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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Luapula Province Minister sends away late comers to a meeting for Heads of Government Departments

Rural News Luapula Province Minister sends away late comers to a meeting for...

zambia-coat-of-armsLuapula Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa has demonstrated his seriousness on the value he places on time for official meetings by sending away two institutions that were invited for the first meeting for Heads of Government Departments in the Province.

Mr. Chilangwa sent away a representative from KFM Radio and the Judiciary who showed up after 30 minutes when the meeting had commenced.

The Provincial Minister said coming late for official meetings is a bad habit and shows lack of seriousness to duty because late comers for meetings are never themselves and do not contribute meaningful to the deliberations due to lack of confidence on the issues being discussed.

He said it takes a lot of time for such late comers to meetings to find themselves and settle in their minds for a valuable input.

The Minister also expressed concern at the absence of the head of the Zambia Revenue Authority in the province in the meeting because he had observed that Government was not collecting enough tax revenue from Districts and wanted some explanations on the matter.

Mr. Chilangwa also observed that the Road Development Agency Regional Engineer was conspicuously missing in the meeting when a good road network in the Province is a critical catalyst for economic development.

The Minister said he will not condone a culture of pending files in Offices because there is no need of keeping files in the pending tray if development is the focus for the Province.

He called on the civil service to account for their time that they spend in Offices and examine themselves whether they were delivering on their mandates for the improvements of the living conditions for the people of Luapula.

This was the first meeting for familiarization with Captains of development in the province following his appointment as Provincial Minister.

The meeting was held in the Conference Room at Provincial Administration in Mansa.

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  1. Head master mentality, people have to walk long distances because public transport belongs to stone age. If you take a minibus, you have to endure the heat, waiting while the bus while more and more people are packed in.

    • Whatever means of transport you use, just start off early even if it takes you to start of a day prior to the meeting, simple. What you are perpetuating is mediocrity spiced up with impunity. Grow up.

    • I totally agree with you critico.It all depends on the time that you start off whether using private, public transport or even on foot. If you know that you are using public transport start off early. The Minister did well to send the late comers back. It’s rude and indiscipline to report for duty late and find the boss already chairing the meeting.

    • @ My name is… mubweza ziko pansi. From your statement it can tell that it is your habbit also. What Chilangwa did is a good lesson to would be late commers in other meetings to come.

    • @My name is…………: What a fuc.kin Idi.ot you really are!! So you mean every attendant can turn up whenever they can? What kind of meetings would they be? I can see how chaotic your UGLY head is! From the flag, and if you are really in England, I have no doubt that you’re unemployed and your last job was a cleaner! Ar.sewhore!

    • A good start though time alone will tell. Let the 8 hours of office work count in tangible results. There is just too much backlog in public offices that needs clearing! A thumbs up for the provincial minister on this one!

  2. This is a good start by the Provincial Minister. Time management is a very serious problem in Zambia. People don’t just keep to time. Most Zambians don’t even have wrist watches.

  3. Good move there bwana minister change that silly attitude and i hope more ministers will emulate you and Hon Lusambo.

  4. What this means is that whatever their participation should have been was missed out on. I do not see this as progressive. Of course time must be of the essence, but this is taking it a bit too far. Not even a warning? It is the purpose of the meeting that ironically suffers at the end of the day. Better late than never, and better the heads of government thing goes on with full participation of government departments than this ego-tripping wanna please the master mentality.

    • Its not the last meeting and the action will wake up and expose those that are not ready to work. How old are you by the way?

    • @sister of ignorance, don’t misuse idioms. The saying “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER “applies to progress such as you can go to school even when you’re old …not stoopidity.

    • Better late than never does not imply being late for meetings. Check the origin of these idioms before you misuse them sister of mercy. Do you know the impact on a meeting when you go 30 minutes late? You areencouraging laziness and this should
      Not be condoned. You are the same chaps who say mates deliver to the people but at the same time condoning late coming. What hypocrisy! Chilangwa was 100% right and he has sent a very strong message in the province

    • You can make your comments without being rude. You may be right, but your bad language suggests shallowness. When you make a good point try to make it with clean language so that your good points do not get overshadowed by petty and vulgar presentation.

  5. We need to ensure that we are on/ in time for various activities including meetings- full stop. NO EXCUSES unless something that can not wait has just happened. The 14 days issue should be a lesson to all of us that time is essential in every thing we do from being born to the time you die.

  6. The mines inculcated a nature I will always cherish. We arrive at work 30minutes before time so that we can have our cocoa and kampompo before work starts. This enables us to do our work without intruptions. We knock off on the official hour. When we take beer we ensure we stop in good time so that we wake up with sober minds. That’s how the mines make money.

  7. Only lazy civil servants can disagree with Nixon. For us who are made to wait for services at government offices for many hours only to be told to “come next week ” we appreciate this move. Right now I am at the local court for some affidavit and the clerk is acting like we don’t even exist.

  8. @1 my name .. Do you ever ask yourself why a small company like Zoona has a turnover in billions while the Post Office is closing its outlets due to losses? Simple! It’s this “I will do my work when I feel like ….I don’t give a sausage whether Zampost makes money or not as long as I get my salary ..”

  9. My name is

    I’m a UPND supporter but on this one the minister is very correct , we should not entertain time wasters, that is why we are failing to develop Zambia because we want to work like we are just being forced to work . But again these same time wasters, when it comes to month end, they are the first to reach the ATM before the notification message comes .

  10. time is money, if the minister say meeting will be at 10:00hrs you were suppose to be there by 09:30 so that you relax your self. Zambians we are poor on keeping time that is why we are not developing, instead of going forward we are going backwards. I support you honorable for that move please let this be extended to other minister and heads of departments to keep time.

  11. Well done Mr Chilangwa for sending those inept late comers away.
    This is the sole reason Black Africa never achieves development to its full potential.
    If ministers in all departments kicked these lazy officials to the kerb for late coming / not pulling their weight, Zambia / Africa would see immediate development in our communities, irrespective of the party in power.
    I’m sure those Bonobos who were late, would be the first to complain if their wages went into their bank accounts late. This example should be set from State House downwards!

  12. My name is………indiscipline should never be tolerated. And it starts with small things like time keeping! It shows you respect you fellow attendees and he chair! Furthermore, time management denotes efficiency!

  13. He is just showboating. Very soon everyone will forget about this incident and everything will be “back to normal”

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