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President Lungu names 8 more Ministers, Dora Siliya is new Agriculture Minister


President Edgar Lungu in Office
President Edgar Lungu in Office

President Edgar Lungu President has named eight more Cabinet Ministers bringing the total number of those so far appointed to full Cabinet Ministers to 16.

In a statement released to the media by State House by his special assistant for Press and Public relations, Amos Chanda, the appointments are pursuant to Article 116 (1) and (2) of the Constitution of Zambia.

The following are the appointments, which take immediate effect after the swearing-in ceremony at State House on Tuesday, 27th September, 2016 at 9:00 hours:

(1) Hon. Dora Siliya, (MP):

(2) Hon. Vincent Mwale, (MP):

(3) Hon. Lawrence John Sichalwe,(MP):

(4) Hon. Jean Kapata, (MP):

(5) Hon. Victoria Kalima (MP):

(6) Hon. Prof. Nkandu Luo,(MP):

(7) Hon. Moses Mawere,(MP):

(8) Hon. Dr. Dennis Musuku Wachinga,(MP):

The President will announce structural changes to some Ministries in a bid to rationalise their operations for efficient output.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has tasked the newly appointed Agriculture Minister Hon. Dora Siliya to ensure that national food security is a top priority, immediately she takes office.

In this regard, the President has directed the Minister to ensure that the maize export ban currently in force is strictly enforced.


    • What are the qualifications and pedigree of these people?

      This is scandalous naming a cabinet and you start wondering what makes the same suitable to be a Minister and serve the 15 Millions Zambians

      People like Siliya should be Deputy Ministers at most- listening to her is like paint dry.

      Appoint people based on Merit and what they have to offer to the public instead of personal preference of what you want in them being Yes men.

      Mwale did nothing at Sport Ministry and looked immature, I could go on and on

      Lungu is arguable the most uninspiring President we could ever have asked of us.

      Expect the same repetitions of mistakes and the same promises without track records

      What you needed was change and HH would have brought a change to have looked forward to,
      Instead our…

    • Our throats are being lumped with people who basically cadres

      Zulu, Mwamba, Lusambo, these should be no where near the epitome of a functioning credible Government.

      Those are Councillors at most



    • @ukwa,thats the problem of pf or african govt.america secretary of energy has a PHD,in Nuclear energy.ministers should be positioned in their field of specialization who can challenge technocrats by asking tough questions on why this route and not signing documents which they dont understand.DORA would have been placed ku information.

    • Not good Mr. President … I understand the pressure but this might end up being a bloated cabinet with ministers sitting in offices tweeting their fingers with nothing to do.

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise need efficient market synergies from these ministries with the capacity to deliver optimal results. For instance, I don’t see a Minister of Gender spending 8 hours a day 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year taking about gender.

      What do gender issues add to productivity and national development? Gender can be easily incorporated into the Ministry of Sports, Youth & Gender.

    • Also, what is there to talk about to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs? This ministry can actually achieve the same objectives as Ministry of Land, Chiefs & Traditional Affairs … this give a minister more work but these are functions that are easily intertwined in nature.

      Further still, we don’t need 2 separate ministries taking care of education with only 14 million people. We actually need to re-emphasis science and technology and so we only need 1 ministry which should be Ministry of Education, Science & Technology.

      So, instead of the 8 ministries you announced today, we should have only 5 instead. It is time to stretch every dollar and everybody needs to work extra harder for us to move forward. You are the best!

    • Dora Siliya can’t get in mad, she will never reach Nalolo in rain season. Are there no Tongas interested in joining the desperate PF?
      Even Kambwili was better in Agriculture.

    • We can run this country with a maximum of 15 ministries using six sigma methodologies that would allow us to get the best out of all ministers involved. We only have 14 million people and about 60% of those are under 30 years old.

      We have a dynamic enterprise that can achieve all the dreams it sets its mind to and we are in a perfect place now than ever before … let’s roll!

