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Ministry of Health directed to employ all graduate health workers

Health Ministry of Health directed to employ all graduate health workers

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has directed the Ministry of Health to immediately recruit all nurses, midwives and Clinical Officers who have graduated today and in the recent past.

Dr Chilufya issued the directive when he officiated at the second combined graduation ceremony of 800 Clinical Officers, Nurses and Midwives from different health institutions in Lusaka today.

ZANIS reports the Minister disclosed that, the country’s health sector is in need of 17,000 health personnel, but that only 11,000 are employed leaving a deficit of 6,000 health workers.

Dr Chilufya, who is also Mansa Central Member of Parliament, stated that government will strengthen and modernise the health care system and develop human capital at all levels especially in rural areas in its quest to improve provision of quality health care services in the country.

And General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNC) registrar, Beatrice Zulu thanked government for the support it renders to the nursing and midwifery profession.

Ms Zulu also urged the graduates to uphold and protect the Nursing and Midwifery’s ethics and code of conduct as they serve patients.

More than 800 students among them Clinical Officers, Nurses and Midwives from different Health training schools graduated at a colourful ceremony held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre today.

Clinical Officers, Nurses and Midwives constitute the largest workforce of health workers in the ministry of Health.


    • They have to be employed what about the taxes gotten by government especially ZRA.
      Teachers too, we have disaster where education is concerned. Instead a teacher teaching but you discover that teachers are now cheating because of pupil – teacher ration is 120:1.

  1. Cry mother Zambia..! Wat a country where everyone wants to be employed…! Zambia will never develop with the go to school, get a job and work for money mentality.

    • @Munene:
      You are such a nui.sance really! What do you expect a Nurse from a poor family who has just graduated? Of course look for a job and support siblings and that is the sensible thing to do! Ar.sewhore!! These are kids that have no experience; no capital and in fact very lucky to be employed straight away. Besides that, work is not about money all the time. You need nurses and clinical officers to treat your grandmother that you abandoned when you went to work as a toilet cleaner in the USA!!
      Don’t cheat us that they do it differently in USA – mother fu.cker! Even in Western countries, there is a problem of Graduate unemployment with most graduates being forced into Apprenticeships first.

  2. Well, if there are 6,000 vacancies it means they are budgeted for and that budget is being returned to treasury every year (possibly as surplus). So, yes, employ and make sure our health services are then at a stage where we can begin to also address resources like equipment and reagents. Having said that, we also need to do some data analysis of the private health sector. To what extent is it meeting public healthcare’s deficiencies? Who are the beneficiaries, etc. That 6,000 might just be more or less…

  3. Comment:they pay for themselves now,it isn’t the way it was long ago.things are now changed bt let’s face it with the country’s current economic crisis how will they be able to recruit and pay the already working nurses if even by now they are finding it difficult.

  4. Comment:the government is barely keeping up with the date in which civil servants salaries are to be ready. please can someone tell me how they are going to recruit at about 800 graduates. people,dispite the fact that nurses play a major role in the care of our families as per client with total nursing care I believe that they are not motivated enough to perform there duty. and hence the country might be facing some increased mortality rate.

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