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Rains being experienced Zambia not the start of the Rain Season-Meteorological Dept

General News Rains being experienced Zambia not the start of the Rain Season-Meteorological...

The Zambia Meteorological Department says the current weather pattern being experienced in most part of the country is not the start of the rainy season but a transitioning period.

Zambia Meteorological Department Deputy Director Joseph Kanyanga has since urged all stakeholders especially farmers not to panic but start preparations for the next farming season.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Kanyanga also cautioned farmers to wait for the 2016 /2017 Seasonal Rainfall Forecast to help them make informed decisions before embarking on any farming activity.

He further called on farmers to ensure that their produce is well covered as there may likely be some sporadic occurrences of light showers and intrusion of moisture which may damage their crops.

The Zambia Meteorological Department was responding to the current signs of the start of rains in most parts of the country.

And Dr. Kanyanga has disclosed that the 2016/2017 Seasonal Rainfall Forecast for the country is expected to be released next month.

He said the release of the annual seasonal rainfall forecast will be preceded by the Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF) which kicked off in Harare, Zimbabwe on August 15 and will end on August 26, 2016.

Dr. Kanyanga said the SARCOF forum will enable all participating stakeholders from the region to downscale the actual computation of the regional weather outlook into national seasonal rainfall outlook.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kanyanga stated that the climate variability and climate change effects has in the recent years resulted into the shift of the traditional norm of the start of the rain season.

Dr. Kanyanga has since appealed to all stakeholders in the country’s economy to ensure that they regularly consult with the meteorological department before embarking on any major activity so as to enhance their productivity.

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  1. Guys,
    This is testimony of blessings from above.
    Even god is endorsing President Lungu’s victory.
    Time to get on with development now.
    Small-scale mining has tremendous potential for Zambia,it warrants further investigations Mr President. It will be one way of putting generations of mining skills towards the enrichment of indigenous Zambians.

  2. Witch Doctor Kanyanga is an example of lazy,useless, foo.lish and ignorant but educated Zambian! How can he expect each and every Zambian to be consulting the Meteorological department regularly?
    This is sheer nonsense because this would cause a multiplicity of similar queries and the Met Office wont cope.

    How about him and his staff regularly updating the public with the relevant information which is the practical way of disseminating information to the public.
    The mother fuc.ker is being paid to serve the people diligently NOT for warming his Ar.se on the chair. It is a wrong job and career for this fo.ol.

    • Your blog would have made a lot sense if only it was not laced with that uncouth ”tongue” of yours! May be I should ask you this question, what has really made you very bitter all along? The best is to be moderate and civil in your debate. What do you have againgst Dr Kanyanga?

      How about him and his staff regularly updating the public with the relevant information which is the practical way of disseminating information to the public.

      There is sense in your suggestion, but please don’t insult.

    • Uncle Google is more reliable than the Zambian met office
      By the way what happened to that guy Nkomoki?does anyone know?

  3. And still they lie that Kariba is empty.
    And still they blame load shedding on low water levels not on cheap chinese turbines installed.
    Even the Chinese manufactures and installer of those turbines can not be found to verify the works……some one made a lot of commission….

  4. Floods have been forecast for the Southern African region…the exact opposite of the last rainy season. Good news, load-shedding might ease up or completely gone but bad news, more poor yields and higher prices of maize, mealie meal.

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