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Unity is the cornerstone on which Zambia’s future depends- Hakainde Hichilema

Headlines Unity is the cornerstone on which Zambia's future depends- Hakainde Hichilema

hh senanga
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema addresses a rally in Senanga

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia will only move forward if people continue to remain united.

In a statement Mr Hichilema said unity is a formidable weapon in the fight against the country’s number one enemy which poverty.

“Unity is the foundation upon which modern Zambia was born and the cornerstone on which our future depends.

Unity is also a formidable weapon in the fight against our common enemy – poverty. Only when we stand united as a nation do we have the spirit and the power needed to move our great nation forward for the benefit of all our citizens, regardless of gender, tribe and political or religious affiliation,” he said.

He accused the PF government of threatening the unity of the country in their attempt to maintain its grip on power.

“The PF government has threatened our unity in an attempt to maintain its grip on power. They have failed to uphold our nation’s treasured value of respecting one and others differences, hindering freedom of speech by shutting down newspapers, promoting hateful and divisive sentiments, and even denying opposition parties the right to campaign freely. It is disappointing to see that instead of continuing in our trend as a democratic and prosperous nation, today the PF are seeking to lead us down a path of violence and intolerance out of desperation and pure self-interest.

My appeal today is for us all to remember that there is far more that unites than divides us as a nation. We must not become distracted from the real issues and challenges our people are facing on a daily basis,” he said.

He also said his party believes in the unity of the country.

“The UPND party believes that united, we are stronger. When we join our hands and minds to work together we can move forward towards a more prosperous Zambia, where every individual has the ability to grow to become the best version of themselves, and where every business has the opportunity to flourish and create jobs

“Debate and expression of opposing views are signs of a healthy democracy, allowing us to reflect and challenge ourselves. We as the UPND party will always encourage open discussion as a means of ensuring that we are united in respecting each and every Zambian. Let us see “One Zambia, One Nation” as a daily reality, so that together we can find the strength to move our great nation forward,” he said.


    • What HH is saying regarding violence is happening in his party. If this speech is to make sence. Replace the word PF with UPND. He fails to admit that his cadres are violent but keep on accusing PF. It will make sence for him to just keep quite than issue such statements. Lungu has on several occasions condemned violence which HH has failed to do. people of Zambia don’t listen to this man. He is a danger to our democracy. Give him power and you will have no opposition in this country.

    • These corrupt PF cadres will scamper in all directions like headless chickens next month as a real government is formed after winning with a landslide victory in the first round.

    • You talk about unity when you never thought of supporting your friend when he won elections last year for the sake of developing the country! Instead you saw it fit to fight him from day one. Does unity only belong to you? What unity are you talking about?

    • HH, this where you always go wrong! Sometimes just give an encouraging message of peace and unity without the speech devolving into some usual blame game. That’s what “great” leaders are supposed to do. I wouldn’t cost you a vote by simply encouraging all Zambians to work together in unity despite our differences without sounding like you are always complaining.

      Good to note though that you have also caught the ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION, bug from Edgar Lungu. For a long time you and your UPND sycophants panned this slogan and poured the usual insults and scorn on it—well come back home prodigal Son!

    • Yesteday i watch zimbabwe finance minister on bbc;i like the guy bcz he admitted that the economic situation has collapsed and he said some its due to the lapses in policy.pf they dont admit our economy is on its knees.truth be told.

    • A little bit sense this time around…under 5 or is it Sauloshi! For once your message sounds like a responsible politician…but stop blaming others…just preach peace without qualifications or conditions…may be and just may be you will graduate from under 5 politics…


    • @ shot put. Dununa literally means ” kick away “.
      There is a game we used to play in the compound called “Chidunune” where one leave a 5 Ltr cooking oil at a central place while he goes looking for friends hidding in nearby shrubs.

      The challenge was finding anyone hidden at the same time prevent the container from being kicked very far by those hiding, taking you aback, reversing your chance of finding someone to become the ” Chidunune”.

    • Dununa reseverse stands for the all things which have been sent into reverse gear by PF. These include
      a. inflation from 9% to 22%
      b. K5.6 to a dollar to K10 to a dollar
      c. tolerance of each others views to violence
      d. impartial way of dealing with each other to seeing partizan politics in all institutions
      f. good investment in agriculture to poor investment in the sector and being prepared to handover our land to the big buyer from South Africa

      Truely ‘dununa reverse’…worthy dancing to.

