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Musician Petersen writes to HH, thanks him for giving Zambians hope

General News Musician Petersen writes to HH, thanks him for giving Zambians hope

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema addressing media from his residence
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema addressing media from his residence

Dear Mr. Hakainde Hichilema

First and foremost, I would like to say that I know you as a very wealthy Zambian, who I think you wouldn’t even feel a single pinch if a 25kgs bag of mealie meal was going to sale at K250 tomorrow or next month, a Zambian who can make his own electricity supply for your own home usage, a man who doesn’t remember how it feels to be on public transport, generally I take you for a self-made man who has achieved a comfortable life in an African set up.

I then ask myself, why is this man going through this trouble? Is he not content with the wealthy he’s acquired? Is he so power hungry that he just wants to be president at all cost?

But yet again I ask myself, what will this man gain by being President when he is already richer than the sitting in president, Vice president and 7 of their ministers put together? Your acquisitions alone can get you a citizenship in a first world country, relocate all your close family relations, set up business, make more money and leave the Zambian people and ‘their’ government to enjoy or suffer in peace.

When I reach on that point, I start appreciating your fight and big heart to just want to see democracy being exercised. If Zambia never had the existence of opposition parties, it would be a one party state, I believe others would love that but thank The Almighty God who creates people like you because a one party state wouldn’t be nice. Hence we need more of you to serve the purpose and make those in power work hard to impress the citizens of this peaceful Republic.

President Hakainde Hichilema, a son of the soil, Zambia in your blood veins; I wanna mention here that your taking part in the previous election at that level of influence has taught many analytical Zambians a lot of things hidden but happening in our country. You have opened the eyes of many that we now know the tribal status of our nation, the level of ECZ credibility, the effectiveness of ‘our’ justice system and worse more the level of educational literacy for those holding high office. 

What if you knew things would turn out like this and you just wanted us to know if the national structures are rotten or in good shape, may be you didn’t know but wanted to know as well what kind of democracy, judiciary, electoral process, hatred or love, desperation or patriotic a lot of us have in this nation?
I just wanna take this opportunity to thank you for every little thing you have done for the nation, I also wanna thank and appreciate you for whatever you are yet to do. I have gotten my lesson and I believe there are a lot of Zambians like me. I’m no longer the same Zambian I was before the 2016 voting process.

Contrary to popular belief and talk, I don’t believe nor do I think you lost. I believe you are just like any other God ordained leader alive (not just a hungry politician hustling for personal survival), but a self-made man who fight for every gifted Zambian who deserve chance to have a go at life.

I think you are a human like me and you like everyone else alive and witnessing the events of our time, the only thing but important that makes you different is that you strive to make Zambians realize not to merely accept what we are but strive to improve our status as a nation; economically, politically, socially and etc.

Thank you once more
Comrade Petersen Mukubesa Mundia

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  1. We need 10million petersons and HH in Zambia for it to be a better Country.



    I hope hyena judges are listening.

    By Wanzelu

    • Just imagine if we had just two persons with HH’s character, this country can be torn down. This chap can not accept reality. Zambians voted and rejected him. No one rigged the elections. He MUST accept that and respect our views as Zambians.

      The Concourt has ruled and he should also accept than. What sort of attitude is he exhibiting.

    • Muli chipuba imwe ba Bwana. You mean HH can only serve Zambia when he is republican president???
      If this guy is really genuine as his supporters portray, he can serve in so many portfolios.

    • Ever heard of the saying big man big trouble, small man small trouble! If after losing January 2015 elections, HH gave chance for the winner to govern the country I would have applauded your analysis, but no, press release after press release HH criticized the personality of Edgar Lungu and not principles on which pf party stood! He clearly did that not for the good of the nation but for his own good!

    • @ Kabu

      Well, if you are right, you are going to enjoy food on the table provided by PF principles. Instead of Lungu using his first 18 months in office for the betterment of fellow Zambians, he made sure that his bank account get fatter.

