy was good still things were bad and hunger was high. We change leadership at a right time and this is not close to that time. Why should we be trying everone in state house. Makes no sense. Others are taking part in these elections because we have to fulfil our democratic system and this does not necessarily mean that they can be voted as president. We only change presidents when the incumbent dies.

    • Vote ni secret bane, not everyone is with you… We just need to pray over it.. Dont say tulevota, like you have more votes, its just one.

  6. Its is clear that as UPND we have imported thugs like GBM etc is this how Mazoka wanted his party to turn out to be. HH we shall camp at your house for selling our peaceful party to The Bemba Cartel and Sata’s FAMILY FOREST who we have always been against. Any wonder why Munkombwe and other genuine UPND bigwigs are deadly silent this time around. Where is Mweetwa, Nkombo ,Muntanga etc ?

    • Stinkingly tribal look at the pipo you have quoted as genuine UPND members.All you can think about is tribe,let me assure you that in terms of tribal representation you cant compare UPND with your PF.PF is a certified tribal party while others are only alleged.

  7. Have people thought carefully about GBM being running mate? If the impossible was to happen that HH won the presidential elections and but act of God ( or acts of GBM) HH was to die. It means GBM becomes republican president. Then it will mean among other evils, all government contracts will be single sourced to GBMs companies.

    • GBM was no 3 to your favorite CNP and even acted as president are you out of space.Leadership should be dependant on laws not individuals,with laws even you can be a good leader.Breakdown of law and order by PF has made individuals look more powerful than they real are.

    • Awe naimwe….HH is ok, not GBM, lets be realistic. Some people are better to be managed, not them managing. Look at what he did at ministry of defence. Not until we work on the constitution, some people can not manage this country!!!! NEVER!!!

  8. ati “Meanwhile, PF cadres went on rampage in Lusaka’s Northmead shopping area and destroyed vehicles and property belonging to people suspected to be members of the PF”

    LT must fire some reporters…or maybe we need to ask, where does LT get their reporters who are too drunk when writing stories failing to distinguish subject verbs, object and pronouns like he, she they it.?????………..This is shameful ba LT naimwe!!

  9. It is unethical for LT to publish news articles a.k.a stories or news bulletining without the reporters name. I smell a rat here. I am never a supporter for GBM and never will I, be but reading this baseless story, LT is exaggerating story headlines. Does fighting back mean defending yourself. Is defending yourself the same as fighting back. Every which-way fighting back means punch for punch; if this is what GBM meant, then he is not fit to be in power, so is his boss. E.g, if we instruct GBM’s wife to fight back when GBM beats her, that’s undermining marriage but if we tell her to defend herself, that would mean bolting or dodging. Waste case scenario is when defence is taken as fighting back.

  10. Defend | Definition of Defend by Merriam-Webster

    Defend, protect, shield, guard, safeguard mean to keep secure from danger or against attack. defend denotes warding off actual or threatened attack.

    Do not mislead people and misconstrue statements.

    • @13,it depends on wording of defense,GBM is correct to use defend here,good number of court cases here in america,of assault ,murder,are acquitted,because the person acted in self defense .if pf cadres (aggressor) and upnd counter their attack,the upnd is acting in self defense as they are not the aggressors,in this case protecting themselves from further harm,or future threatened attacks ,using your dictionary qoute.

  11. Here is a former PF buffoon further promoting violence when HH is asking for no violence. A true mis-match and truly a lot of dysfunction along the way. This is what you get a HH and for condoning a fake degree. You are a total loser who has lost many voters. In order to win you will stoop at any level even if it means getting tainted people. You and PF are now equally the same and equally tainted. GBM promotes violence it all trickles down to you. You are another vision less leader who’s showed us his true colours.

  12. Very SAD!!!!! are we safe in Zambia? surely a vice president giving that instructions?
    God help us – HH the decision u made on this one GBV I will never forgive you!…>


  14. The running mate advocates violence because he has nothing to offer brain wise in resolving issues. UPND adopts new policy?

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