    • Ok we all know the illegitimate president is a drunkard, but is it this bad?. Dora Siliya for Agricalture? what does she know about farming. Just check Dora’s nails, do you think that is a person who wants to do anything with pigs?

    • Look at B R Mumba…there he is wishfully thinking that Lazy Lungu will suddenly re-invent himself and be prudent even for a day dreamer like this blogger is… join the queue.. this is truly laughable. You can take a donkey to the pond to drink but you can not force it drink water.

    • BR Mumba mudala iwe!
      This is in your own words, ” The African Abraham Lincoln”.
      We tell you this Chagwa is clueless, without an ounce of insight into prioritising. Its no secret, ZAMBIA IS STONE BROKE!! With all this knowlege, your “Wise Chagwa” charters a plane @ great expence to take him to New York to perform his now infamous trademark “Presidential Monkey Dununa dance” That is after creating a USELESS Religious ministry. He could have easily used that cash to create an emergency sanitation wing to ensre Garbage collection, & revamping the seawage system of our towns. ZAMBIA IS FILTHY THROUGH LACK OF POLITICAL WILL TO TACKLE DIRT IN THE COMMUNITY.
      Could also be due to “Linclon” having come from a Ghetto, Chawama where filth is a norm.

    • Cont;
      Ati “THE ZAMBIAN ENTERPRISE. Your Zambian Enterprise is broken, & Non functioning, & the leadership you have chosen DO NOT have a scooby how to fix this Broken State!
      But as a P.F, Cadre you are You see progress through you rose tinted spectacles. SHAME!!!

    • Ba Via Garage … certainly appreciate the accolades but like William Tecumseh Sherman once said when he was being considered for the US Presidency in 1884 “… I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected”. I appreciate the confidence but I am having a lot of fun running my own businesses.

      Thank you once more, but ECL will eventually catch on and that’s what reshuffles are for. Soon, he will realize he has gifted talent in wrong places and he will make the adjustments. I would have done it differently if I was President … better to get the right pieces in the right places the first time, all the time.

      In ECL’s case while some appointments are brilliant, some are not … hey, nothing in life is perfect but he is better than the alternative in my book!! Wishing…

    • Continued … wishing him the best. For the best options that the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise have and if he fails, we all fail and Zambia fails right there with everyone else.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr (August, 1996)

    • Let Lungu please himself by doing what he wants after all the “Zambian people” gave him the mandate to govern as the visionary best choice that was amongst the contestants! I can only wish the country bountiful development and a successful contented populace!

  1. Mr President, where is Chishimba Kambwili? The man did a lot for you and the party. I wonder how you can appoint Victoria Kalima to a full Ministerial position when only few days ago she campaigned seriously against you. I should now believe that RB has a lot of influence in this. Chishimba Kambwili did a lot for the party. He was campaigning alone on the copper belt. Please learn to appreciate genuinely. These women you have appointed will make you fail.

    • Chishimba Kambwili was reported to have said Edger Lungu picked his fellow ‘Kakunkubiti’ as mayor for Luanshya. This was very demeaning.

    • @2 Jason Nyirenda, I am with you on this one. People can differ but they should always remember where they are coming from and consolidate what is more important than petty differences. Chishimba Kambwili (CK) did so much for PF and for Lungu to get re-elected. Even Nkandu Luo could have lost had Chishimba Kambwili not gone to Munali to campaign for her. In fact CK was Chief Campaigner and only an unwise person can do away with such a person! The same goes with Given Lubinda! He is such a pillar in PF noticed a long time by even Sata,himself a shrewd politician! How can one put such a person a side and expect new comers to hit the road running under the coming difficult times! Is this fair? I hope you have positions for these gallant men otherwise your ingratitude will be highly rewarded…

  2. Its like in the EPL, the batter the manager’s tactics the batter the team will perform, So if anyone thinks these ministers will deliver with the rotten head at the top, you are wasting your time, EL is a corrupt/vision-less head hence his team can and will never deliver anything, cry my beloved country.

