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President Lungu consoles Israel, as Israeli Premier invites the President

General News President Lungu consoles Israel, as Israeli Premier invites the President

President Edgar Lungu at the Regional Summit Meeting in Uganda on Monday with Israel Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu.-USE_1216
FILE: President Edgar Lungu at the Regional Summit Meeting in Uganda on Monday with Israel Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu.
ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has invited President Edgar Lungu President to visit the State of Israel following his re-election as President in the 11th August, 2016 general elections.

Earlier last year, Mr Netanyahu had written to President Lungu inviting him to undertake a State visit to Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister wants to host the President in Jerusalem at the earliest possible time convenient to the President. The Prime Minister said he wants to discuss many ways to expand cooperation between Zambia and Israel.

Mr Netanyahu has reiterated his government’s commitment to further strengthen Israel’s close partnership with Zambia in agriculture, alternative energy, health and water management among other sectors. The Israeli Prime Minister expressed happiness for meeting President Lungu at the Uganda Summit meeting in July.

Mr Netanyahu said this in a congratulatory message to President Lungu on his re-election as President of the Republic of Zambia following the 11th August, 2016 general elections.

“Dear Mr President, dear friend, please accept my warm personal congratulations on your re-election as President of the Republic of Zambia. I wish you continued success in leading your country,” Mr Netanyahu said.

This is contained in a statement issued today by Special Assistant to the President for press and public relation Amos Chanda Meanwhile, President Lungu has sent a message of condolences to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, following the death of former President and Prime Minister of Israel Shimon Peres who died today.

The President has stated that it was with deep sense of sorrow that he learnt of the death of the former Israeli President and Prime Minister.

President Lungu said Mr Peres was resilient in his attempts to attain sustainable peace and security in the Middle East describing him as a beacon of hope for a safer Israeli State with its neighbour, Palestine.

The President has said this was demonstrated in the Nobel Peace Prize that he was awarded, for his efforts to conclude the Oslo Peace Accords.

The President has noted, matched with Mr Netanyahu’s instrumental role in the creation of the State of Israel, will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

“It is unfortunate that Israel has lost a pillar of strength and an advocate for peace. The Zambian people join the people of Israel during this period of grief and it is our sincere hope that the Government and people of Israel will find solace and strength to deal with this loss,” President Lungu said.


  1. That invitation is definitely a lie. These guys at state house are looking for more ways to go on holidays/tours at the expense of you and I. Dununa is manifesting

    • @Kudos
      You would be surprisedif you knew how many Zambians, Britons, Latinos are in ISIS. It’s sad that our Zambian government hasn’t taken interest in finding who has joined the group & how many have travelled to join the group

    • Spark Jarrow we hope you haven’t signed up for these terrorist groupings. These terror groups are sponsoring certain cult leaders in Zambia. UPND is radicalised and it’s a worrying scenario.
      Come back to your senses Spark and be more patriotic like us who come from the Peaceful Friends (PF)

    • Israel is in mourning, Simon Perez died. Why it has to be Edgar’s Singapore?
      Why it has to be Edgar’s political visit, when world leaders are trooping for Friday funeral?

  2. That Peres was a pillar & the beginning of Palestinian conflict& hate. That Peres was involved in divising apartheid in South Africa. But how many Zambians know this history? Zambia has recognised Palestine as a state but Zambia’s deeds are opposite to that recognition. I’m a Zambian Arab by the way, that supports the UPND. My father was Persian from Iran & my mother was bemba from Luapula.

    • Webo Sipaki Chalo @Spark Jarrow … we have no bembas in Luapula (Liverpool). We only have Abausi, Aba Bisa, Aba Tabwa nafwe bena Luunda. If your mother is really from Liverpool, you should have known better! Waumfwa yewe? Kalombo mwane wesu!!

  3. But the dude has origins from Iran not Syria.
    Surely such ignorance on geography and even ISIS shouldn’t be displayed.

    Why not tackle what he said?

  4. if ECL will go to israel then i will defect to the opposition coz that President of israel is evil.He has blocked palestanian from having good life

  5. A great spirit has departed the earth … Rest in peace, Peres. Rest in Peace!!! Condolences to the entire state of Israel, Shalom

  6. Ha ha
    We remember the con about a late night phone call from jimmy carter only for the carter center to rebuke lungu for his oppression the next week

    We remember the con about the US endossing lungu in a hotel corridor.

    Then there was the letter from the Queen of England endorsing lungu but authors did not know constitutionally the Queen is not allowed to endorse heads of states.

    • The Queen congratulates heads of state of common wealth nations my friend. Lose your petty hate like HH. It shall consume you. HH cares not of you, nor does President Lungu. Live your life well and make money.

    • Where do you guys get the lies from ? Is it ignorance or or just plain baffunary ?

      The Queen mostly congratulates heads of state and countries on anniversaries and national days not on elections. If she congratulated lungu it must be in a secrete document because all official website sites and documents from the British establishment show no such message.

      Your lies about endorsements and invites of lungu should only be printed in PF times for consumption by the kaponyas you are embarrassing your selves.

  7. Netanyahu knows Lazy Lungu is a work shy chap and will jump at the opportunity to fly out as he has no tangible foreign policy; one minute he is with the Jews next he is with Arabs. Netanyahu can not fly to Zambia its of no strategic importance apart from the land it sits on which the Jews are eyeing as their food demands increase and population increases. If only you knew how the Jews treat our black brothers and sisters

  8. Netanyahu’s daughter will be getting married and I wanted a mini important person to go do the dancing and that’s how Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu’s name came on the top of the list. Watch out for ama dance yamulolo from our great clueless and visionless president.

    • You honestly think an Isreali would invite a black man to his daughters wedding not even Obama can make the shortlist..the only invite you will get is serving drinks.
      They know their history and they also know that if you know your history they will be in trouble…its no wonder they control the TV you watch everyday.
      Wake up!!

  9. Netanyahu’s daughter will be getting married and wanted a mini important person to go do the dancing and that’s how Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu’s name came on top of the list. Watch out for ama dance yamulolo from our great clueless and visionless president.

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