  1. Here is this joker again !!!

    HH how will the nation fight poverty as stated in your preaching – when you are supporting crooks who are depriving the government from collecting taxes – that the government needs to improve people’s lives.

    You say one thing with your right hand while doing the opposite with the other hand.

    Start fighting poverty by asking Mmembe to pay the money so that we can pay civil servants and improve infrastructures

    • PF claims they have done 3 950 km of roads. Instead of paying US$470 000 per km, they have been paying US$2 000 000 per km. They have been pocketing the difference of US$1 530 000 per km. In total they have stolen and shared US$6bn. The only reason why @TYCO you support PF is because you are a beneficiary of this national plunder and looting! In August 2016 you will start accounting for this looting!

    • @TYCO
      You seem to have no clue whatsoever about WHO OWES WHO in the case of POST VS PF. The use of ZRA/GOVT is strangely misplaced because if it were truly so the CLOSURE would not have taken so so so so LONG. Therefore ZRA/GOVT name in this story is nothing but a SCAPEGOAT. Anyway, I leave it here so your brain can work.

  2. But unity is not the cornerstone on which HH’s presidency of UPND was founded. Rather, it was ethnic division. So, what guarantee do we have that if HH were to be President of Zambia, unity would be the cornerstone of Zambia’s future depends? This is bearing in mind that HH has not to-date apologized for the manner in which Messrs Sakwiba Sikota and Chisanga were prevented from ascending to the presidency of UPND when Anderson Mazoka died all because they were not Tonga.

    • Those two people you mention are alive. What makes you think you represent their views better than they would do for themselves. It shows that you are grinding a stone for water. Try asking them to make their point for themselves after all they are richer than you and can ably afford internet.

  3. You have been pressured by the founding members to go back to the table and campaign for what UPND Stands For. Hence trying to limit damage.

    Too late. You have really shown the true colours of your soul.

    You don’t care about Zambia. You are willing to save one crook { Mmembe } at the expense of all Zambians. The very Zambians that you asking to vote for you.

    Your naivety scares good thinking people. No Wonder why NKhombo, Mweetwa, Siakalima, Mwiimbu are all disappointed waiting for you to loose and reinvent UPND

  4. Deep down you are a tribalist. You are on the record to have said UPND must be run by a Tonga.

    Unfortunately over the years Zambia has said NO TO YOU. Last month you openly cried while Chongwe that Zambians don’t turn up on elections to vote for you.

    Ask yourself why is so.???

    After trying 5 times. Even the UNKNOWN Edgar Lungu beat you after only campaigning for 4 weeks. We know this pains you.

    • After stealing so much money from the so called infrastructure development, PF have hired weak souls like TYCO and many others to defend their evil schemes! Fortunately Zambians have seen through all this wickedness. So on 11 August 2016 as we vote, we will remember all these wicked PF schemes and the PF wicked media militia of which TYCO is a member!

  5. ” Don’t vote for Sakwiba’s ULP MP,he has sold you to Bembas by working with Sata’s PF”- HH campaign in Western Province 2006. “NW,Western and Southern let us unite so that we can control Zambia”- by Milupi at UPND Campaign in Western Province, Jan 2015. “NW Province you are suffering because PF has taken your money to build Universities in Muchinga”-HH campaign in NW,Jan 2015. “It is time for a Tonga to rule now,after Lozi,Lunda, Luvale”- Munkombwe at UPND rally, Jan 2015. ” HH could have been President had it not bee for tribe”- Maureen Mwanawasa campaigning for UPND on Hot FM for Jan 2015 elections. Only a Tonga should be President of UPND – 2006 UPND convention to succeed Mazoka. With all these I cannot believe HH’s sugar coating of his divisive ethnic and regionally…

    • So in your uncommon sense you feel he should not advocate for unity now? Umkhonto we sizwe maan.