  3. This how guillable Zambians …after voting out R.B later he comes back on a PF window and is now callig the shorts from a distance.So who wins at the end? Zambia Si yanyoko Zoona.

    • exactly my happy though because most original pf members thought we were stupid when we said RB is the presdo since 2015.muzalila ba pf.mmd welcome back.

    • MMD already is controlling the house budget and food from the garden…really laughable…just bring back RB at least he has smart people.

  4. Let Dora siliya go to information. Agriculture is a critical ministry and if you think Dora is qualified to run that ministry, you dead wrong. It’s back to zero. What you need is either a farmer or someone agriculture education.

    • Exactly my thoughts @The one. That ministry has to be the best performing in these five years. You have no time for job on training. Someone should go in there and start firing on all cylinders. This appointment is a disappointment.

  5. People need to get down to work Mr President. Why are you delaying appointment of the full Cabinet. You said you have to Mfuwe to make your cabinet and yet appointing like Morhinio make substitute We want Development here not waiting for cabinet the whole Year.

    • A president without guts fearing to appoint the Cabinnet in good time. MAking the Country wait further after the petition wasted more time. Only someone who does know what HE IS DOING wasted time like this…lacks courage, WHAT A LEADER

  6. Sure Dora Silia she is wrongly pressed We are in a hurry to Move away from Copper dependancy and they are bringing person with the least Education In that field. Awe Sure Mwabwelapofye ukubika ba DORA.

  7. With due respect my president you had enough time to appoint wen hh was in courts. Finish by tomorrow it has a negative implications to your followers. Ba kutimwasekwa nakuli perpetual lusa no other than hh


    • @Bassano, our submission to the constitution was that cabinet minister should be appointed outside parliament. We’ve a lot of professionals who are not politician and can deliver if appointed into cabinet. Parliament could have being left to politicians.

  9. Kambwili and lubinda are pillars in pf…! Sidelining the two will spell doom to pf..! Iam one of the many background strong pf supporter campaigning using my own resources for the love of pf..! Plz my president, don’t hurt our feelings by leaving out kambwili and lubinda from your cabinet. These two gentle men are politicians who matter most to pf unlike the job seekers ur busy appointing. Iam sure they will be included. I believe in your leadership. Long live pf..!

  10. Jean Kapata again…surely why can just give this dull empty tin a high position at PF secretariate …there is absolutely nothing worth mentioning of her previous work at tourism.
    We have graduates who unemployed roaming the streets yet politicans as dull as this one are ministers.

  11. Lungu stop wasting time, appoint a full cabinet, no need to appoint 2 people today and 2 tomorrow. What have you been doing all this time? Why can’t you just appoint the whole cabinet at once and move on like all other presidents do? By the way, if you leave Kambwili and Lubinda out of your cabinet, you will regret sooner by the punishment you will get. Learn to appreciate, these guys have worked so hard for PF, you should appreciate. Don’t you ever accept Miles Sampa, or Scott and Mulenga Sata back they will only pretend but come back for your throat,

    • Leaving out Kambwili and Lubinda will entail that we wasted votes on ECL. It is quite disrespectful and unfair to leave out these two including Mumbi Phiri who have been so loyal to PF. Honestly by now full cabinet should have been in place and delivering on promises made to citizens. Should we start regretting our choice? We are watching.

  12. Appointments based on appeasing cadres will not bring us the much needed development. H.E should pick people with the pedigree and capability to deliver. We don’t want you to waste taxpayers money raised from taxing hard working people to pay people who will not add value to the economy of this country

  13. This business of waiting for cabinet appointments is sickening to say the least, while I support PF and Lungu, but this behaviour from the president is very disappointing. Mr President, do your job right now and let the nation move forward. What did you go to Mfuwe for? Better do something now and stop procrastinating, Zambia, we are cursed with leadership, we don’t even have an alternative, MMD useless, UPND they are tribalists and now PF their president is sleeping all the time.