    • @ ConCourt

      I already enjoy the food on the table I provide for myself and my family. I work hard each day to make ends meet and have refused to believe that any politician can improve my livelihood. There is no guarantee that if HH won he wouldn’t use the first two years of his reign to recover what he has spent otherwise he wouldn’t be fighting to the last drop of his blood what he can already see that it is out of his reach. If HH’s interest is nation building, let him support the winner of elections while strategizing for 2021. It is not far and Lungu is bound to make numerous mistakes which he can capitalize on without attacking the person in Lungu but simply stating how he is going to make improvements.

    • Bravo Petersen, you have earned my respect. You have distinguished your self from many illiterate *****s in the music industry.

    • I have leaved with bembas ,they are tough pamulomo and weak at fighting.the only language they can listen to is to beat them.We shall make their Ka Lungu to dance to our music soon.Just wait he will hide in state house bankers like Bagbo of ivory cost but we shall catch him.The is flying high and aiming soon it will land.No bloodshed but we shall just choose the ling leader and Kaizer finish.

  2. 1.8 miliion Zambians from 7 provinces believe he lost…1.7 million like you of which 70% are from Southern, Western and North Western, like you; do not believe he lost…. 3 out of 5 ConCourt Judges believe HH wasted his time to be heard….ke ke ke ke ke.
    Hail EL President of Zambia till we vote again in 2021….It pains I know but for as long as you do not accept HH lost we will remind you that the legitimate President of Zambia is ECL. Period!

    • Apart from very poor grammar the musician was trying to make sense, but kept waffling and losing me and I just stopped reading the crap!

  3. I’m not inspired by HH because I don’t know how he made his wealth
    I don’t know what motivated HH to want to be president
    Petersen you are thinking about loud on a non critical path which you are entitled
    Why didn’t you support your idol openly like some of us did? I have never known you to be a coward
    Please publicize HH’s social responsibility. He is rich isn’t after all

  4. These kind of minds in the entertainment industry and indeed political industry are quiet rare. I can gladly equate this analytical mind of Petersen ‘zagaze’ to that of Chama Fumba aka Pilato. We need serious analytical minds in the country. Sadly, they are outnumbered, or should I say we are outnumbered.

  5. We thank you peterson for this powerful statement. We tried our best but it seems for now that ignorance has prevailed. Zambia needs an enlightenment revolution and until that happens we will continue with drunken leadership

    • Yes we now know the true Tribalists (Bembas)and we know were we stand .At least it will an eye for an eye.

  6. Zagaze. Why do you sink so low and convert yourself to a bootlicker. I respect your position but your views on your god you worship HH are misplaced. A person who is for the people will hardly became stinking rich in the manner you have described your god HH. Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than a rich man enter the Kingdom of God. In view of this if HH became genuinely rich and has a heart for a common Zambian, we would have been hearing of him undertaking so many community projects to help the poor of the poorest in this country. Unfortunately your god is a capitalist whose eyes are fixed on maximising profits by reducing his costs as much as he can. If your god you have worship is kind hearted who does he surely swindle land from those poor…

  7. Hmmm,we are dozens who captured knowledge from His Honor Mr HH,he is a strong pillar and a reliable son of Africa,thanks Mr Petersen for that awake message…..

  8. Ba Kandile… Ba Petersen. HH may be rich(dubiously) but he doesn’t have power thus why he is willing to abuse the constitution to gain power. imagine if he was President, what he can do to our constitutions? lets face the fact!! the guy is power hungry, because he is bitter and he wants to use that power to punish others beside he is an opportunist who is much interested in making more money.. (its is very easy for the camel to enter the needles eye than for the rich to enter the kingdom of God). this man is not yet satisfied with the money he has, GBM is content than him(HH) believe me thus why you can see GBM give than HH.

  9. Trash piece of writing. Just dont know why you guys glorify your demigod over his riches which some of us have not seen.Just look at how he keeps his mother at his dilapidated farm. No wonder your music is trash iwe tribalist

  10. how could he serve Zambians when he has failed to look after his mother? the picture clearly showed that the mother at the farm has to really sweat besides age catching up with her. They say Mayo mpapa naine inkakupapap. he was even proud take a pic of his mother while kuma bala and not at a Ranch enjoying the last days of her life.

    • PF cadres you are so useless to the nation… how can you judge from a picture… thats his money and he is an important person to this country if not you don’t agree then why talk about him day and night…. just like your leader most of you have no vision supporting what you dont know.. give them the support as they miss use the nations money and you continue in poverty…..

