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FODEP Board Suspends its President for issuing a “flawed” statement on 2016 Elections

General News FODEP Board Suspends its President for issuing a "flawed" statement on 2016...

fodepThe Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Board has suspended its President for gross indiscipline and for causing reputation damage to the institution.

The Board has suspended Shepherd Chilombe for his unilateral action to declare that the 2016 General Elections were not free and fair contrary to the monitoring information available to the institution.

The Board established that Chilombe’s intentions were unknown, and his unilateral action was unprofessional and threatened the integrity of FODEP.

FODEP monitored the elections and dispatched monitors to polling stations countrywide.

In his statement Chilombe alleged that there were serious errors in the vote tallying for the presidential election.

Mr. Chilombe is said to have used an isolated single incident at St Patrick’s Basic School Polling Station in Kabwata constituency, where there were clashes between two political parties, to arrive at his decision.

Mr. Chilombe is said to have ignored wide information available to him but chose to promote a private and selfish agenda.

But monitors and observers including those from FODEP stated that the results announced by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was consistent with their information from their Parallel Voter Tabulation Reports (PVTR) and monitors in their field.

Zambia Elections Information Centre (ZEIC), Father Leornard Chiti said the data received from its observers was consistent and accurate with results announced by the ECZ.

And the Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG), an alliance of four faith based organisations
formed to help promote credible elections through non-partisan citizen monitoring also stated that the results announced by EVZ was accuraye and consistent with its monitors.

The CCMG partner organisations are: Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ); Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ); Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR); and Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), formerly the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC), through Caritas Zambia. CCMG was founded ahead of the 20th January 2015 presidential by-election. CCMG is strictly non-partisan.

As part of its overall monitoring effort, CCMG conducted a parallel vote tabulation (PVT) for the
2016 presidential election. PVT isthe most sophisticated citizen observation methodology. It employs statistics and information and communication technologies (ICTs) with monitors deployed to a representative sample of polling streams and polling stations reporting in near real time using coded text messages via mobile phones.

The Church PVT, therefore, helped to ensure that the official presidential results as announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) reflect the ballots cast by voters at polling stations.

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  1. You cannot head an institution like Fodep with partisan interests. The Fodep chairman is clearly a UPND sympathizer, good riddance. He is actually a danger to the peace Zambia is enjoying.

    • Every day the economy and country is going backwards because of incompetence.
      Edgar Lungu is wasting everyone else’s time to hold on to power illegally. The constitution is clear, can the visionless Edgar hand over power to the speaker immediately for he knows that he signed the amended constitution.
      Everything that is happening in the country is in reverse order, the economy is not waiting for incompetent PF. Lungu is not president, the petition is overwhelming urge for the constitutional authority to make a decision.
      Why is Edgar mascaraeding as president when he factually knows that he is currently an illegal president? Shame on PF and Lungu for disrespecting the constitution, now FODED is in chaos. Lungu must hand over power to the speaker, finished.

    • Iwe c!kala! Peace nensala! Pf cadres, no brain just water in big heads of these idi0ts!

    • The whole FODEP is compromised. There are known political affiliations for both sides in the institution including at Board level.

  2. He’s not the only because even in other organizations, sorry to this, our brothers from the South have been heavily biased towards HH. Take the Catholic CCJP a boss on the Copperbelt has openly supporting Upnd contrary to the fact that members must be non partisan as they propagate justice. They are allowed to vote for who ever they want but must not use the organization to advance interest of any political party

  3. Lets respect the voice of the masses,
    Majority Zambians voted for ECL, even PVT from international and local non Govt organizations also confirmed that the result announced were consistent with those from ECZ, and no one has ever come up showing figures that our UPND won, Even the international communities like UK, USA also confirmed that the figures they have from international observers on the ground were consistent with those announced by ECZ. It appears as though we want the presidency at all cost, even when we knew that we did not receive the majority vote. We’ve got to learn to survive a defeat. That’s when you develop character. The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

  4. Clearly, the board of FODEP have been intimidated by PF into issuing such a statement getting rid of their president for standing for the truth. Even all those listed organisations with fake pvts must have been bought. By now, all Zambians know who wr prefered and we cannot be fooled by a bunch of loud mouths trying to decieve us hiding under the veil of the church.
    By now, we even understand the law in question. Therefore, we know what is happening and we cannot be convised otherwise.
    Hats off to Mr.Chilombe for his brave stance for the truth despite much intimidation.
    The devil is alive in Zambia and is breathing hail fire on the people from the throne. Blind Zambians are getting intoxicated in the evil fumes but the rightious will make Baal fall. Stand fast.

