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EU observers happy with voter turnout so far

General News EU observers happy with voter turnout so far

Zambians turn out to vote
Zambians turn out to vote

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) is happy that voter turnout in today’s elections in Zambia have started on a high note.

European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Chief Observer Cecile Kyenge told Reporters Thursday morning in Lusaka that approximately half of the observed polling stations opened on time, while the rest of them opened with less than one hour of delay.

Ms. Kyenge said polling stations where EU observers were present were peaceful at the time of the opening.

Chief Observer Cecile Kyenge presented some early information about the opening of the polling stations and the beginning of the voting procedure, when she visited Kalingalinga Middle Basic School in Lusaka.

“We are happy to see so many people coming to vote – it shows that Zambians understand the importance of elections, and they value their democratic rights” She said.

Ms. Kyenge added that essential election material was available in the majority of the observed polling stations, and EU observers witnessed long queues of voters waiting patiently to cast their vote.

By the time of their 7:30 AM report, EU observers have not witnessed any serious incident around polling stations.
The EU election observers reported that they were able to observe the voting process in the visited polling stations without any undue restriction so far.

Ms Kyenge added, however, that the available information is based on the first reports that the mission received from its observer teams in the early morning, and more information will be coming in later during the day.

The EU EOM has on the ground over 120 observers who are following the voting process in all 10 provinces of Zambia.

Observers report their observations throughout election day to the Core Team in Lusaka, which analyses the received data.
On election day the mission focuses on the voting process, the counting and tabulation, and also the transmission of results.

EU EOM in Zambia undertaking elections observation this  morning
EU EOM in Zambia undertaking elections observation this morning

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  1. EOM, that is what Zambians are, peaceful people. You must be very surprised and possibly disappointed after all the letters from land grabbers and “media” reports from some special promotion toilet paper called Mmembe Post.
    When it comes to peace in Africa and even Europe, we remain heads and shoulders above the rest including Europeans.. Our people do get excited sometimes just like any other civilised societies including Europeans but we know what we want, certainly not people who rejoice at every misfortune in Zambia, including low copper prices.

  2. And we demand that everybody pays their taxes, regardless of what the Euopean embassies say. We are too proud and patriotic to be bullied by you guys. Don’t be surprised if your EOM has actually inadvertently campaigned against land grabbers, for Zambians cherish their independence of thought.

    • You are very right. DEMAND everybody pays their taxes.

      A good start would be the Times of Zambia and the Daily Mail that are owning ZRA TEN TIMES as much as the Post is owing!

      Next go and see Lungu. As him if he has paid his taxes on the K23 MILLION that he has acquired suddenly. Probably not, as it was illegally obtained so he would be loathe to declare it on his tax returns.

      I think Zambians should refuse to pay tax until all these issues have been resolved. I do not want to pay my hard earned money as taxes only to enrich a corrupt and thieving bunch of criminals!

  3. @Terrible walapena tekanya, just control your unreasonable emotions. What clear justification can you give to the wrongs your chakolwa president has done to this nation ? How many people have been killed during campains at his command ? Are you one of the few remaining imbeciles in this nation ? Just your wording speak volumes that you are a kaponya just like your chakolwa president who wants to rule this country with pangas, machetes, guns and threats. Zambians do not deserve that mwaiche so grow. After all who can rely on your fake ZNBC (Edgar Chagwa Lungu Broadcasting Corporation propaganda and lies? This time around, character assassination shall not work because Zambians know your true colours and cannot be cheated.

  4. As one can see that the violence was sponsored by the government. Its peaceful because PF and Edga are scared of election observers.

  5. Are these observing the movements of Kaizer and other cadres and army personnel with pre-marked papers?

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