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GBM is unwell, he has been put on Bed Rest for Some days, Mushipe tells court

General News GBM is unwell, he has been put on Bed Rest for Some...

Martha Mushipe
Martha Mushipe
United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM has been put on bed rest.

This came to light this morning when Mr Mwamba failed to appear in the Magistrates Court at Lusaka Complex in the case where he is charged with threatening violence against the Head of State Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

When the matter was called in court 4 before Senior Resident Magistrate Ms Jenpher Bwalya State Prosecutor Dennis Manda informed the court that the state was ready to proceed with trial but that the accused was not before court. He said neither the sureties for Mr Mwamba were in court.

But one of the lawyers representing Mr Mwamba Ms Martha Mushipe informed the court that her client was unwell. She presented a note to the court showing that Mr Mwamba was put on bed rest for some days.

And when contacted for a comment about the development PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya who reported Mr Mwamba to the police causing his arrest in March said he couldn’t speculate on whether Mr Mwamba was indeed unwell.

“I can’t speculate on whether GBM is telling the truth. But what I think is that his illness was sudden and it must have occurred immediately after he finished insulting President Lungu at a press briefing yesterday (Thursday) at his residence”, said Fr Bwalya.

The PF Deputy Spokesperson who was also President Lungu’s Deputy Campaign Manager in the just ended general election said Mr Mwamba’s sudden illness was God’s way to remind him that it was an abomination to insult the leader God had chosen for his people.

The matter has been adjourned to 28 September 2016 and bail for Mr Mwamba has been extended.

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  1. GBM has serious matters to attend to, he is gathering and compiling evidence to show that Lungu lost the election.

    • Ayopa court chebe… all chaps who like insulting others instead of reasoning are usually just cowards who fail to face any challenges

    • I have 110% Respect for this Lady. I loved it when Ms Mushipe ‘BLASTED’ the ECZ last week! Zambia needs more people that will stand up for the rights of the people.

    • @1Qwela Chiti..what evidence is he compiling?The guy was in Northern Province for the greater of voting and election counting! Those with evidence who had agents at the polling stations and a reliable PVT cannot wait this long to file a petition. I watched the presidential petition in Kenya,it was done within a few days, far away from end date.These people started by saying they wanted recount in 3 constituencies (Munali,Mandevu and Kabwata). Evidence should be pretty easy to compile for 3 constituencies especially for people who knew what they were doing! Mwaliteta and others have just been charged with aggrevated robbery a case which is likely to develop into something serious when we consider that it the ECZ involved at election time when the same UPND was interfering in the process…

    • Please cite Frank Bwalya for contempt of court for commenting on court proceedings:

      “I can’t speculate on whether GBM is telling the truth. But what I think is that his illness was sudden and it must have occurred immediately after he finished insulting President Lungu at a press briefing yesterday (Thursday) at his residence”, said Fr Bwalya.

    • Bwalya is a disgrace to the Zambian people he should be ashamed of himself for failing to serve as a servant of God, this shows the level of hypocrisy in the nation. God will judge everyone especially those hiding in his name he will bring all there evil deeds to light for everyone to see….


      103. (1) A person may, within seven days of the declaration of a President-elect, petition the Constitutional Court to nullify the election of the President-elect on the ground that—
      (a) the person was not validly elected; or
      (b) a provision of this Constitution or other law relating to presidential elections was not complied with.

      104. (3) Where an election petition is filed against the incumbent, under Article 103(1), or an election is nullified, under Article 103(3) (b), the Speaker shall perform the executive functions,

      105 (2)(a) The President-elect shall be sworn into office on the Tuesday following —the seventh day after the date of the…


      105 (2)(a) The President-elect shall be sworn into office on the Tuesday following —the seventh day after the date of the declaration of the presidential election results, if no petition has been filed
      in accordance with Article 103;

      Details of Petition: Court has been asked to determine Articles 1, 2, 5. 9, 35, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 54, 60, 90, 91, 93, 101, 102, 103, 104, 118, 229, 267

  2. This ex-father is the Devil’s advocate. How can he possibly say God is punishing GMB for insulting Lungu? Who is Lungu? Shameless thief and drunkard and yet this ka Bwalya wants to lower God to the level of Lungu’s disciple.