    • It’s too late and highly suspicious for HH to advocate for unity now. Let’s see how consistent he will be, and maybe we can consider him in 2021. Sorry, I hear he is retiring in about a month’s time!!! Meantime Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  6. Paid PF bloggers in action.Spreading falsehoods will not stop the winds of change.August 11 will usher in a new chapter.The entire nation is moving FORWARD…

    • That is not false…It’s true those words were uttered. just apologies for being a tribal party

    • What wind of change imwe banthu?? I don’t see a 2011 scenario this time around. Are UPND trying to dribble themselves again? Anyway, the game in 2015 was great. Can’t wait to watch a repeat of it. Meantime, Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  7. Coming from HH unity sounds like an after thought, if we consider where he has come from and what he has said before. And as usual he contradicts himself soon after his opening statement, just look at paragraphs 5 & 6, completely out of congruence with his message. On the totality of his statement, HH is actually still the same old HH, preaching hatred. Just replace the word “unity” with “hate” in the statement and it makes more sense and meaning. This a tribalist which has suddenly seen the value of unity? Unity, my foot!!

  8. HH is right, Government should work on reducing the high poverty levels that are now at 61.3%, (Of this 54.4% are described as poor and 40.8% as extremely poor). To do this, we need unity and competent leadership, which PF does not have. All they know is corruption: How can a caring government do roads at US$2 000 000 per km instead of US$470 000 per km? PF needs to go. They are too corrupt!

  9. Barely a year ago HH embraced Munkombwe warmly at a rally in Choma 2015 for stating the very opposite of unity. He has never apologised for the way he was elected. I have always advised HH to clear the air because those tribal elements will not go away on their own, and what does he do? He embraces Munkombwes statement. Ala ba HH, Zambians do not forget easily. You are like a mosquito that has sprayed itself with Doom and expects to survive. This statement has only served to reignite the old debate, looking at the quotes by bloggers who remember everything that HH has said before. I repeat whatvI have always said: “HH shooting himself in the foot again, at critical times”.

    • @Terribke, you are very right. But dont expect HH to apologise. People of that terrible persuasion do not apologise. Desperation and panicking will always cause someone to make mistakes like the ones in HH’s statement. Meanwhile, Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  10. @7 Independent, there are no winds of change in Zambia, only in your imagination. Tell the nation what you call ‘lies by paid bloggers’. State which of the statements attributed to HH and his supporters in the past are lies. Has HH or you denied them before? Now that it matters, the words of HH, Munkombwe, Ackson Sejani are lies? Come on my brother, lets be honest because these are recorded words. Repent and we shall forgive you, we are not haters or liars like you, HH, GBV, Sejani, Scot and the rest of the ilk. In fact genuine supporters of HH must be confused by HH’S latest statement, they no longer understand what their leader stands for, as if it was not enough confusion to appoint GBV as running mate!

    • In less than 3 weeks even the PF die hard we accept that Lungu and PF are heading to a big defeat in the history of zambia.Instead of campaigning hard Lungu is quick to jump on plane to look for exam leakage from museveni in Uganda.By the time is discouvers he was given wrong papers the exams will be served right in front of his desk.Wina azilila.Agony is ti discover your leakage is false.

  11. The country is an economic quandary to which the best response from the current government is to cry out for help from the IMF. This is the issue of concern that PF is shying away from to explain, together with the sudden leap in fortunes of our president ECL. The tribal mantra has fortunately been ignored as witnessed by the very successful rallies in the North and Luapula. Why shouldn’t a tonga rule, in the same manner a ngoni/nsenga is currently ruling? No need to apologise for one’s tribe, and beyond that, it is to celebrate our common nationality. I am enrolling for tonga and lozi made simple lessons in readiness for a new set of leaders to rule our country. I might also learn some cattle rearing skills:-)

  12. Remember that until recently bembas were “monkeys in a maize field” according to HH and his close allies then. I dont know how GBV takes this, whether he thinks that he has suddenly become a cow or a buffalo, but I will not waste my time on foo.ls.

  13. No wonder HH has been talking about things that are strange to what we know him for: One Zambia One Nation One People, I am a christian, I believe in God, I go to church. So he was preparing us for this, an admission of guilt without apologies? Well he cannot apologise for what he believes in, can he? And who will accept his false apologies? Sorry HH, underfives cannot deceive adult Zambians, the majority voters.
    Ok UPND cadres, I now command you to react and insult me. The floor is open!

    • Just tell us how lungu made $ 2million in 1 year while businesses are closing and people are losing jobs……..

