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What is wrong with us Africans?

Videos and Audios What is wrong with us Africans?


  1. What is wrong with us Africans is we are too greedy. We don’t care about our own people as long as we amass wealth at the expense of the masses. African kings drove slavery. They sold their own for mirrors. That kind of thinking among African leaders is still rife.

  2. What is wrong with Westerners? That is the question. Too many white scientists in the genetics field concentrate on finding genes that prove Whites are smarter than blacks. But I reckon that’s because they already know what is devoid in white genes. For instance, blacks have pigmentation that makes us black but whites have less of that particular gene to produce melanin(or whatever…!).

    So is it wrong to suggest they possibly already know what other genes they are missing? You know, like those that induce compassion, less greed etc. there must be something deeper than just education, intellect that allows a man to think its okay to enslave another, repeatedly in many guises throughout history.

  3. The majority of our people are still illiterate. They are easily deceived. We lack clear thought and don’t concentrate on analyzing issues – otherwise called laziness. Our ‘leaders’ are greedy, they dont care for the future, they are interested in getting RICH TODAY. that is the reason a LOT of Africans are dying on the sea trying to reach Europe. Just look at what is happening in Zimbabwe and now Zambia. The leaders keep plundering the countries meager resources but time and again they are ‘voted back into power’.
    It will take time, hopefully not to long, to get to where our colleagues in the western world are. It is within our power to control OUR destine – the ‘Europeans’ will not do it for us

    • It doesn’t follow that if someone is illiterate then he will be easily deceived. It doesn’t follow that if someone is illiterate then he is dumb. One military strategist we know in Africa, Shaka, was illiterate but he was clever. What is wrong with us Africans is that we have been taught to regard ourselves as nothing but failures. Because we have been told so we fail to escape this perception. Don’t be so negative


  5. Let us also act like some aspects of the Congo culture are not dysfunctional. Do not heap all Africans together. There are nations like Botswana and the Sea Seychelles that have got it together. Lay blame on moronic leaders and their meager minded offspring. We are all different. Africa rising.

    • Ask yourself why those nations have got it together. They are one ethnic group nations. Most of Africa was arbitrarily brought under one rule and this is a recipe for turmoil

  6. The biggest problem right now is RELIGION, how do you raise children and teach them earth is not their home. How do you tell them there is a better place than here. Stop indoctrinating them with fantasies and teach them to work hard.

    • Yes very right. We should make the kids realise their heaven is right here. Its up to them to make it the paradise in their imagination

    • i some how agree with you that religion has played a part,my wife resort to prayer for minor misunderstanding but am more of a pragmatic type as i use my analysis in coming up with the causes and possible solutions.she wants me to pay her college fees but my approach is for her to find job and use her earnings for school,my savings will use it to increase productivity ku farm so that when will decide to relocate we shall be full time on our farm,mindset yapa zed eliko tricky.

  7. Guy Fawkes you are right on. I wish preachers are reading this. For sure how do you teach people this earth is not your home and you should not turn natural resources into things that make your stay here more comfortable?

  8. Nothing really wrong but what makes look wrong is abandoning our culture for a strangers way of life and failing to cope with it

  9. The problem with Africa is we have failed to evolve a good system to provide quality leadership. One need only look at the current crop of leaders to understand this. The desire for tribal supremacy, desire to get rich and acquire power for the sake of it, is an attribute so strong in our character. This is flavoured by the depth of hypocrisy that is the bread and butter of this continent, particularly Zambia. Today in Zambia escape from poverty and destitution is assured as long as you have a high position in government. Just look at the statement made recently by mutati, were he was asking Zambians to be ready to sacrifice as government prepares to improve the economy. What mutati and the rest will not tell you is that as ministers they and their permanent secretaries live very…

  10. Why is this headed by the lazy “What is wrong with us Africans”? Whose ally is Rwanda? The US and UK’s. So are Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. In fact the invasion of Rwanda occurred from Uganda, by the head of the Uganda Army Military Intelligence, General Paul Kagame.

