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The General Security Situation in the Zambia is calm and peaceful-Kanganja

General News The General Security Situation in the Zambia is calm and peaceful-Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

INSPECTOR General (IG) of Police Kakoma Kanganja has said that the General security situation in the country is calm and peaceful.

Kanganja said that the Zambia Police will continue to maintain law and order to sustain the peace that the country has been enjoying and that police officers are still on the ground conducting patrols and ensuring that members of the public continue conducting their daily activities without any fear or intimidation.

“We however received some reports of post election violence being perpetrated in some parts of Southern province,” the IG said.

“We are therefore warning all those who would want to take the law into their own hands to stop forthwith or face the wrath of the law.”

The Inspector general said that the police service was also concerned with sentiments of hate speech being peddled through various media fora.

“As a principal law enforcement agency mandated to maintain law and order in the country, we are calling upon all media houses to desist from reporting or publishing false rumours or unverified information that has potential to cause alarm or that is inciting violence in nature,” Mr Kanganja said.

The IG has also categorically stated that the police will not condone any acts of lawlessness during this period and thereafter.

“To those that would like to celebrate, we urge them to conduct their celebrations within the confines of the law,” Mr Kanganja said.

“Equally those that would like to express their grievances should air them within the confines of the law.”

He said that the country has been known to be a beacon of peace therefore urged all Zambians to be tolerant and coexist regardless of their political affiliation as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution.

“To end this, the police would like to assure all Zambians of their safety from any harm and that they should go about their daily activities normally,” said Mr Kanganja.

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  1. Good! Those southerners should understand that the whole nation doesnt want their mickey mouse leader, HH as president. The earlier they accept the better. Zambia is bigger than their tribesman.

  2. I thought that when you have evidence you takes it to court and let them adjudicate. Why hold press conference after press conference talking about the same things that you said on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today? You’ve got evidence from Eastern province, from kamwala, from Matero, Dundumwezi, Kampala and Dubai! Evidence from your own PVT as well as from Larry Mweetwa, Zambian Watchdog and Open Zambia. You have evidence from the barracks as well as some dead returning officers. Take it to court & WAIT!!!!

  3. Imwe ba Mr. Kanganja,
    Before the election you were zeeee !!!, even when you were expected to comment. Now after elections, knowing that ka position kanu is guaranteed for next 5 year with ECL, you start talking about people to be calm, atase.
    Wait until CoCourt nulifies the elections.

  4. What is Priscilla and Chulu still doing at ECZ even up to now. These people have harmed Zambia probably in a manner that words cannot express. If they had any trace of integrity left in them they should have resigned by now. Shameless hypocrites who were not even worthy of holding any public office. The constitutional court must also show justice or else forget about Zambia.

  5. @4, keave those dedicated servants of the people alone. HH lost clean and the fault is entirely his. I will tell you by way of examples. In Zambia when there are serious economic problems with high prices of mealie meal people generally would rise against the ruling party but it was not so this time. I will tell you a few reasons where HH miscalculated:
    1. People trust and love ECL
    2. In northern, luapula, eastern, muchinga people were showing anger against GBM whom.they thought was a traitor
    3. Same on copperbelt, due to the retrenchments and economy, the votes that went to H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu could have gone to HH but people were angered with GBM
    4. HH’s appointment of GBM did not go down well with people.
    5. Campaign lies by HH and GBM instead if finding a good practical…

  6. @4,
    5. Campaign lies by HH and GBM instead if finding a good practical message for people to relate to.
    6. The tribal perception of HH was still alive and people knew that appointment of GBM as running mate was just cheating them by HH.
    7. HH misunderstood his rallies and perceived popularity.
    8. Wrong advice by cadres and advisors, who cheated HH. HH’s failure to read that the advice was wrong was because he was still underfive material.
    9. The same people who cheated HH that he was popular are the same ones ill advising HH to petition the results. They cannot tell him the truth that they misled him.
    10 etc etc etc
    11. HH, time to go back to.the drawing board starting with a convention.
    12. More tomorrow

  7. We have to be careful with these pipo. Why is it that they only want HH to be the president? What is it that they have seen in HH which we haven’t? Why should Lozis fail to be happy with their own inonge for being number two but they side with HH? What is it that these pipo want to do if they win elections? Zambia open your eyes and start seeing

  8. Smith, that’s very true, zambia should be very careful with such leaders, am sure even gbm by now he must be sensing that this hh chap is a wrong chap to be backing. Gbm, i edge you to go back to pf and ask for forgiveness.

  9. countrymen and women time for squables is over. this is time to pick where we left off in terms of development. however, harrassing innocent people for the failure of a presidential candidate should not be condoned.

  10. We we did not vote for ECL because he told us he has no vision for the country and looking at his performance for in 2015 it was below par. So we wanted change and you stole the votes from us.

    • That’s a rubb!sh comment there, alright Miya? This is no time for you to start taking us back to the days of skirmishes. We, who is the ”we”? Not everyone wanted your percieved change. The quicker you get that in your brains, that’s if you have any, the better for all us. Time to move on is now, no more hate speech!

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