  3. This is coming from someone whose only job prior to the 2011 elections was to insult RB on a daily basis

  4. Bwalya do not accuse God of choosing a dancing queen for us. God can’t chose a candidate without a vision for his people. A candidate who can’t face his people on national debate to tell his people what he has in store for them.

    • Go to hell with your debate why do you like to copy everything that other countries do? This is not America it’s Zambia go to America if you want a presidential debate or go do yours in UPND GBM vs HH

  5. This is the problem with our courts. Too too much freedoms. Cases that could have taken a day or two would take years. I wish we could be having time limits to court cases. If you take some one to court the court sets time limit it will help

  6. From now on shall we say, ‘ailing UPND Vice President’ and ‘out-going UPND President?’
    No. We are more human than watchdogs.
    We wish GBM well. We commiserate with HH.

  7. We wish you God’s healing Hand Mr. GBM. We are behind you, we are praying for you. With God there is nothing impossible our brother, our dad, and our leader. VIVA UPND & VIVA HH, and, VIVA GBM! VIVA All well meaning Zambians!!!!

    • @Mwiinga i hope GBM knows how to say Amen. Meaning i hope he has faith in God as his creator. Faith without works is dead.

  8. When did Lungu become God’s appointed? God does not deal with thieves and murderers. Lungu is a thief and has blood on his hands. Everyone gets sick including Lungu, so anyone sick well.

  9. It is disgusting to say God chose Lungu, not even the Pope claims he is chosen by God. What the F.U.C.K is this s.t.u.p.i.d.i.t.y, and who really is buying into such crap….ati God chose him, say god, maybe.

  10. Is the name ‘Fr Bwalya’ a religious title or a household name? I would want to know better so that I can understand him better. In the religious circles, I don’t find such people with ‘Fr’ title, being vulgar and haters. Planting hate in every speech or word spoken. The day will surely come. But better we know him better first.

  11. Mwaliteta, four other UPND officials arrested for incepting election result forms
    Former Kafue Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta is one of the four UPND officials who have been arrested for intercepting records of election results, a day before President Edgar Lungu was declared winner of Thursday’s elections.
    The five has since been charged with Aggravated Robbery while others are still on the run.
    Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja disclosed that the incident occurred on Sunday 14th August, 2016 between 10:00 hours and 13:00 hours along Haille Selaise road near City Airport in Lusaka.
    “Facts of the matter are that on the material day, three Returning Officers who were coming from the Copperbelt aboard a Zambia Air Force plane, after arriving at Lusaka City Airport, were…

  12. GBM shaking in his boots because he realizes what he did is a criminal and he can be locked up also he has a big hole in the pocket after his dota took campaign fund but chewed never went to be seen by her electorate

  13. Ma BP yamba manje. We are seeing more of these BPs in the next few weeks some of them may end up deaths, All those who came from PF have heart attack and BP (GBM and Mwaliteta) next will be younger boys Sampa and Sata Jr then Muzungu wopusa GS

  14. Get well our vice president not this Chakolwa who is only good at stealing and i bet he wont finish his five years term because Hiv Aid won’t let him. Fact

  15. i possibly voted for the person that was insulted most, that was my criteria for choosing a leader and i think there are several thousands others that think like me.

  16. Rich *****s are abusing our courts. No wonder they voted no in the referendum in order for them to continue abusing our judicial system

  17. But gbm was this evening on radio Icengelo insulting president Lungu. Was he interviewed from his sick bed?

  18. GBM is sick because he lost a fortune of his wealth by pumping it into a bottomless pit called UPND, a party that will NEVER win any election in Zambia!

  19. Nowadays in Zambia even an election defeat has become an illness. Martha Mushipe behaved like a headless chicken when the results started going to ELC’s favor. She thought it was a talking competition,ECZ are serious, and fair [email protected] you’ve made my day “GBM and Cholera”

  20. what about Dora Siliya’s case against the state for stealing billions f Kwachas and putting it into her son’s account.Has that died a natural death and Lungu being who he is has administered the last rights on it. This is why the judiciary is so compromised and biased against certain

  21. The free mason constitution states that “Losers must stay in control of a tribal party and petition presidential elections even when results are clear”. It also goes as far as stating that ” GBM must fake an illness when summoned to answer his insults against the head of state.” Retrieved from the Dundumwezi archives.

  22. People let us know that in a competition there is a winner and loose so let accept where we failed and work on that next time…..

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