    The video is ok (although a little lurid), and of course they don’t really name names. Who is in the Congo? GlencoreXstrata – Rothschild (chairman Tony Hayward is in business with Nat Rothschild – also see the board of Genel Energy, and Vallares). Who funded Anglo-American De Beers – Rothschild, and Anglo American their 18th century mentors the Oppenheimers. Union Miniere du Haute Katanga/Gecamines was founded Rothschild baron agent and Founding Chairman of De Beers, Cecil Rhodes’ Tanganyika Concessions Ltd and King…

    • And King Leopold’s Societe Generale de Belgique (SocGen).

      So that is why no one is naming names. Not only could the Congo sue the Rothschilds, they could sue the Belgian state and bankrupt them. Also, the Ugandan invasion of Rwanda in 1994 was a US/UK operation from start to finish. Right up to Paul Kagame training at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, right up to his invasion of Rwanda.

      The problem worldwide is that the biggest monopolies aren’t state owned utilities. And permitting unlimited wealth concentration in private hands. However that is not a problem that originates in Africa.

  11. The white master, Black slave mentality will continue to exist within the Black
    community because of our victim mentality. We believe if we continue to cry racism
    and oppression, the oppressors will change, feel empathy for us and give us what we want.
    But that is not the reality of the world in which we live.
    It is a jungle out there.
    It is the survival of the fittest.
    Those who dare to rise above mediocrity and beyond the use of racism as an excuse for their
    failures are those who will survive in this world.
    No group can survive when all their needs are met by others.
    At a point, they will feel burdened to continue to provide for us and cut off the sources of our
    Arise up Africa and stop complaining……..

  12. I lived in Africa in the seventies . My Father worked in Northern Rhodesia Now Zimbabwe.
    For over 12 years . Africa is a very rich continent b, no doubt about that . I spent most of my time in Southern Rhodesia Now Zambia . Africans were taking things for granted . As if the world owed them
    everything . Zimbabwe used ti export Maize and lots of Minerals Resources . It used to be a very prosperous country , much better than Zambia. Corruptions were your number one enemy. I watched all African countries going down the drain due to corruptions. Even though the western countries were giving foreign aids by the Billions . The money went into Politicians pockets first .By buying very expensive cars and limousines. Have they the politicians not being corrupt and invested all…

    • Given that you got your stuff wrong I doubt whether you lived where you say you did and whether I should believe your perceptions. Southern Rhodesia is Zimbabwe. Southern Rhodesia was of course better than Northern Rhodesia because it used Zambia’s resources to build a nest for its white people. The blacks were being oppressed by the whites when you purportedly lived there and the country was certainly not good for them-so your perception is based on the comforts of the whites in Southern Rhodesia.

  13. wow!!! first time to read bloggers coments without insults. And very eduactional.. bloggers we are very intelligent. what is wrong witj Africa is indeed try to adopt other cultures completely

  14. Something I read, if you have the stomach for it. Read its interesting

    On 23 February, Donald Trump stood before a rally of cheering supporters to celebrate a thumping victory in the Nevada Republican caucus – his third consecutive win, in defiance of the naysayers who had predicted that his bubble was about to burst. “If you listen to the pundits, we weren’t expected to win too much – and now we’re winning, winning, winning the country,” he bragged. “We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”
    That last line provoked immediate waves of mockery. It sounded at the time like another one of Trump’s many gaffes – he loves that people do not get a decent education? Yet behind the mockery was a real sense of…

  15. disquiet, which has not gone away: Trump loves the less educated because they appear to love him back. As the Atlantic reported in March: “The best single predictor of Trump support in the Republican primary is the absence of a college degree.” Education – or the lack of it – seemed to be propelling the Trump bandwagon.
    The possibility that education has become a fundamental divide in democracy – with the educated on one side and the less educated on another – is an alarming prospect. It points to a deep alienation that cuts both ways. The less educated fear they are being governed by intellectual snobs who know nothing of their lives and experiences. The educated fear their fate may be decided by know-nothings who are ignorant of how the world really works. Bringing the two sides…

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