  11. Feel for you no more campaign means no more payments but be patient for 2021 business as 6th loss await. Even Cadres are reported to have chewed much in 2015 compared to 2016 elections.

  12. This article is typical of people who do not understand how wealth works. He does not understand what is involved because he thinks HH has money to throw around he does not need more. He does not even understand that some very wealth men are even more indebted than the poor ones and therefore their appetite for money is even much more than the poor ones. Just speak to these guys’ workers (GBM and HH) then you will know the truth. And yet people like the writer of this article will express their opinion in manner articulated in this article, a clear misconception.



  14. Hes Rich and still want to be richer . Dont be misled. HH and his 10 point plan i will fix it is not the answer to the problems you outlined.
    While is arrogance is disgusting at times we need him to start offering checks and balances. So stop makin public stunts and advise him to stop self-destructing himself with bu chililalila and be useful opposition.
    In fact he tried with three and half provinces and got that close.

  15. It is a tribal fight. It seems we just have to fight no matter how long it takes. But for those who have marriages of a mixed nature just ignore this. If you see you inlaws fight just give them gloves.

  16. This is senseless support from a poor man. Why should money, tribe blind us? You start calling a failure god so that he can give you some money!!!!!!!!!6 times people are just stealing your votes were? and two times from a novice in politics. HH you just have to agree.
    NEZ sometimes you guys analyze things in a normal manner. It will be very difficult for you to change thing the way you go.

  17. Mukubesa is from one of three provinces with an abnormal turn out and his letter should be posted on ZWD where they worship this loser.

    • @political prostitute the answer is at least all Lozis,Tongas,Kaondes,Luvales,lundas,Kachokwes,Bundas,Nkoyas,Ilas,Saalas,Solis,lenjes,Toka leyas know that the true tribalists are Bembas.Therefore we shall treat them as such.Bembas have come out in the open to say they are the majority and powerful.So we now know and we shall see if you are the majority and powerful.At least now you wont divide and rule.You done you guys.

  18. Please PETERSON right to this man to ACCEPT ,MOVE ON and TRY AGAIN in 2021. A true CREDIBLE MAN SHOULD KNOW WHEN TO STOP.. Since he is so wealthy,he can just relocate. And why hasn’t he shared his wealth by building some schools, hospitals , road, and offering some of his INTELECTUAL PROPERTY, Better still why did he offer scholarships to UNZA STUDENTS, (HIS PERSONAL HUB). If he loves the ZAMBIA and its people so much…He cannot do these CHARITABLE things because of BITTERNESS am sure his INTENTIONS are also PURE. Please Mr.HH. We like you and happy that God blessed you with so much wealthy. But please LEAVE US IN PEACE. FIND SOMEONE who is as wealthy as you to take over as PRESIDENT .MR. PETERSON can take your place. Now my writer that is a challenge for you. We are so tired of your…

    FIND SOMEONE who is as wealthy as you to take over as PRESIDENT .MR. PETERSON can take your place. Now my writer that is a challenge for you. We are so tired of your POLITICAL STUNTS… GET OVER IT. POLITICS IS NOT YOUR THING.. GOD IS FAIR ,WHICH IS WHY HE DISTRIBUTES HIS GIFTS EQUALLY. LOOK AT NATURE.NOT ALL TREES ARE THE SAME… Go on a Vacation to BAHAMAS SIR. BEFORE YOU BURNOUT FROM MENTAL AND PHYSICAL FATIGUE. I have no issues against you and your party. But i voted for Mr.Edgar Lungu because i believe in them..

    • @Kachana Banda we also tired with your tribalism.We are ready to fight Lungu until he falls.If you are strong join him since there is no democracy now.

  20. The INTOLERANCE of people with Divergent views is so disturbing!!

    @ Political prostitute, go watch DeadNBC if you can’t stomach anyone with a different view than yours. If u think we’ll go back to One-Party Democracy, go bury yourself under a big ROCK.

    BRAVO HH & GBM, fight all injustices from ECZ, & KangCourt. Today it’s HH fighting injustice, tomorrow it’ll be you.

