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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

IBA lifts Muvi TV suspension, Komboni Radio remains suspended

Headlines IBA lifts Muvi TV suspension, Komboni Radio remains suspended

The Independent Broadcasting Authority has with immediate effect lifted the suspension of Muvi TV’s broadcasting licence.

IBA Board Chairman Brigadier General Justin Mutale announced in a statement that the move follows the decision by Muvi TV management to request for an amicable settlement of the matter after they lost a court action against the IBA.

Brigadier General Mutale said Muvi TV also agreed to withdraw their appeal to the Minister of the Information and the IBA agreed to grant them a hearing this morning.

He said Muvi TV agreed to having flouted its internal editorial policy by some members of staff resulting in the production of unfair and unbalanced content during the election period.

The broadcasting licence for Komboni Radio however remains suspended.




  1. IBA sounds like a dictator. They want media houses to crawl before them.
    Too late. We know what your intentions were. Damage already done. You denied us information at a very crucial moment in our country.

    • Lungu is politically savvy. And they say, in politics timing is every thing! HH thought buying imichopo for diplomats would win him votes, but alas! The diplomats ate and pooped the food out. End of story!

      Thanks for effecting timely correctional measures and reminding some of these media houses that there are core principles values that govern their ops in this country. Had it not been for your action Zambia would have disintegrated into a chaotic war zone. You have shown leadership. For Muvi TV and the others, before you and your very existence was Zambia and your operating guidelines. Be good now.

    • Muvi TV took the arrogant route.
      But finally learned that there no need to make M’membe their role model you would end up where M’membe currently is.

      They were going to have to wait for the minister to be sworn in first and the wait for him to setle, then put up a complaint with the minister and wait for feedback.

      When the feedback comes from the minister, if not satisfied they would then take the matter court. And begin their legal matters.

      Depending on how many preliminaries Muvi TV raises, then come to the main petition .may be after a year or two.

      As for M’membe the issue is different; no reporting violations involved but jus for him to pay his taxes like all of us.

    • Of course they do sound dictatorial, they are an authority! ‘We’, ‘us’…? Oh I forgot, you are looking at this issue through your RED-tinted glasses…

    • This is really childish. Stop insulting our intelligence. IBA just say you were ordered to now that the comedy of errors seem to have paved way for the inauguration. Komboni has been left out for now just to play with people’s minds.

  2. Muvi TV has basically bitten the IBA bait. They’ve walked into a trap, now watch how this station will now politically be battered into submission!

  3. So the idea was to blackout the ConCourt news and open in time for inauguration.

    Bushe, ba IBA, weren’t you on half day today. Using ConCourt logic, Muvi TV remains closed since you issued this reversal after lunch.

    Koma, this Dununa Reverse!

  4. Folly of the highest order…you ban them during campaign time when they get prime time business…so who will compensate them??

    • Ubufi @ Jay Jay! The license for Muvi TV was suspended on 22nd August, way after Campaigns and elections. Try to read the story before you start finger-thumping your Keyboard. Muvi Tv has accepted responsibility in this whole saga. I hope they have learnt their lesson and will be a responsible and mature Media house going forward.

    • No one will cover anything @ jay jay…. have you forgotten how to read as well. they have agreed to have flounted their internal editorial policy so why pay??

  5. Its beyond me how the government thinks they can control the media in the digital age. Are they that unschooled? Even if not through The Post, Muvi TV, we will use social media or other platforms for sharing information.

  6. In Zambia when you’re an institution that is ensuring that the powerful politicians hold to power is perpetuated, you can do anything and it will be justified. Everyone knows that ZNBC also needed to be slapped and still needs some advise but look how IBA thinks ZNBC is fair.

  7. Freedom is relative. Znbc doesn’t issue inflammatory news. I don’t like the way it covers PF and I don’t like the way the Post twists facts just to hit at Edgar.

  8. I don’t watch crap from people like Costa. It shouldn’t have reopened. You see chaps don’t be f00led by people like Kachema, when your station was shut, was he there to advance your interests? Am sure some of you by now have been evicted from your rented houses and your kids haven’t been going to school for lack of school fees, Under 5 children are warm and busy wasting dollars abroad, so be careful who you support next time.

  9. Every forward moving democracy needs a free media that feels free to criticise the goverment of the day. Free media provides checks and balances.

    Lungu and PF do not want any reporting on their looting and mismanagement of the country.
    They want everyone to be signing their praise.

  10. They shouldnt have closed it in the first place. No they want MUVI TV to broadcast the activities on Tuesday . Shame on Lungu. Those who come through the back door are thieves.

  11. Free & responsible media is a must in any democracy especially a budding 1. An informed free & responsible citizen is also cardinal to a functioning democracy. However it is not possible in both instances to separate free from responsible. All media outlets need to understand this & that is why editorial policy is key. The price of freedom in a democracy is responsibility without which there can be no democracy. Well done IBA for getting Muvi TV understand this important equation of democracy. You are building good precedence. God Bless Zambia

  12. Thats the way to go muvi TV this was supposed to be the first step not the court, now that you are back on Air don’t repeat what got you in trouble.

  13. PF00LS are HYPOCRITES who support closure of MUVI-TV yet want to eat fruits of free press. They read LT, ZWD, listen to HOT-FM, QFM, PHOENIX etc instead of watching/listening to BRAIN-WASHING repeats, documentaries & news on DeadNBC.


    Muvi should NOT have been closed in the 1st place. Donor funding has already shrunk becoz of this & IMF may not bail out the broken economy over human rights concerns. Where will money for BOPS come from?

  14. So now Muvi joins DeadNBC in their one sided reporting where they invariably start with President Lungu until after 2 commercial breaks. Thereafter it’s the old lady herself Inonge, then Esther interspersed by some crazed PF cadres like Frank

  15. Let them report issues as they are not fabricating stories!!! They reported that UNZA protected, when there was nothing like that… They reported that Lundazi central had more votes than the registered voters by 9000 and that figure was given to Lungu and the ECZ had subtracted by that number, when such thing was just a hoax on social media and they picked it up and became one of UPND witness points!!! Irresponsible reporting!!!

  16. Let them report issues as they are not fabricating stories!!! They reported that UNZA protested, when there was nothing like that… They reported that Lundazi central had more votes than the registered voters by 9000 and that the figure or votes was/were given to Lungu and the ECZ had subtracted by that number, when such thing was just a hoax on social media and they picked it up and became one of UPND witness points!!! Irresponsible reporting!!!

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