Online Food Delivery Service & Restaurant directory opens up in Lusaka



As the use of online and digital  platforms to place orders for every form of product gains momentum, Ndiyo meals is a whole other level to the food industry in Zambia. Born out the aggressive need to avoid Lusaka’s heavy traffic and the burden of intense load shedding schedules, particularly at meal times, Ndiyo meals provides customers the ability to order their favourite meals online, through wattsapp or via the telephone and have it arrive at their doorstep.

The benefits of this new endeavour are two fold as it provides not only an online presence for all Lusaka’s restaurants but, the packages available are designed to leave promotions in the hands of the highly qualified marketing professionals who form part of the Ndiyo team.  From reviews, digital menus, personalised merchant accounts to our current offer of a free trial, this product is designed to alleviate the pressure that is singular to the food and beverage industry, while also keeping the users in mind.

Restaurants are listed by location, name or cuisine and photographs of meals provided in an attempt to make, the often impossible meal choice, as user friendly as possible. The packages are flexible depending on the needs of the customer and can be updated everyday by restaurant owners according to their needs.  Ndiyo Meals is a proudly Zambian enterprise and is dedicated to becoming a model of Zambian business.   The company has been carrying out trial runs and a date of official launch will be announced soon.




  1. This is too vague so when you say digital platform does that mean that there is an app…is this like UK’s “Just Eat” app?


    • @JayJay you just like being negative . If it was a perfectly written article you be complaining that you dont like the font they used.
      Negativity will take you nowhere .


  2. @Jay Jay! Sometimes learn to praise innovation from whichever quarter! This is innovative service is long overdue! I support and will always encourage bridging the digital divide!


  3. This is exciting but very challenging. Does one have to pay online or pay with cash upon delivery? If cash you have to watch out for some foolish people giving the wrong address or kabwalalas. However where there is a will, there is a way.


  4. This is too advanced for Lusaka! I placed an order today at 12:30 and till now still not delivered after two hours. I have just been notified that they cannot deliver! First time and last time I will try them!



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