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No access to safe drinking water after 50 years is a sign of failed leadership-HH


United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that it was a sign of failed leadership that 50 years after independence people living in valleys have no access to safe and clean drinking water.

Addressing a rally at Munyumbwe ground, Gwembe, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Hichilema said that his government will pay particular attention to providing clean water through methods such as drilling of water boreholes.

He wondered how a government that claims to care for the people can fail to provide safe and clean drinking water despite having borrowed more in 3 years than UNIP did in 27 years in office.

Mr. Hichilema said once he is at his work station in State House he will labour round the clock to ensure valleys are developed.

Meanwhile, following a tragic road accident yesterday morning in Gwembe district in which four people died, the UPND President expressed his sorrow.

President HH made it clear that the UPND are ready to work round the clock to transform this country into an economic hub, creating jobs and moving Zambia forward.


  1. And pf has only being in govt for 5years and it has put up massive infrastructure. Water business is in the private sector hands and this is a simple project for Pf govt to undertake.

    • Under 5 politician,,,you mixed up your campaign message every time you speak…PF have been in power for 5 years and not 50 years….so it cannot be “a failed government” of PF…Therefore, you should commend PF that it has done wonder in the last 5 years, looking at what PF has done so far through out the country…Sauloshi webo ilya ilya mutolo webo…ulebepa a bantu webo

    • vodka chakolwa wrung and his pamafi have borrowed more money which has been wasted on political compains.You’ve got to wake from your slumber…VIVA UPND,VIVA HH 2016

    • All key players Sata ,chikwanda,nyama soya rb,kavindele,wina,lungu are all unip products that’s why we cant experience really change.Massive infrastructure can speak for itself your laboring to sonta is a sign of failure.Infact what you are claiming to have done does not relate to the money spent.You need to explain with statistics where you have spent the borrowed money together with what you inherited,its a shame that within 4yrs of your govt you have ransacked our resources to a point where you cant even pay salaries on time.

  2. ask MMD ( DR.mumba) AND unip, PF has done more in less than 5 years. so the water issue will be our next target since you have cried alot.

  3. This is a true reflection of the audience attending to HH rally. Please compare this to ECL audience in article entitled “President Lungu’s Visit to PF Strongholds in Pictures” and just look at the 24 -30. Picture from the so called “PF Strongholds ” to me looks to have been manipulated.

    See for yourselves, the differences in pictures seem to be telling a story… who is leaving the political scene, ECL or HH?

    Vote wisely.

  4. Lungu is in the places he claims to be his strongholds, however the crowds he manages to pull are not even equal to what HH and GBM pulled whilst there. The Kasama rally was one that made Lungu shiver including the Mpika and Chipata Rally. Those were memorable rallies.

  5. However, unfortunately for most there are more taverns, shebeens, & drinking holes, & though not solely P.F’s problem, their leader worships the alcoholic watering hole maningi.

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