    • Honestly Lungu is such a disappointment, no leadership whatsoever.. Please Lord God give us a Leader not this mediocrity. After this 5 yrs plz Lord

  14. Those cabinet Minister will have two jobs now, job no.1 being a member of parliament and job no.2 being a cabinet minister.

  15. I appeal to the President not to leave out Given Lubinda & Kambwili in your appointments. If there is any difference u hv with them, kindly dialogue &
    . Leaving out these 2 will be a disaster & will weaken pf. Dora is hardworking but she’s misplaced in wrong Ministry. I appeal to the President to seriously look at Lubinda & Kambwili otherwise the Party PF will crack.

    • What winning team iwe with such ill qualified people in those positions.

      And am surprised with the appointment of Prof Luo to Higher Education after having snubbed her… taking her to Gender which ordinarily should be for those with not so high educational backgrounds. Is it a scheme or what, I mean an excuse to not appoint some founders of the PF. Lungu be careful we are watching your schemes, we can see through you, we are not gullible

  16. God is preparing Kambwili thru HE LUNGU for the future. We know Kambwili will have the biggest appointment in 2021 when God has appointed someone no one can stop him. When God has rejected someone no human can make him president. There are things you can change and those you can’t. Let God be God

  17. Is it that Zambia has no well meaning and qualified individuals for some of these appointments or it is appeasement time. While the President can compromise over whom to appoint in such Ministries as that of Chiefs, religion, sports, broadcasting… The agriculture ministry is very too technical that it requires someone who understand both the technical and economic challenges the industry is faced with. Is Dora ideal for this position?

  18. If you check on my previous postings, you’ll notice that I have a very strong inclination towards PF and I was seriously looking to see where Given “Za Yellow” Lubinda and Chishimba Kambwili have been placed. Ba Kateka, I am beginning to believe the RB has a hand in these appointments. Some appointments seriously look like MMD re-loaded. Kaya mwandi

  19. Kikikiki indeed dununa reverse. 4 years to appoint a bloated cabinet. When we tell you that lungu has no vision you say nyo nyo. look at the calibre of the people selected. RB is back. we warned you. kikikiki pf voters swallow your pride now. Anyway all the best bane. IMF will be here next month. pass my regards to them

    • Chi Nez wash your mouth, stop the bad language I told you last time to stand for presidency and apply your mind not just blabbering. You are a coward anyway. The truth is Zambians needs a person that will think independently also not trible unfornately……….its sad though, another 5 years down the drain.

  20. Ba PF supporters getting all worked up by Lungu appointments. No need to get shocked or even complain about what the President is doing. Ebukopo mwalefwaya to continue leading our country…why is Dora Siliya appointed this ministry and that ministry all the time…are there no other credible people in this dull party? Again we are back to having recycled politicians…very sad development indeed.

    • It is simply reshuffling smelly dog earred old cards in a deck….they said that wait till Lungu is wins and after that he will bring in his own people …really laughable.

    • Exactly my thinking, who is Dora??????? is she Zambia’s messiah? What has she done for Zambia, we forget so easily and we so forgiving hence our government takes us for a ride. Same people stealing over and over again while there are no Hospitals and while when they get sick after stealing too much run to die in hospitals outside the country. Will things ever change? Why are people even saying She should be in information? She shouldn’t be there at AALLLL, lets just forget about development in Zambia. We don’t have any leadership nor do we have people to point out wrong when its wrong. Disgusting really.

  21. Tongas stood on Upnd and anyone of them who accepts a ministerial position will be expelled from the party. That would be the end of their political carrier.

  22. Comment:isoka :pls! pls people help us with chiwada village,people want to develope that area but Zesco has been giving stories to people since 2015.they dropped the poles but later picked them again, where is the problem?it is the entrance of isoka,ad is in the central town of isoka Ad gav Pf 100%vote.if the higher offices can read this pls pls help us, boma ni boma can’t let people suffer.people are killed there,thieves, etc coz of darkness.