  5. The TRUTH always comes out no matter how any force tries to keep it down. It is now up to the ConCourt to met out JUSTICE in the petition because TRUTH & JUSTICE can’t be separated. CHRIST is both & He defeated all lies & all evil on Calvary. 2Cor10:4-5

  6. So what about the lundazi formula was it also consistent with the pvt conducted by FODEP? Clearly Judge Chulu gave wrong results.

  7. At work I reported the recycling of supplies to the HoD. In this system what happens is the items are delivered to the plant and then taken out. This can be repeated several time and the company will keep on paying for this item as it’s “delivered “. Little did I know that the boss was also a beneficiary of the scheme
    I just found that the following day I was removed from the system that monitors purchases and material usage and restocking.

  8. Good work to FODEP Board and we expect the ConCourt to be serious and throw this rubbish petition which is just wasting the country’s human and time resources.
    Don’t the ConCourt know that in the wasted time other countries are busy with development and attracting the much needed investments?
    Why should HH hold Zambia at ransom?

  9. Once again PF’s victory is affirmed, first the EU, AU. SADC, Carter Center now ba Fodep are there to confirm that the elections were free and fair!

    By next week the ConCourt will most likely dismiss the groundless Petition from the Hungry Hyena and his United Party for National Destruction.

    Ba UPND bloggers you guys are the most hopeless cretins that have ever lived get a life you chaps and stop dreaming some of you will die from high Blood Pressure very soon!

    Team PF let’s get working with development and let’s move as one in Peace!

    One Zambia One Nation!

  10. One should not expect the general economy to improve when all we are doing is seating idle waiting for lunch sponsored by the few hardworking fellows. Those complaining,what exactly do they mean by economy being in the reverse? Resilience is the ability to recover from misfortune or adjust to change. You had no beard but now have and must somehow find a means of shaving if you wanted to and NO amount of crying shall remove the beards from that chin.

  11. I knew it! I actually commented when I saw this guy on Tv speaking. His body language was that of a person who was personally touched by the events he was narrating. I said it was unusual of a non-partisan officer to be so animated when talking about something he was supposed to be neutral about. I also wondered what happened to his executive director Mr Chimfwembe who had all along been their spokes person so to speak. ALWAYS WATCH THEIR BODY LANGUAGE- YOU WILL LEARN A LOT. Even before a person talks watch the BL (Body Language).
    Talking body language, did any one notice the BL of the UPND officials at the first press conference when they announced at first that they wanted lusaka votes recounted? Dr Banda / Scott / GBM? Look at that picture again. This was before the final results. But…

  12. This was just before the final results were announced. It was at HH’s Mansion. You could tell they already knew the results and that those results were shocking to all of them. GBM got stuck in a chair and needed Nevers to help him up. He was speechless and unusually calm for a person who has just been stolen from. In fact none of them was ANGRY for people who had just discovered that a crucial vote had just been stolen from them as THEY HAD PREDICTED! One would have expected a barrage of insults form GBM but NO! Luckily they all appear to be slowly recovering and finding their voices now. Their Body Language just let them down that day! Watch that clip again you will see.

  13. IMWE BA PF

    PVT is very scientific. FODEP and the Church did it with a margin of error of 2% of 3,600,000 valid votes. This entails that the PVT can’t detect a fraud of about 76,000. Therefore in a tight election such PVT of 2% error margin is useless and misleading. Why do I say so? It’s because ECL exceeded the 50% by 13,000 which is within or less than the margin of error 2% or 76,000 votes.

  14. Hamoonga and 2020. fimo fimo…..muli mbwa kabili ishamichile iyitali…..UK and USA will representatives will only say what they have been told to maintain protocol and not to be responsible for any outcomes such as killings or violence should there be rerun. And to be honest they care less about us. Just look at Zimbabwe and Rwanda genocide…they completely took a blind eye and let people kill each other to reduce on the black population around the world and these PF dummies think if the UK and USA says elections were free and fair then we all should just embrace that and move on….I say NO…not in this era. The church…which church I may ask. You mean all them shady corrupt pastors for Lungu will give a legitimate verdict as to whether or not elections were free and fair…I doubt…

  15. There is no Zambia One Nation here…you guys be serious. Remember ECL will die but what about our kids….are you thinking for them and their future?….I doubt it much. In fact ECL was better placed to unite the nation but he has failed lamentably. Now there is a legitimate petition and PF thugs are busy saying we just have to forget about it and move on….move on to where? Sata and PF brought about thuggery and tribalism and ECL has continued with the same ridiculous attitude. He cannot even hand over power temporarily to pave way for the courts to carry out a fair judgement. Instead he has clung onto this power like a tick. This in itself is a sign for all to know that ECL stole the votes. If ECL knew he had won convincingly, none of this would have been there but they sure know deep…

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