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LAZ changes stance on referendum, now backs it

General News LAZ changes stance on referendum, now backs it

Linda Kasonde
Linda Kasonde

The Law Association of Zambia has backed the proposed Bill of Rights and has called on Zambians to vote yes to the referendum.

LAZ President Linda Kasonde told a media briefing in Lusaka that the rights provided by the proposed Bill of Rights has added new civil and political rights such as the Right to Privacy, Access to Information, Freedom of the media among others which she said are desperately needed by the majority of Zambians.

Ms. Kasonde said despite reservations about the manner in which the referendum question has been phrased and the timing, LAZ is alive to the fact that due to unpredictable and inconsistent positions taken by successive governments in the constitution making process in Zambia, the nation may not have another opportunity to realise the benefit of an enhanced Bill of Rights as proposed in the gazette notice 23rd May 2016 in the near future.

She said this is the reason why the association is taking the position that the country should seize the opportunity that rights be enhanced.

Ms. Kasonde has further called on government and all stakeholders to urgently embark on sensitizing the public on the contents of the proposed bill of rights and the proposed amendments to article 79 of the constitution as the nation gets closer to election date.

The Law Association of Zambia, the Grand Coalition and the Oasis Forum are some of the organisations that have consistently campaigned against holding the referendum alongside the August 11th polls.

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  1. Ba LAZ, katwishi kwena, ku waya waya fye. Today they do not support PF, tomorrow they do. This is a result of indecision.

  2. Kambwili take note, If a politician doesn’t know that citizens have a right to Access to Information and, Freedom of the media he cannot be a government spokesperson. Freedom of the media means no government control of Dead NBC Zambia Dead Mail and Slimes of Zambia

  3. What is the position of the UPND and it’s supreme leader HH now that the LAZ that they treasure so much has come to their senses that once this opportunity is missed,it will take another generation of 50 years to start making noise to amend the bill of rights…But the problem UPND faces is that they sponsored their cadres such as disgraced Mcdonald Chipenzi masquerading as Election Expert to discredit the holding of the referendum in August…

  4. Thats a smart move LAZ. Well done. There is a stupor that has infected a few Zambians who refuse to see progress even when it is staring at them. Even when the proposed Bill of Rights is improving their rights & those of all Zambians they can’t see anything positive. Thank God you’re being freed of this bad spirit in the nick of time LAZ. It is so easy not to appreciate a blessing when you personalise & politicise. Continue on the objective path & you’ll achieve more. Much respect!

  5. For all my fellow Zambians out there the Bill of Rights is only document that speaks for you in forcing GRZ to respect you even after an election. No other document or statement by a politician has this power. If a politician is silent about the new Bill of Rights be very suspicious. It is possible such a politician doesn’t respect you or your rights. Be informed. Don’t get stuck in election mode. There is longer period in between elections & Bill of Rights is your main protection. A human being can never be trusted. People change. God Bless Zambia!

  6. “Give me liberty or give me death.” If the Bill of Rights in its current form does not (and from the reasoning of LAZ preisident it does not) meet all the demands of a civil society why advocate for its adoption? Rights and Liberties are not to be granted in half measures.
    The reasoning of LAZ president is faulty. Where is she drawing her conclusion that once this referendum vote fails there will NEVER be another chance to have a well meaning Bill of rights?
    It is utter foolishness for one to accept half a loaf of bread when one is entitled to a whole loaf. We demand our “whole loaf of bread” NOW and we wont stop demanding it until we get it.

  7. We need this enhanced Bill of rights, it shall protect us from PF and UPND Charlatans.

    Viva President Nawakwi.

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