  23. Mulimbe for another 5 years, to all those saying everything will be fine. So more to appoint and a bloated budget to pay for these guys.

  24. why didn’t you get a teacher to be health minister so that the equation can be balanced, Please do not put a BBC (born before computers) to be responsible for science and technology, It high time we should have ministers who are professional in that field, because every ministry is just as important as the MOH which is run by medical doctors.

    • Please stop it you do not have to a doctor to be heath minister, this thinking has to end …a health minister doesn’t examine X-ray images from 9 to 5. Appointing a doctor in that position is a waste of resources. Late I checked, the new minster was checking a patient with a stethoscope when he visited UTH unless he was masquerading as a doctor or a nurse.

  25. Plz our beloved president hear our voices. Kambwili and lubinda should be included in your cabinet…! Most if not all pf supporters are worried with the missing of these two long serving hard working pf pillars in your 16 ministerial appointments so far..! Truth be told, kambwili and lubinda are pillars who can defend pf policies in these hard times ahead..! Plz don’t disappoint us..!

  26. It is sad that we are going to the same vomits that have caused us to wallow in poverty because of pointing wrong people who don’t understand what their positions and work is .

    • One wonders why we even have elections in Zambia, we were probably better off as a one party state. Same mistakes, same people. Its like just giving each other a share of Zambia. Do they even know their role as politicians? Its SICKENING.

  27. I cant believe this, 2 ministers of Education? MINISTER OF HIGHER EDUCATION , MINISTER OF GENERAL EDUCATION.

    I mean, come on, you mean Luo can not handle these two ministries, we really need 2 ministers ? A small and poor country like Zambia, why?

    Thes are areas we should be optimizing and reduce government expenditure and not having 40 ministers, what for? They will just be busy making their deals, this is not effective.

  28. Lungu is confused with the provision in the constitution which says he can appoint up to 30 Ministers. He thinks this is a command. No, that is not a command. He can 0nly 22 if he thinks thats what Zambia can accomodate. I agree with most people that have commented on this forum, that some Ministries could have been merged. Another thing is this, if he appoints all 30 now, what will happen in future if for example he discovers a need for another Ministry? He needs to live some provision for the future. Thats why it is said he can appoint up to 30. Zambia cannot afford a large cabinet. Lungu will be charged on austerity measures. Let him not behave like Sata who was creating ministries willy nilly even when there was no money.

  29. “MMD remix” coming back in style. Mulenga Sata said it, his late father’s party has been hyjacked and sold to the highest bidder. And that bidder is!! The very person MCS fought so hard to remove out of power.

  30. I choose to move on and forget about this nonsense.At a time when we need serious economic turn around this man is still joking.You can see his lack of seriousness even by the pace of appointments.You can surely announce at once and plan your swearing in.RB failed to rule for a full term but he has come back in another form.Utter nonsense!

  31. Its a coach who picks his team not spectators.
    Lungu is still thinking to pick his winning team. He does not need your sympathy.
    Going by What Mushota wrote, and Brother B R. Mumba, what was needed was to pick technocrats who can drive the nation, but then come to think of it? who ? and where are they? The likes of Engineers like Yamfwa Mukanga lost elections, not sure about the guy who headed the Ministry of Justice, I mean PF does not have calibre !
    I can not imagine appointing people like MMD die hard Bowman, what can he bring on the table?
    It is unfortunate that Lungu is surrounded by less calibre and trained individual. Look at Ministry of defence, He pick the former SG with less qualified in the military issues ! Gentlemen and ladies, lets no blame ECL, he simply does not have…

  32. How many months until the whole cabinet can be known sir? Is this how we live in Zambia now? Are we waiting because people are arguing over how the cake will be “eaten”?

  33. Why would any one want Kambwili to be a minister again?He was given Information Ministry and what has he done there? He has Mwanza killing ZNBC. SMH.

