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Zambia Olympic contingent leaves for Rio

Sports Zambia Olympic contingent leaves for Rio

A contingent of Zambian athletes this morning left the country to participate at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympic games in Brazil.

And the Zambian athletes have pledged to yield medals at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

The athletes who left this morning at the Kenneth Kaunda intentional airport in Lusaka aboard a South African airline assured the nation that they will work hard to bring glory and honour.

Speaking on behalf of the athletes, Mathews Punza a judoka said the athletes will strive to make the country proud by bringing back medals.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) communications officer Noah Silomba.

And OYDC Director Clement Chileshe is optimistic that the Zambian athletes will bring honour and positive results to the nation if they apply themselves fully. .

Chileshe said though the country is sending a small number of athletes to the Olympics, the quality of athletes has greatly improved and that Zambia has a good chance of reaping medals.

Zambia will be represented by seven athletes at the 2016 summer Olympics Games to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 to 21.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s top female athlete and Africa’s number one 800 meters runner Kabange Mupopo and her coach Douglas Kalembo will leave on August 6, 2016.

Zambia Judo Association President Alfred Foloko and National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) Executive Director Brenda Chipande were at the airport to see off the team.

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  1. Wishing you the best guys. I’m glad this time the number of sports officials has not outnumbered the athletes.

  2. Is it the problem of money or lack of athletees? We need 2 work on personnel. We know it’s not in quantity but quality without quantity can be detrimental. @DR-thanks 4 the observation on sports officials who in the past used to outnumber the athletees!

  3. The article says nothing about the number of officials traveling with the athletes, don’t jump to conclusions that they are less just because of a picture you are seeing on Lusaka times.

    7 athletes is a profusely pathetic number of athletes to send. We simply have a government that see no reason to support sport at any level in the country. Our country is 52 years old and has been sending teams to the Olympics since time in memorial and yet these are the numbers we are still talking about!!! Seven!!!!! that’s a disgrace. No wonder why after all these years the best we have ever done is one silver medal. I guess using tax payers money for election campaigns was just way more important for some people……..malabishi for sure. How can we say we are developing when such blatant…

  4. 7 athletes is a shame. This country after 50 years should be sending a good number of athletes. If the islands of Trinidad and Tobago can send bigger numbers despite their small population what does it speak about Zambia? It’s clear a message that this PF government has not invested a thing in sports. In other countries sports has created millionaires but here instead of encouraging our youths to participate we’re buying them chibuku to cause violence. We need change of leadership.

  5. Since the demise of ZCCM sport in Zambia has gone terribly down. ZCCM gave us international standard sponsorship. Many times they even provided staff to FAZ from fixtures secretary to National Coach. One ZCCM team was able to produce the starting line up of the national team. This applied to all sports
    Growing up in the mine township, I can’t remember a single dull moment. Weekends were busy for us.

  6. Pathetic, very pathetic. even the attire looks very ridiculous. am not expecting much from those clowns, any decent circus would not employ those seven clowns. just a general reflection of the countries leadership. this should be the moment for the ministry of sports to show case and shine their fruits of sports development in Zambia. what a disgraceful leadership!!
    “Nothing personal with those boys efforts” the real clowns are the leaders at the sports ministry

  7. All you Zambians want to do is talk, we are tired of this , lets act and change for the better . Sports in Zambia is ran by a few individuals who want to be in power forever .By the way Mupopo is 400m African champion not 800meters

  8. S**t, the Refugee Team is bigger and stronger than the Zambian Team!
    PF football youth cheating and now no show at 2016 Olympics. It goes to show you what ECL and team think of our Youths.
    HH please address this issue for the pride and glory of our Country.

  9. Zambia has no sports facilities to write home about. A point of concern is that all the Secondary Schools being built in the Country now have no provision of sports infrastructure. There are no facilities for field and truck games let alone a gymnasium for indoor games in all the Secondary Schools our government is boosting to have constructed around the Country. We understand that there cost serving measures involved but at great cost to the Nation. These games are learnt at a tender age when the bones are flexible but out athletes get exposed at the ages of 22 and above. You expect them to win medals after being taken the Commonwealth Youth Development Center at this age. Unless we change our mind set it will take us 50 years to win a Gold medal at the Olympics. Secondary Schools…

  10. Secondary Schools have no sports teachers yet we have so many unemployed graduates. No swimming pools at least one per province. Now that rivers are drying up i don’t know where we are going to learn to swim. We can not take part even in simple games like shooting. All we know is football. Now that the football is falling to qualify all medals will elude us. One wonders do we still have P.E in our Schools to day? Reaping medals at the Olympics requires investment from primary Schools, Secondary up to College and University. We should understand that creates employment even to the very young. Talent is identified at a tender age and then developed. But no one can run on those thorny field and trucks of yours with grass looks more drier than relies found in the desert. I am sure…

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