Security outlook in Southern Province remains unpredictable-Police


THE security outlook in Southern Province has remained unpredictable following the recent re-election of President Edgar Lungu on Monday this week.

More than 150 United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters in Southern Province have been arrested for riotous behaviour related post elections which occurred on August 15, 2016.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said the general outlook had remained unpredictable with sporadic outbreaks of tyre burning.

Mr Phiri urged residents in the Province to ensure that they take precaution and personal safety at all times.

In a press statement released yesterday, Mr Phiri said there were cases of continued tyre burning during the night particularly in Monze.

“Although the situation appears to return to normal during the day, precaution and personal safety is advised at all times as general outlook remains unpredictable with sporadic outbreaks of tyre burning,” Mr Phiri said.

He also said 22 suspected UPND cadres incarcerated for riotous behaviour appeared in the Magistrate Court in Namwala for plea on Wednesday.

“The cadres all denied the charge and the matter has been adjourned to August 24, 2016 and August 26, 2016 respectively for commencement of trial.

“Bail has been denied and all suspects have been remanded to prison,” Mr Phiri said.

He also said 33 suspects have been apprehended in Maala area of Namwala and they were all being screened.

“Chitongo and Kabulamwanda along the Choma to Namwala road are still unstable and suspected UPND cadres have continued to block the main highway,” Mr Phiri said.


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    They think that they can overrule the decision made by the majority in the 6 provinces of Zambia by protesting?

    Shame on them!

    They are now showing and practising full scale tribalism and it is good that they are destroying their own property in their area.

    Perhaps they are used to lag behind because they know no unity and coexistence

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      These tongas have issues. They will put the country in harms way because of their self centredness. Time they accepted that their tribesman as been rejected by the rest of the country

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      Its all because of visionless and incompetence of PF.

      My name is clear and said to the country that “I have no vision for the country”. PF have stolen from HH’s victory.
      No vision but visionless.

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      @1 Hax4,I think it is 6 and half Provinces since central was shared with the line of rail and northern parts voting PF while southern parts voted UPND!

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      You evil Devil! You will soon see what will happen to your ka ma st,upid, useless Faked Drunkard PF President Lungu. He will tumble….and go disgracefully!

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      Munene my I remind you that I well trained commando but tonga ,my brother was killed yesterday in souhetrn province.Iam capable of taking on 150 para military and 100 soldiers single handedly. I am contemplating to defend my people from the silent Genocide. many more of my colleagues are willing lets not put this country on fire I burg you. Enough is enough.This my be the end of Zambia.

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      @ Red Commando Unit
      Indeed enough is enough.These drunkards think they can take us for granted…VIVA UPND

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      Red Commando Unit,
      Do you think you are the only Commando in Zambia. Loud mouths like you are probably not even gun literate so shut the ***** up.

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    Tongas deserve the presidency!Much more because of what they have done for this country in getting the independence of 1964.Even me a Bemba by tribe look forward to see a Tonga man becomes the President of this nation.If it was not for Harry Mwangankumbula,Kaunda could not have managed to get the votes needed for him to become the leader of the UNIP party.Mwanga showed leadership quality by giving Kaunda his votes and today you people are saying Tongas are very tribal.By the way,we have nothing good to expect from the so called EASTERNERS.First we tried RUPIAH BANDA,the result was corruption and bad governance.Second LUNGU,him will be much worse than Rupiah the time he leaves office,as we have already seen.Fellow Bembas,please think twice otherwise this nation shall not go forward by…

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    What people should know politics are games you can win or be defeated. Don’t take it to heart, just start planning again for next elections.

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    Every zambian deserve to be president it is a birth right, but people need to be smart in order to become one. With all these 72 tribes ,you need wisdom to be accepted by all.
    I have seen how some politicians have played it, they have not benefited from this ugly thing tribalism.
    The more you want to use it the more you loose out, so please stop this vice, zambians don’t like it.
    They want to be together as one zambia one nation.

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    @ red commado abakali tabalanda just do wat u are capable my brother is a commado too in zambia also z not happy of killing or destroying non tonga residing dere

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    After the results were announced, colleagues from Tongaland knocked off and only reported for work today, one of them is hospitalized. These are the people who had st-pid grins on their faces during campaign time and walked like they owned the world. Some of our colleagues are so fanatical.

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