    • @terrible,
      How old are you? Ask your parents to explain to you why you should NOT mock your creator God.

  14. Thanks HH for castigating fellow tribes men and women. They dont like unit that they only vote as a region. Tell them

  15. Inflation at 21 % from 7 % sontaaaapooooo

    Kabunga k35 to k90 sontaaaapooooo

    Lungus bank balance from 0 to $2 million in 1 year sontaaaapooooo

  16. Well spoken HH. ‘There is more that unite us than divide us’. This is a good comment from a future head of state.

  17. HH has one of the worst team ever to run the affairs of the country, and himself lacks the competencies such as responsibility, accountability, integrity and love that are needed to lead Zambians. We know HH for things totally opposite to what he has said today. When did he change? Never heard any public confession of his conversion. With the likes of GBM closest to him, I doubt him so much. Let him explain the bringing down of PF billboards by UPND thugs. Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  18. These are very good words from HH. Continue to preach and unveil your vision and love for Zambia. Only those who have no businesses in Zambia wouldnt mind Zambia in flames. They owned only a bottlestore in a shanty township.

    These same words will be copied and repeated by Edgar Lungu and he will be praised for a whole month by the same dull and biased cadres.

  19. My word of advise to all voters in Eastern Province, Muchinga, Northern, Luapula, Central Copperbelt, Lusaka, Western and North Western provinces please do not vote for HH and GBM they are divisive and I agree with Terribe

    • No we cannot vote for HH and UPND. We are still alive to how the Southerners, Westerners and Northwesterners voted for HH. 2016 is the year of dununa reverse!!!

    • @Zedoc, is that the meaning of Dununa Reverse? I didn’t know. So HH is preaching unity because other regions have declared revenge? I like this. Let’s do it. Meantime, Viva ECL, Viva PF.

  20. keep on camaining on tribe the more the reason PF is loosing this election.HH is campaigning on the economy fullstop.Zambians are wise and know that Lungu has failed or this Tribal nosense is just a gimik.HH is winning big time see tha crouds.Change is real.

  21. HH speaks and behaves Presidentially. Lungu speaks and behaves like a violent thug. Lungu made K13 million in 15 months while his govt salary is only K700000. Ba Lungu sonteni apomaiba?Was it stealing money from Treasury or corruption from govt road contracts or both? Lungu is not Presidential and certainly not trustworthy. His record in govt speaks volumes and is all there for all to see. No wonder Lungu is determined to steal our votes on 11th August. We are wild awake to stop Lungu in stealing our votes. Lungu and his illegal Ministers must be held accountable after 11th August. These PF hyenas must be chased from State House thru an electoral landslide for HH. Forward with HH,GBM &UPND.

  22. Dont be scared like little flies . HH will rule better bonse tuka sekelamo.Lungu has already failed thats why he is dununaring reverse as we shall dununa foward.Nfwiti ni Lungu , Nachakolwa ni….

  23. Pathological liar! Only one Tax defaulter has had his business shut. You’re able rant and yap all you care because of freedom of speech. Of course you’re campaigning freely right now. A fair but desperate shot at the call for unity after learning that Zambia is big. The Tuma tours around the country have given you a fair shot at good understanding why you always lost. To late nigga, expressing your views does not entail violence and Tax defaulting. You have not been heard to publicly denounce violence. Liar!

  24. Unity does not reside in hate for the PF or the President that one cannot recognise what the PF has done. Look @ the new roads, hospitals, clinics, schools, power projects, food surplus in midst of regional draught etc. That is real development to both poor & rich which even UPND is enjoying. If you can’t recognise this then you’re full of hate. Only new constitution & bill of rights guarantees further unity & development. Not empty political statements that don’t even recognise what we’ve achieved as country is past 5 years. God Bless Zambia

  25. What unity is this goat talkng ablt?we said let’s unit n pray 4 this contry,dd he attend the national prayers?ECL opened the state house open policy,so tht whoever hs solution to problems zambia is going through,dd anyone saw HH offerng solutions?

  26. A vote for HH is a vote for GBM. It is as simple as all that because if HH wins the elections and dies a month later, GBM automatically takes over as president. Do I want GBM for president. Emphatically no!! So HH you have lost my vote just on the basis of a very wrong choice for running mate.


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