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Marketeers on the Slow pace of results release from ECZ

General News Marketeers on the Slow pace of results release from ECZ


  1. In 1991 we had a massive voter turn out but results by midnight had started to be announced. So why should it take days now when ECZ is better equipped and more experienced. There’s definitely something fishy going on. PF have held the worst general elections ever in the history of zambia.

  2. That beautiful young lady is spot on…in Zambia we have too many educated f**ls …how can you wait 2 days for mere counting of paper sheets…really laughable. Who are you going to blame for low voter apathy next time.
    Wake up people and get rid of low performers we deserve better!!

  3. This is absolutely unacceptable that an election should be taking so many days to announce the results. What’s the hold up about? Or what kind of system are these guys using? We really need to work on the electoral process in our country. The longer the results remain unannounced the more suspicions they raise. Results should have been announced by Friday and not later than that.

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