    If LUNGU wants to go for a 3rd or unlimited Term, he’s gonna use the same ECZ & KangCourt to get an amendment.

  21. This hypocrisy of the worst kind. What tribalism is HH fighting if out every 1000 Tongas, 999 support UPND? Same applies to his tribal cousins in Western and Northwestern Provinces. HH is more of liability to this country than an asset. One does not wantonly privatize companies in a poor country, and claim to be a patriot. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs, while HH got filthy rich spontaneously. Coming to the elections, the majority voted for PF, so one wonders what the man is fighting for. From my point of view, it’s just his over-bloated ego which is propelling him; he is full of himself. People vote for wise men and women, not wealthy men and women; men and women who respect others, and in turn are respected by people. Respect must be earned, not forced out of people!

    • Imwe he was not the only one who made money out of privatisation. A number of lawyers made a killing. Infact senior lawyers charge an average of $500-$1000 an hour

    • yes we appreciate what the Gates and others are doing, but do you know that we will forever be recipients of aid as long as we have bad policies? We needed a leader with a vision, one that would grow the economy, one that would create a conducive atmosphere to do business so that we stop living on handouts.

    • We thought it was one Zambia one national.we used to vote for your tribsmen like chiluba ,you have never voted voted any other tribe.mwanawasa was partly more Lamba.Now we know that its not one Zambia.Foget of our support its now physical fight.Just like we fought Ian smith that the language you understand.

  22. You don’t need to be a President to champion Democracy. Look at what Nelson Mandela did first before he became President, Martin Luther King, to name a few. If HH is so wealthy let him not focus on politics (since it’s not going to happen anytime soon) but spread his wealth across the whole of Zambia. Look at what Bill and Melinda Gates are doing for developing countries. Look at young Mark Zuckerberg and his work to champion internet access in developing countries. Surely there is room for HH and his wealth in Zambia! Please keep your letters personal as it is your opinion, which you are rightly entitled to.

    • @returning citizen we want to remove thieves that Hh is fighting.He can spread his wealth but it will be like a bucket full of holes it will never fill up.So promise to do so withiout fail soon.since we have tried democracy we shall try war.

  23. Leadership cannot be forced onto a people, rather people must freely and willingly elect their leaders. HH got 527 votes from Southern Province (the province had 812,000 registered voters ), which translates into 34% of the total votes he garnered. This implies that the other 9 provinces accounted for 66% of the total votes he got. There is something terribly amiss here. My humble advice to him is that, he should genuinely appeal to the people of Southern Province to embrace political players from other provinces, so that they begin to vote objectively. Anything short of that will be an abysmal exercise in futility.

  24. The persons who fought for our independence were poorly paid individuals and marketeers. The rich ones sided with the whites……they were called ba makobo or ba informer. Today because of this independence a lot of Africans have become rich either by crooked or honest means. There are rich people who don’t even show it and there are those like Gbm who a peacocks …..spreading their plumage for the world to see

  25. Petersen, people. Like you should exhibit more wisdom than this. You can’t be such a bad judge of character! Face facts and acknowledge them or you will forever be disappointed. HH does not have any Leadership qualities and must step aside to allow others in his party who have served as MP’s to take over. Why are UPND ‘followers’ cult leader worshippers??

  26. Petersen together with H.H, you must know that to;
    – be in opposition does not mean you oppose to everything the government is doing,
    -be in opposition does not mean you politicize everything that the government is doing,
    -be in opposition does not mean you disregard people with views different from yours,
    -be in opposition does not mean you insult the government in power.
    To be in opposition, you have to be upright, tolerant, give credit where it is due. mind you, the sitting President represents every Zambian including yourself, it does not matter which part of Zambia you come from, he is your President, respect him.