  34. You cannot score on the bench! Spectators and bench warmers often take it that they could have scored when a striker misses “a sure goal”! Most critics don’t venture into the field themselves: bunda bwakublema (expert arm chair critics!). No wonder you cannot please everybody. Let them work! Even the first Cabinet did not have technocrats as minister; but they performed fairly well. A lot of development was witnessed in the life of the first cabinet. They did it. These can oloso did it!!!

    • Pathetic, ……..development in Zambia is far fetched with brainless people like you! Its become embarrassing to be Zambian. What development do you people talk about? I hear everyone talking about how beautiful roads have become (Our single lane two way roads) at the same time accidents every other day. Doesn’t that ring a bell to you? People stopped doing those two way roads for national roads a very long time ago. What happened to free ways? There’s no HOSPITALS in Zambia, when I talk about hospitals I don’t mean mickey mouse hospitals, Health Care ni Zero, ZILCH. a country with no proper health sector is laughable. Your ministers run na shiki ku SA and the rest of the world. Its like not having a toilet in your own house, everytime you are pressed you need to go an knock at your…

  35. Why appoint people piecewise – where is the rest of the cabinet. I need my Kambwili in the picture. He took Hakakalusa Heka by his spheres single handed. I need him back and let him choose which Ministry he wants. He is a performer and talks too much which is good for a party to grow.

  36. That’s what happens with stolen money. You end up buying USELESS things like RINGO PHIRI went & bought sacks of SAUSAGES after robbing hundreds of millions from BoZ.

    PF stole the ELECTION & has bought USELESS MMD MINISTERS like DORA NDAIFULILA-NEMWINE-SILITI as Minister of Agriculture, MUTATI for Finance, MWALE etc.

    Sure-sure what does lifting a skirt have in common with Farming?

    PF are a bunch of DANGEROUS JOKERS. Farming is the largest employer in Zambia. It’s being irresponsible/reckless/STYOPET to appoint INCOMPETENT Ministers for Finance, Agriculture, Energy, Mines.

  37. Well,i think Lungu will appoint Given Lubinda and Kambwili.I also thik without the two PF would have lost.Kambwilli campaigned in kopala alone.he came ku munali, campaigned and Luo now is a MP.I know lungu doesn’t want to see the united PF again split.We are PF members and know what we we need,the united PF.Therefore we hope Lungu willl appoint Kambwili and Lubinda.We love PF and we don’t want to see the party being divided.May he seek God’s guidance.On Dora, i think she should have been appointed as information or tourism minister.We need a serious minister on agriculture.We are PF and we campaigned for you ba Lungu therefore listen to our cries not to the cries of enemies. We know UPND doesn’t want u to appoint Kambwili and Lubinda.

  38. The President has 2 take time. My concern is local government where an amateur and youth has been taken there. This is a sensitive ministry and needs a knowledge able person who is strong. I am happy about 1 thing though Christa Kalulus movement from Lgsc the lady brought fear and bad tactics 2 the commission. Commissioners were all dancing 2 her tune in fear if losing their jobs. The effective of the Councils were not seen because no1 could talk 4 fear of losing their jobs. But I hope she doesn’t do the same at State House. The tears if innocent people are 2 costly ba Kalulu you are not the only 1 who works and people have 4gotten her tribe.

    • KK ruled for 27 Years becoz of Easterners appetite for Dictators. The MUZUNGU-ANIKONDE Syndrome is what has killed us. Easterners are well known for BOOTLICKING & SPYING for Indian, White bosses.

      Now that they have a chance to BOOTLICK one of their own (LUNGU) they tend to ignore the vices he commits like Violence, closing down of independent Media, abuse of state funds, corruption etc.

      Tribalism is the downfall of Zambia.


    • he has now found out that all the praise he was giving ECL was misplaced as you cant force someone to do whats not in their head. now he is complaining and wishing things that ECL wont do. that’s Dununa Reverse for you!

