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PF Government has linked all towns in the Zambia-Kambwili

General News PF Government has linked all towns in the Zambia-Kambwili

Information Minister Dr. Chishimba Kambwili when he addressed a mammoth rally at President’s Park in Kasama today. The Minister is in Northern Province to conduct a series of public rallies to explain government programmes.
Information Minister Dr. Chishimba Kambwili when he addressed a mammoth rally at President’s Park in Kasama today. The Minister is in Northern Province to conduct a series of public rallies to explain government programmes.

THE Patriotic Front (PF) Government has linked all towns in the country because of the robust road infrastructure development programme that it has prioritised.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili said the Government was boasting of the road infrastructure development because it had delivered and that was evident for all to see.

Dr Kambwili said when he featured on a special interview on SUN FM Radio in Ndola that the party had delivered on many promises since it formed Government.

He said despite Zambia being a landlocked country, road infrastructure development had linked towns and made it easy for people to move around and do their day-to-day activities.

Dr Kambwili said Zambians should vote the PF Government for it to complete many other projects that it had embarked as per promise to the people of Zambia.

“If you talk about the roads for PF, it has delivered. If I start giving you the roads that we have built, it will take two days. We have built roads to connect Zambia which was land locked but today it is land-linked. When we came into power we told the people that we were going to construct 8,000 km of roads to connect towns to one another and we did just that,” Dr Kambwili said.

He said the Government had promised that it would build 2,000 km of township roads using the Pave Zambia which he said was being done.

Dr Kambwili said many towns and rural areas had witnessed road infrastructure development and that an improvement had also been seen n Solwezi and Chingola.

“Today when you go to Roan and Luanshya constituencies, Ndola, Lusaka, Mufulira, Mazabuka and Choma among many other towns we have constructed township roads.

Only Chingola has lagged behind because of the contractors who were not doing a good job but I can safely tell you that there is an improvement, the roads have started coming up in town,” Dr Kambwili said.

He said the PF Government had built township roads which nobody had ever thought would be built.

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    • Whats important is the message and not these Photoshopped pictures you are showing us ba UPND. MEANWHILE focus your attention to the headlines of The Post Newspaper that Kambwili is holding. GBM SAIS HE ENTERED POLITICS FOR BUSINESS’ Ask the people he worked with at Ministry of Defence, they will attest to that

  1. Those roads will be paid for by our children and grandchildren..So take responsibility for that as well.The right word should be the future generations have paid for these roads.Though they wont last 10 years at the most..

  2. Shrek should stop talking. Did he not make deals with The Gomez Brothers in Ndola for those road contracts? He gives them the contract in order to cut a deal to get money and how this buff.oon steals money. For a guy with a PhD (fake) he should be able to know how to calculate the Price Index with inflation a simple Macroeconomic concept. For someone to say PF has completed many projects is a lie because as someone put it, it will take our future generations future generations to pay for these debts while these guys and buried in the ground.

  3. Mark my words, whether you like it or not, NO ONE WILL EAT INFRASTRUCTURE. If PF wins, it will just be like in Malawi where the president is asking starving people to hustle hard or EAT MICE OR GRASSHOPPERS.
    The real issue is if you take K200 in the market, are you buying more goods now under PF or are worse off. VOTE BASED ON YOUR STOMACH AND WALLET.

  4. Has PF built roads and so called infrastructure? I am talking about Patriotic Front, the Party……. this party wants to come back into government.

    What is true is that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has contracted huge Eurobond loans under the leadership of the disgraced PF. This bunch of hooligans got the debt on pretext of development when in fact their sole aim was to steal and loot. In one year, Lungu pocketed more than K13 million and it is said Chikwanda got much much more.

    Kambwili, that money will be paid by my grand children and great grand children as kaloba interest kicks in. These kids yet to be born will be shackled with debt because of your fat neck greed.

  5. I regret not taking pics of the road connecting roan to luanshya, kabwilis backyard. The potholes are so huge that in many instances you have to drive on the wrong side and the incoming cars have to give way. This was only 60 days ago

  6. does this black pig kno that all the roads were there from kk time so what is so new people want food nor roads u black pig

  7. Kambwili, if PF Government has linked all towns in Zambia why is Lungu and the rest of PF using VERY EXPENSIVE HELICOPTERS for their campaigning?

    The taxpayers money and EUROBONDS that is being wasted on this would be enough to build hundreds of new roads.

  8. in which part of luanshya have you done township roads? have you been to newtown imwe ba kambwili? go there and the you can come back and tell me about how you have done township roads…ma labish

  9. Boasting about the achievements of Sata and Scott again… Lungu was drunk in some bar at the time

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