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PF not aware of any PF members that are harassing members of the public

General News PF not aware of any PF members that are harassing members of...

PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Stephen Kainga
PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Stephen Kainga

Copperbelt PF chairman Steven Kainga says he is not aware of any PF members that are harassing members of the public.

And Mr Kainga says no political violent activities have been recorded on the copperbelt.

Mr Kainga has also clarified that at no time has he instructed the police to arrest any PF members.

” We are so peaceful here on the Copperbelt. We have not recorded an political violence on the copperbelt. As Chairman of the province, the ruling party which is the PF is doing things smoothly and everything is normal.

“People on the Province are just waiting for the inauguration of the President so that we are back to business. As a province, we want to deliver to what we promised our people. And to continue giving the support which our party leader and Republican president Edgar Lungu needs to drive this country to higher heights,” Mr Kainga said.

The Copperbelt PF chairman further said he has never issued instructions to control the operations of the police.

” The matter of the Post and the vendors, I have just learnt of it. I have not even heard of seen what happened. So at what point did I issue instructions to the police to arrest anyone. I don’t know what transpired and am sure the alleged story just misquoted me. We can’t be engaged in such matters because they are beyond us. Our call business is to ensure that the party delivers to the promises to the Zambian people,” he said.


  1. Steven Kainga thinks telling lies before God and man is okay. God is not sleeping. These are some of the men driven by spirit of lies. Whatever Mr. Kainga is planting, that’s what he will harvest. He cannot continue to lie and cause more problems to the nation of Zambia. He calls Zambia a Christian Nation and he continue to lie.

    • That is the biggest problem of PF, they are always in denial. The fact is that, violent PF of Lungu who is holding on to power illegally can never accept any responsibility of their own wrong doing.
      How can PF not be aware of its cadres when its themselves sending their criminals to havoc innocent people? Can visionless PF tell the world that up to today they are not aware of death of Mapenzi Chibulo who was brutally murdered in cold blood by PF cadres illegally wearing police uniforms.
      PF is a party of lies as it was founded on pathetic lies. Remember how blind Edgar became PF’s president by way of lifting axes, hands and pangas’ up? Now Edgar Lungu is illegally holding on to power, such a shame!
      Don’t even believe anything PF says, all they know best is being in denial, lies and…

    • PumbaFull Kainga, how can you not be aware. It same as Edgar telling Mwaliteta at Chimbokaila that he is not aware that Mwaliteta and Kaizer both went to steal from ECZ, unfortunately Mwaliteta was the fastestes, he grab election material faster than notorious Kaiizer…
      That Kainga is not aware that FAZ Kamanga was thankfull beaten up by Chimwanamana’s state house PF thugs.

    • Tuesday23/8/16 Pamafi grabbed post news papers from street vendors in kitwe by evening the the thugs were selling the same papers to the public,this annoyed the vendors who reported to the police.You kainga to damage control was quoted to have said later that no post news papers should be grabbed on the copperbelt.No country can develop on the diet of lies, Zambians wake up we are being short changed by these crooks.

  2. You won’t see PF’s rabid dogs, Senior Citizen & Kudos comment on such issues because they know that their party is the one that has been brewing violence since Dununa Chagwa took over.


    Now PF fears soldiers will take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Desperate because your Supreme Leader HH lost for a record time…That cannot be allowed by the majority of Zambians including the international community therefore continue dreaming…


  5. Morning to ALL
    Let us pray for this nation.
    LAZ will have to set a precedent to stop leaders that do not understand the law themselves have made. The nation and the international community is watching you. Remember Zambia is now in your hand for the very first time. If you mess up now you regret having chosen that career. Think of our democracy , think of our economy and think of the future generation. Mind you pastors have failed us but there those (pastor) whom God has spared who have not bowed to false Christianity. Let no money be a priority at this time. If you cannot deliver God will use other means to shame you just like he has done to those pastors who have not practised partiality but have embarrassed tribalism. They champion tribalism using scriptures to cover it.

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