  40. next time i will vote for a tonga party cos theres no benefit in pf us bemba we a the only tribe which is contributing more than 40% of his vote winning and our pipo have bn left out and we a just seeing pipo who neva sowed but have reaped. ok ukucengela kwankoko pungwa tasakamana!

  41. Where is Kambwili? If you do not give Kambwili a ministerial position consider yourself gone in 2021 Mr. President. But HH can not so we have to start finding a fit then Mutati might just get it if he plays his cards well. I suspect he joined UPND for recognition.

  42. Mr President much of your appointments leaves much to be desired or was someone appointing them for you? you seem to be more concerned with appeasing your preferred associates at the expense of national development. Dont embarrass us by your appointments. We need mature and qualified people in critical ministries like Agriculture not the clueless DORA you have given us. That is a very big joke of the year. Be your own man like Mwanawasa was.

  43. Ministers / MPs are law makers. They have competent people below them. It is now for you and me to think what we can do for ourselves given the ministers so far appointed. If your preoccupation shall be being too expectant, mukashala mu mwamoneni. Just take a walk into the nearby rural setting like, for example 15 miles from Lusaka towards Kabwe and see how others are adding value to their weekends by finding land and developing it without waiting for the appointments of the executives.

  44. There are still 14 or also ministerial positions coming….why do you want to pre-empty the president’s choices… GivenL, CK and others are coming… dull chaps… Giove the ECL chance to work please!!!! Even in football, you start with the Goal keeper, then defenders, mi-filders and finally strickers… that is the gimmick… ECL will come up with strickers… Don’t worry…

  45. Lubinda and Kambwili are potential conterders for presidence, so silencing them now would leave room enough to groom his prefered person. Just thinking tho!

  46. Apparetly Dr Chimbwili is very sick in the stomach, the faeces are refusing to come out via hia backside where it never shines but stinks. For one week, he hasn’t seen any dump Consequently when he puked yesterday, excrement oozed from his mouth stinking all nurses.

  47. What does Doara know about agriculture? Just because Lungu is ploughing her bokossi she thinks that makes her a farming extert eh?

  48. Pathetic, ……..development in Zambia is far fetched with the caliber of some bloggers! Its become embarrassing to be Zambian. What development do you people talk about? I hear everyone talking about how beautiful roads have become (Our single lane two way roads) at the same time accidents every other day. Doesn’t that ring a bell to you? People stopped doing those two way roads for national roads a very long time ago. What happened to free ways? There’s no HOSPITALS in Zambia, when I talk about hospitals I don’t mean mickey mouse hospitals, Health Care ni Zero, ZILCH. a country with no proper health sector is laughable. Your ministers run na shiki ku SA and the rest of the world. Its like not having a toilet in your own house, everytime you are pressed you need to go an knock at…

  49. Its seems Zambia can’t do away with Dora chisusu, yaba….. What a nutter. Please rethink this one the earlier the better, we don’t want her, just the same way we did not wand HH, so please don’t impose her on people who have entrusted you and seriously want to work in agriculture.

  50. I personally campaigned and voted for ELC and PF but am taken aback by the humiliating,desrespectiful,provocative,ill-treatment,insentive behaviour,to Hon Kambwili,Hon Lubinda and other true Green PF hons. by ELC.If ELC is not carefull our party is going to split which in turn will make him fail to govern.Already it has taken him too long to name a full cabinet.To me this is gross incopetence and waste of our taxpayers money.

  51. Just wondering why ECL did not go to our Universities and the Diaspora to get really qualified and experienced Zambians to run the Government. Surely there must be several Zambians out there with better attributes than the group that has been chosen. Well having said that, lets wait and see !!

  52. Why is there a debate about the appointments if Lungu is the ‘anointed’ one? This is a question to his worshippers. You have ears, yet do not listen. You have eyes, yet do not see. You have brains, yet behave like you have been lobotomised. Do we need to say more about Lungu and his political disposition? Its depressing to even begin ‘assessing’ these so-called ministerial appointments.


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