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Interview with New Zealand based Electro/Afro Pop artiste , Mukuka Musowa

Headlines Interview with New Zealand based Electro/Afro Pop artiste , Mukuka Musowa

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Mukuka is a Zambian singer/ song writer based in Hamilton ,New Zealand . She has been working on a project with producer Nate since 2014. Her debut single “Shout it out loud” was the start of her on-going music journey . We caught up with her for an interview.


KAPA187: Tell us about yourself.

MUKUKA: My name is Mukuka Musowa, although I currently live in New Zealand I was born in Luanshya. At the age of 9 my family moved to New Zealand. I am a 22-year-old Media Arts student at Waikato Institute of Technology in Hamilton, New Zealand. Apart from my music I enjoy reading, writing, painting and doing anything that gives me a chance to be creative.

KAPA187: What was your inspiration to get into music?

MUKUKA: When I was younger I remember wanting to learn how to play the piano, that is what inspired me to get into music, later on I discovered my love and fascination for writing lyrics, and that is where my journey began.

KAPA187: How would you describe your style of music, and which artists are you inspired by?

MUKUKA: I would describe my music style as Electro pop/ Afro pop. One artist who has inspired me and the reason I got the confidence to start writing my own music is Nigerian Singer/Songwriter Asa. I discovered Asa during high school, I thought she was the coolest African singer on the planet. Not only did she have natural hair like me! She could also sing and write about problems and situations she was facing, I thought that was so empowering. Her sound was also very different to other African female song writers. One of my favorite lyrics by Asa are in Dreamer Girl, she says “Have you ever heard of a dreamer girl, living in a world so far away. You might think that she’ll be a bit naïve, when she says that someday she’ll be your queen.” This resonated with me a lot as I was that dreamer girl, I am that dreamer girl.

KAPA187: Tell us about your latest single “Just Fine”. What is the concept of the song?

MUKUKA: We have all had something bad or difficult happen to us at some point in our lives, ‘Just Fine’ is about looking at those difficult situations and saying to yourself “I know this is really hard, but I will be fine”. The concept of Just Fine was based on the idea of leaving home (Zambia) and coming to New Zealand, how challenging the journey was for me, how hard it was to adapt to a new culture and leaving friends and family behind.


KAPA187: “Just Fine” is the third song you have released. The other two being “leave me alone” and “Shout it out loud”. The latter is my favorite of the trio. What is the song about?

MUKUKA: I am happy you like “Shout It Out Loud”!  The song is about being set free; whether its being set free from a place, person or thing.

KAPA187: The 3 songs are part of a project you are working on. Could you elaborate more on the project?

MUKUKA: Since 2014 I have been working on an EP with DJ/Producer Nate.

KAPA187: The song “Just fine “was written for and will be featured on a New Zealand Television Show called “BOTH WORLDS”. What is that TV show about and tell us what your contribution will be?

MUKUKA: “Both worlds” is about a group of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds who are tackling their fears, their pasts and their future. Each episode includes young first, second, third or fourth generation New Zealanders as they turn a camera on themselves to share their life changing journeys. Throughout the episode I look to the Zambian community here in New Zealand in helping and teaching me how I can keep my Zambian heritage alive, because as I grow up I realize just how important it is to know where you come from.

mukuka musowa

KAPA187: How would you describe the music industry in New Zealand in comparison to the Zambia?

MUKUKA: I don’t know much about the Zambian music industry; it is something I would like to learn more about. The music world here in New Zealand is very small and it all comes down to who you know. I am fortunate enough to be around really talented tutors, peers and mentors who have always encouraged me to keep my journey going.

KAPA187: Is there any Zambian artist you would like to collaborate with in the future?

MUKUKA: Yes!! Macky 2

KAPA187: Apart from music what else are you involved in?

MUKUKA: I am a full time music student so at this point in my life is music.

KAPA187: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

MUKUKA: Although it is impossible to see what will happen in the next five years, I plan on working on and releasing my first album, finishing my music degree and of course preforming in Zambian is also on the list!

KAPA187: Any last words.

MUKUKA: Thank you for listening to my music, below are links where you can find more of my music.

Facebook: Mukuka Music

The Audiencehttp://www.theaudience.co.nz/mukuka/

Band Camp: https://mukuka.bandcamp.com/

YouTube: mukuka musowa

SoundCloud : MukukaMusowa

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Leave me alone

Shout it out loud


Just Fine







    • That is a fare enough comment. I would love to go to Australia one day their music industry is a lot bigger there than here in New Zealand.

  2. Italanta epolili but direction is lacking. Nothing in the music shows she is Zambian. Like Casper Nyovest and Black Coffee she is a Carbon copycat

    • Thank you for the advise, what would you suggest would help in making my sound more “zambian”?. I ask this because I left Zambia when i was very very young and hope to know more about where I am from.
      Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Okay nkanshi yandi 1 start listening to old Zambian music. I’m not saying you should copy it just listen to the vibe.
      2 There must be Zambian musicians in Australia. Be in touch with them and have them as session instrumentalists. They will obviously bring the Zambian touch to whatever you compose. Or if you have the money get some musicians from Zambia and fly them in.
      3 Get a Producer with a love for Zambian/African music

  3. I love your brand of music . Away from what we usually here . The song just fine . Is just brilliant .

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