Government has announced plans to conduct media workshops aimed at sensitising people on the dangers of hepatitis related diseases which have become a pandemic in the country.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Tasila Pitters said the ministry is working with different media houses in order to educate people on the importance of getting tested for the disease.

Dr. Pitters disclosed that the ministry will embark on organising media sensitisation workshops in order to engage the masses on effects of the hepatitis disease.

She was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.

Dr Pitters revealed that the ministry of health is working hard to ensure that it provides the necessary instruments needed in all health centres to conduct the hepatitis tests.

She added that hepatitis is threatening lives in Zambia hence the need for the patients to go for an early hepatitis test in an effort to preserve and save lives.

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  1. This disease is about contamination IFIKO. Lusaka city is a big sewerage habitat. People have no environmentally friendly toilets. Others urinate and feacecate any how and any where including the streets of Lusaka Central district as there are no public toilets to think of. What a shame on all of us. To make it worse, food is sold without any control!! What a country. A Tswana friend of mine once told me that he likes Zambians, but what he dislikes about Zambians is DIRTY (IFIKO). Hard fact. Hepatitis has continued to increase due to poor sanitary conditions in the city. All these behaviours are being copied and replicated in all our other towns. Lusaka, mwebantu, when are you going to set an example?


  2. “..feacecate..”?
    That’s a new one dear, I am sure 10 years from now it will be defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary!
    Otherwise your other thoughts are ok…



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