    I still wonder why people are still talking about rigging and stealing of votes, let’s move on people, The President is Edgar Lungu, in a democracy the majority is…

  27. indeed ba petersen or whatever u call ur self. you are a kandile. if hh ‘s fight for the poor, democracy etc is genuine, why is he not using his riches to help the poor.? why is he displacing pple in preference to his cattle grazing? who tells u and your ka hh that u can only fight for the poor by being president and reject the eligibility of the election later on the court’s decisions. hh just wants to make himself richer and richer at the ex pence of the poor zambia he wants to manipulate us like he did with privatisation. he is too selfish that’s why he cant even construct a school clinic in his own village. if emmanuel mullenga Ndola central MP can spend K500 000 to help the poor marketeers can he sonta what he has done for poor zambians. fool fool fool just a foolish *****s

  28. Ba Petersen, if thats the picture you got over HH, then you have misled yourself. It’s true, “People have eyes but they don’t see”. The Man you are praising or thanking has very differrent motives if you didn’t know. You don’t know why even GBM wants to be in Government so badly, or the Cartel? With you, they want to help the ordinary Zambian or suffering Zambian. Thank God the majority of us who are LSK and CB and other parts of Z are too smart for such power hungry guyz.
    Look at how ba Late Sata behaved wen things went sour, he advised his followers to remain peaciful & calm, now look at HH, he is telling his followers to be STRONG, Strong for WHAT? Please gentlemen, be very objective and analitical, don’t let your Tribal inclinations blind you.

  29. In short it’s just so awful a piece of writing from Mukubesa! You and I know where this Mukubesa name comes from right? So, there you have it! A UPND cadre tried to write! Bull cr*p!!!

  30. tribalist have spoken but we are not shaken.Its HH forward.for geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Forward always for sure not among us the people of the United Zambia. We always be with humble people like ECL. Please keep on going forward without direction till you reach the ocean.

  31. iwee boi petersen do you know that presidents are just born and not made HH just thought he can rule Zambia by proving himself notumpiya twakwe besides respect other peoples opinions

  32. Stop talking about bembas this is just politics dear even you, you are a tribalist mind you we are all sinners hatred & bitterness.

  33. Yes we want oppositions for checks and balances,but is it only UPND that we have ?i would rather support NAREP than hate hyena.

  34. Mr Petersen is clearly naive. It has not occurred to him that rich people always want more. HH wants to be president of Zambia simply to have power to triple his wealth while sleeping. Just look at his desperation for that office, what do you think is the reason, to improve the life of Mr Petersen so that he can manage two bags of mealie meal maybe? Yes of course!

  35. Ba Petersen,
    Yo HH projects himself to be a richest zambian and yet they are many more zambians who are more wealthy than him.
    Do you know that this company you see MTN z was owned by a black zambian before he sold it ?
    Do you know that we have people in zambia who own banks, big insurance company ?
    What asserts does your HH have apart from few shares , land and cattle ?

  36. HH has lost the election three times in less than thirty days: the ballot, the Concourt, and today the ex parte in the High Court. From this I want us to look at HH in a different light. These three losses raise questions about his ability to make correct judgements.
    1. Going into the elections he made poor judgements
    2. The petition itself and the way he handled it showed even poorer judgement
    3. The ex parte bid in the High Court showed very poor judgement, worse than the other two.

    All in all, we see HH’s judgement deteriorating at every stage, suggesting a person that cannot learn from his mistakes. We must thank God that HH did not win the elections and thank ourselves for not voting him into the presidency. Can you trust a guy with such poor judgement to lead our nation? I…

  37. Petersen whatever your name is. You’re very shallow minded and trust you’ll never go any where or progress in life with this kind of thinking. You’re to cheap and you couldn’t even put a point across just like your UPND lawyers who couldn’t put a point across till they blow up there 14 days and ended up running away. Wanna wanna my ass . Get a life

  38. HH is simply not inspirational enough, wealth does not make you a good person, just look at Donald Trump? GBM? True leadership has to inspire, it has to relate and it has to be selfless. Everyone talks about how wealthy HH is but has anyone ever asked what the man has done with his wealth for ordinary Zambians in every corner of the country? You don’t have to wait to be president to contribute to ordinary people. In fact he would do more with his wealth outside politics. The only issues we see with these two chaps, HH and GBM is that they planned to slice the country into smaller pieces to themselves to extend their empires beyond Zambia. If HH was such a democrat then let him show the world by allowing a leadership contest in his own party first. Do not be fooled by wealth. We are all…

  39. Ba CIA(operation black eagle) by the way i love your catchy name. To be honest, i dont care how you feel over this matter because my soul is already at peace with Ba Lungu and his governance. Sure…

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